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Wednesday, 11 May, 2005

Gambling At Casino De Genting..

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I have reached the legal age to enter the only legal casino in Malaysia, the Genting Highland Casino..

The legal to enter the casino is 21..But you still can illegally enter the casino by doing some tricks..

Yesterday was my 1st time to enter the casino..With few of my frens..

We, 8 person travelled on 2 cars and the journey on the way to the entertainment city was very misty..

We reached Genting Resort at about 3.30pm..Parked our cars and headed straight to the casino..

Confidently, few of us have reached the age of 21 but still needed to show our ID cards bcoz of our young looks..

The security guard said,”Saya tau kamu semua dah cukup umur..Saja nak check..” (I know all of u have reach the legal age..Just checking for fun..)

Oklo..If you wanna check, check la..what the heck..Hahahaha..

So we entered and take a look around before we do our jobs..

Alright..We gambled mostly on Baccarat..You know..The player – banker card game.?

Definitely..It’s not our day..All of us lose out our money..

Fortunate for me to just lose RM 100 compared to others..RM 200..

But..There’s another lone winner in our gang..David, being lose RM 70..Won back RM 120..That made him won RM 50 on clean profit..

I wondered how he won RM 120 on Pontoon (In Malaysia famously known as Blackjack, 21 point, or 1 Up..)

We left the casino at about 10.35pm..Heading back to KL in heavy rain..

Anyway..The game is still on and on and on..We’ll get back our money 1 day..

We’ll make sure you pay back us double the sum that we lose..

Alright..That’s all..It’s ok to gamble once in a while..Don’t make it as a habit..

It’s bad if you get addicted to gamble..It’ll bring the worst consequences you’ll ever face..

Treat it as a leisure rather than a daily habit..OK.?


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