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Friday, 27 May, 2005

Celebration At Hartamas.!!

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As everyone knows, especially football fans..Liverpool won the UEFA Champions’ League trophy in a high-tensed atmosphere last night at Istanbul..

They beat AC Milan on penalty shoot-outs..

Well..This time around I would like to talk more on my trip to Hartamas Square to watch the game..And not talk about the game that much..

We, Hikaru, Deral, Neil, Kiss, Nick, David, Flex, and I headed to Hartamas Square for the FINAL showdown..

The game started at 2.30am Malaysian time..Instead of reaching there on time, we reached there at 1am..That’s 1 and a half hour early..

Unfortunately..Once we arrived at the food court centre..The place was flooded by football maniacs..

So..We couldn’t find any place to accomodate the 8 of us..The place is packed and it’s gonna spilled out..

Can’t find any place to sit.?? FINE.!! We still got some Carlsberg Girls for us to wash our eyes ^_^ muahahaha..

Alright..At last there were some bozzo who are not watching football there..

So they left the place and there we are..1 nice table facing 1 of the 4 big projector screen..

Sitting side by side with other football fans, packed, unmovable seats..We were all ready for the game..

But that’s still about 1 hour to go before the game kicks-off..

So we ordered our drinks and foods..Watching the highlights of previous glories of Liverpool..

There was a host/DJ having some games with other supporters in the inner-site of the food court..

Liverpool supporters were even singing Liverpool’s theme song, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’..

We had lots of fun and felt the tense even before the game started..

Liverpool fans, all wearing in the famous red shirts and other colors, ousted the AC Milan fans, who wore black and red stripe shirts..

Although there were lots of Liverpool fans..I couldn’t imagine the number of the AC Milan fans..

It was quite a lot compared to my expectation..

Before the game started..Man, look at those Carlsberg Girls..Muahahaha ^_^ *salivating*

Alright..Let’s cut it short here..So the game got underway..

AC Milan looked to start pushing forward and got a goal from a good cross, just 30 seconds starting of the game, scored by Paolo Maldini..

Shit.!! It’s unbelievable.!! What a fast goal..Milan fans cheered like hell..

Especially the group sat in front of us..Blocking our views of the screen..Pulling back ourselves for not interrupting their moment of joy..

Then started again..AC Milan attacked like hell..Especially Cafu on the right, Shevchenko and Kaka on the center..

The Milan supporters in front of us cheered hysterically again..Never mind if they score a goal or not..Blocking our views..

Pulling back ourselves and kept scolding “Pukimak, Pukimak” (which means something like “Motherfucker, Motherfucker”) in our hearts..Bcoz they were Malays..

After the 2nd goal..I talked to 1 of them, “Eh bang..Rilek skit boleh tak..Belakang tak nampak ah..”

Which means “Hey brother..Can you calm down a lil’.?? We can’t see..”

So the guy replied, “Ok ok..Sorry yeh”..

Til the end of the 1st half..Milan ousted Liverpool 3-0..Argentine Hernan Crespo scored twice for Milan..

Liverpool were totally not up to the quality to play in the game..

Not the team who beaten up Juventus..Not the team who beaten up Chelsea (which I watched the 2nd leg match at Hartamas too)..

Some of the Liverpool fans who were standing behind bcoz they couldn’t find any seat, looked dejected and left the place..

For the 1st 45-minutes..The place was packed, crowded like Pasar Pudu (a market somewhere in Malaysia which is always packed with people)..

Into the half-time at about 3.30am..The place was a lil’ loosen down and we could breath a little easier..

And at that time..I received a sms from Song Feng..Saying that go home better than watch at outside..

Liverpool was totally ousted and shouldn’t enter the FINAL of the UEFA Champions’ League..

And during that time around..We built a bond with the Milan supporters..Talking to each others..

Being a fluent Malay speaker of me and Flex..We chatted a lot with them..

Well..There’s no race boundary in Malaysia..We all live together in a society..

Furthermore, there were no more Carlsberg Girls around for us to see..They had done their job at 3am..

So the game started for the 2nd half..All Liverpool fans kept their mouths shut..

Steve Finnan sub-off the field for Dietmar Hamann..Liverpool went for the 3-5-1-1 formation..

It looked like it was all over for Liverpool to chase back the 3 goals and add another to make it 4-3 to win the trophy..

Anyway..Liverpool created few chances in the 2nd half but still couldn’t beat the dreadlock..

Fortunately..In the 54th minute..Steven Gerrard cracked a long-range header passed through Milan goalkeeper, Dida to make it 3-1..

2-minutes later..Vladimir Smicer got another goal for Liverpool to make it 3-2..It’s a lifeline for Liverpool.!!

All the fans at Hartamas Square cheered like never before bcoz that was a wonderful quick goal and a great comeback for them..

Liverpool defence began to rock-solid just like when they faced Juventus and Chelsea..

Both teams supporters cheered and applaused for the good performances..

In the very 60th-minute..Liverpool were awarded a penalty when Gattuso fouled on Gerrard in the penalty-box..

Xabi Alonso converted the spot-kick and scored the goal to put Liverpool levelled with AC Milan on 3-3..

Being too emotional..We laughed at the Milan supporters in front of us..They were speechless..

All fans wearing in red jumped, cheered, and screamed out loud of their lungs in joy..

Both sides created a lot of chances but Liverpool’s super-defence of Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher denied Milan’s charge..

Super-defence of Alessandro Nesta and Jaap Stam too seemed too tough for Liverpool to add-in more goals..

In the die-ing 84th minute..Djibril Cisse came on the field to replace Milan Baros..

Everyone had been waiting for the pacey striker to come off the bench and score for the Reds..

Reds’ supporters chanted “LI~VERPOOL~~~.!! LI~VERPOOL~~~.!! LI~VERPOOL~~~.!!”

The score remained at 3-3 til the end of 90-minutes full-time..Supporters applaused for their great efforts and performances..

Looked like it will be the starting of extra-time..Playing 15-minuts on each halves..

Ok..Cut it short..Again the game was high-tensed and no goals were scored during the extra-time..

Both sides fans cheered and jeered, boo-ed for their team and opposition team..

So here’s the penalty shoot-out..

AC Milan started the shoot-out with Brazillian Serginho being the 1st penalty-taker..

The ball fly-high off the bar and it was absolutely an advantage for Liverpool..

Liverpool fans jumped and cheered..Laughing at Serginho on the big screen..

Where as for me..I took off my red polo-T, waved and swinged it around in joy..Giving high-5 to other Liverpool supporters..

Too bad none of us brought any camera..Otherwise I’ll have some pics to post in here..

Then Hamann scored a goal for Liverpool to make it 1-0..

Again..Jerzy Dudek denied a goal from Andrea Pirlo and then Cisse scored another for Liverpool to make it 2-0..

We jumped and cheered again..Waving red shirt of myself..Giving away high-5s again..Standing on chairs..

The moment and atmosphere were certainly un-explainable and un-describa-ble in words where you need to experienced it on your own..

Then Tomasson scored for Milan..Dida saved a goal from Riise’s attempt and Milan trailing on 1-2..

Kaka made it 2-2..Then Smicer scored a priceless goal to make it 3-2 for Liverpool..

Then it’s on for Shevchenko the playmaker to get a leveller fo Milan..

But too bad..Without any problem, Dudek calmly palmed away the ball and certainly that’s all for Milan..

Liverpool lifted the trophy by the score 3-3 after extra-time and 3-2 on penalty shoot-out..

Liverpool fans running around in hysteria..Took off their shirts, waving and swinging..

Singing to the tune of the song ‘Ole Ole Ole’ or whatever name it is..

Showing fists to claim the champ..Shouting around..Making noises..Liverpool fans ousted Milan supporters..

Giving high-5s, double high-5s..Standing on chairs..Hitting glasses..Tapping tables..

Chanting “LI~VERPOOL~~.!! LI~VERPOOL~~.!! LI~VERPOOL~~.!! LI~VERPOOL~~.!!”

We are all readied to lose our voice the next day and skipping classes in UTAR..Buahahaha..*grins*

During the trophy presentation ceremony..No more tracks of the Milan fans..Left only Liverpool supporters..

Everyone sang to the tune of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champion’..

Applause..Cheers..Chants..And honks all along the road when we walked back to our cars..

And again..Giving high-5s to Liverpool fans inside the cars without my shirt on..

Honks all over the place..Surely a restless and sleepless night for Hartamas residents..

Supporters waving the red flags and banners all around..

The road is stucked with Liverpool supporters..We wind down the car windows and cheered with them..

Giving high-5s again as we passed through them in our cars..

Honks again..Chants..Cheers..Whatever word you wanna use to describe the unbearable noisy atmosphere at that time..

By the time we were heading off to the main road..It’s nearly 6am in the morning..

Tried to rush back to get my car back for my mom to use in the morning..My mom called at 6.15am to ask my whereabouts..

After sending Hikaru back to Connaught and Neil at Pandan Perdana..I reached home at 6.50am..

My mom alredy waiting for the car to fetch my sis to school and to the market early in the morning..

So I got into my room and get to sleep..A long sleep..

Being woke up for a few times..I actually slept the whole day til 6pm..

Where it was time to watch ‘Square Pegs’ on TV3..Famously known as ‘Ah Wong’ in Cantonese..And time for dinner too..

Overall..I had a wonderful night yesterday and a wonderfull 11 hours sleep..Kekekeke..

Ya..For your information..For the English FA Cup Final between Arsenal – Man Utd on 21st of May 2005..

I went to Hartamas Square too to enjoy the match and the great atmosphere..

Ofcoz I’m cheering for Arsenal (being dislike Man Utd since 1999, that’s when they won the treble)..

Arsenal won the match with the score 5-4 on penalty shoot-out..Ending the game 0-0 after extra-time..

Alright guys and girls..Hope you all had fun last night if you watched the game at anywhere..

If you don’t..Then be sure you head to Hartamas Square for the next big game of who ever it is..

Byee guys..LIVERPOOL RULEZ.!!!


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