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Friday, 20 May, 2005

Blog Updates..

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Ok..Let’s make it simple here about what I had done to my blog here..I’ve added a few interesting links in my side/link section..Firstly..The Hustler is back with his raunchy, saucy stories in (click on link)..

Second..I found another interesting erotic Malaysian blog..About 2 lovers, shared 1 blog about their sex tales and all in (click on link)..

Third..Another erotic Malaysian blog of a sexy horny lady that looks for sex all the time..In (click on link)..

Then..I have divided the links into 4 sections..

That is “My Fave Erotic Malaysian Blog”, “Friends’ Blogs”, “My Fave Sites When I Online”, and “Football Teams’ Official Sites”..

I will try to divide the links into few more parts later..

The site (click on link) is all about pretty girls and nothing but pretty girl.. (click on link) is all about Asian babes..Mostly Singaporean, Taiwanese, HK, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and minorly Thai..

A new found-site for myself (mayb some of you out there alredy knew about this site) which is (click on link)..

It’s another alternative to (click on link)..But (click on link) is nothing but only Singaporean girls..

The pics in (click on link) are also raunchier and sexier 😉

Then..I have also added-in links to my 2 favourite idols official website..

That’s Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata (click on link) and Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova (click on link)..

Here’s a reminder about other links..

The Photo Album (click on link) under my pic of “The Author”..Will bring you to my‘s photo album..

Now I created another album in my Friendster account to show you guys what I found in the Net ..

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Series (click on link) collection..

Bcoz I have ran out of spaces/memory in this blog’s account..So I need to link the pics I wanna show you guys in another site..

The shoe that I’m gonna show you guys is the Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Captain Tsubasa Edition..

It’s a Japanese anime about football..1 of my favourite animes of all..

From a kid..Oozora Tsubasa grew up become a world-class footballer representing his country, Japan to compete in the World Cup..

The anime/comic is so real that the artist used most of the real characters in real-life..

Meaning.?? You can see Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raul, Kluivert, Inzaghi, Del Piero, Thuram, and many others playing for their respective football clubs..

Mayb bcoz of the matter of copyright..The artist, Yoichi Takahashi slightly changed the footballers names..

It’s something like Zidane becomes Zedane, Inzaghi becomes Inzars, and Davids becomes Davi..

But you wouldn’t believe your eyes..That the artwork are really really very similar to the real-person..

Umm..I think that’s all for now..Will try to make my blog slightly more interesting for everyone to read..Not just for my frens..

Ofcoz I do hope that other people in the whole wide world will come and visit my blog..

For those who reads..Thanx for your support and for those who recommend to your frens or what-so-ever..Thanx too

Til then..Bye..Going to futsal later at 12 midnight..

Ya..Remember to check on the 3 “My Fave Erotic Malaysian Blog”..It’s highly recommended.!!


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