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Monday, 6 June, 2005

Blog Updates..

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Alright..Just want to talk about something new in my blog here..But ofcoz what happened to me recently..

Someone new in the house..I mean..In the blogosphere..

He is Sena Niam Ming Hong..We’ll just call him Sena or Sena Niam,k.. (Just click on the link)..

He’s my schoolmate during the primary school days..Hmm..Good old days..

Knew him since primary year 2, as a class monitor in the next class..Haha..But not quite close to him..

Getting closer to him and other good frens in primary year 4..Well..Really missed those guys..

But most of them changed their individual characters, attitudes, circle of frens, and many other things..

Anyway..Hope they still remember me as 1 of their good frens during the primary school days..

Ya..I’ve separated my links to another group..The Forums group..

In there we have 1 of the famous local forums in Malaysia, the Autoworld‘s forum (click on link)..

It not only discuss about cars..But also current issues like the Malaysian Idol and many other news that we read in the newspapers..

I’ve also inserted in the forum group..Bcoz it’s some kinda forum site..

So don’t think I’ve removed that link,k..I absolutely won’t remove that link..Hahahaha..*grins*

Umm..There are other sites in the forum group..Like and (click on links)..

Ok..Let’s move to myself..

Now I’m working as a tele-surveyor/researcher at IDC in Menara HLA at Jalan Kia Peng..

That’s near Wisma Cosway or Wisma Genting..Or if you know where’s Orange..HLA is just beside Orange..

My job is to make phone calls to do research appointed by big companies like Tmnet, Hewlett Packard, Canon, and other big names related to IT..

It’s clear that IDC acts as an agent for those companies to do the surveys, researches, or analysis..

Currently I’m conducting a research project relating to printers and copiers market in New Zealand..

Yes..You got that right..I had to make phone calls to NZ to do the research..

So I had been talking with senior managers or other big posts with a certainly different English accent..

Why am I calling managers.?? That’s bcoz only IT Managers know well about IT related things in their company..

Since tomorrow is a public holiday for NZ, the Queen‘s birthday..So we also got a holiday for ourselves..

We too just celebrated the Agong‘s (King‘s) birthday on Saturday..

Not just that..I finished my job at 1pm in the afternoon..

Why.?? Bcoz NZ‘s time is faster than ours 4 hours..So, they finished their works, so do we..

Now the big question..Why am I working.?? Bcoz I’m waiting for the next semester to re-sit my failed papers..

Yeap..I finished my diploma..Haven’t graduate though..Need to clear-off my failed papers first..

Umm..Yea..And I twisted my right ankle last Saturday when I played futsal with my teammates..

As a centre-back..Trying to block a shot from opponent..Resulting to twist my ankle..

Damn that new carpet.!! *stomping on the new futsal court carpet*

Not quite serious I think..Still feeling pain though..*ouch*

Not just me..Even Rafael Chua also injured his leg after don’t know how many months of absent due to injury..

Umm..I think that’s all for now..See you guys again..


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