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Tuesday, 7 June, 2005

Some Follow-Ups..

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Ok..I guessed everyone has read my previous post about new blog of Sena’s..

This time..It’s just a follow-up of yesterday’s post..

Justin Lim has started a blog using his‘s blog..

It ‘s (click on link)..

Besides that..Weng Soon also started a blog by choosing as his base..

It’s (click on link)..

And ofcoz..I have inserted these 2 links into my Friends’ Blogs group..

It’s nice to see few frens of mine started to enjoy the fun of blogging..

Blogging is rather fun than most of you would say wasting your own time to write it and wasting other people’s time to read it..

Well..It depends whether the posts are nice to read or just a dull post..

One can express his/her opinions, feelings, thoughts, discussions, and many other things through blogging..

Most of the people who created a blog started to use it as a diary..

Talks about their daily routines..Special occasions..Funny or sad things happened in their life and etc..

I did that as well when I first started my blog about 1 year ago..

But now..I knew that surfers from all over the country (Malaysia) and other parts of the world sometimes visited my blog..

So..Instead of writing it like a diary for my own reading purposes..I wrote it like a news reports..

Things that my frens know doesn’t mean that other people from around the world also know it..

So..It’s good to explain some of the things that I’m trying talk about in my blog..

Besides that..You too can fill up your free-times when you don’t know what to do when you online..

Blogging acts like other websites such as, (click on links), and some other sites with the same purposes and objectives..

Blogging definitely will help one to connect with their lovely frens..

Frens get to know your life..Your daily activities..Your ups and downs..and many other things, through blogging..

Blogging has made one’s relationship with other people getting better and better and better..

Be it friendship, guy-gal relationship or whatever ship it is..It’s worth it to start your own blog..

So readers out there..Don’t waste your frens’ efforts to share their ups and downs with you..Try to read their blogs when you are free..

But ofcoz to bloggers..Don’t create a dull blog,k..Try to update it as much as you can..

Sometimes it’s rather frustating when I tried to visit my frens’ blog, just to find they didn’t update their blogs..SIGH~~

Hope to see more of my frens to start a blog of their own..Do tell me so I could link you in my blog..

Ok..Til here..CHEERS EVERYONE~~~


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