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Saturday, 18 June, 2005

Current Issues..

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Alright..It has been quite some time i didn’t update my blog..

Ok..So..What am I gonna talk this time.?? Hmm~~..

Let’s talk about blog..How’s that.?? Ok..This will be a fun story to tell u guys and gals out there..If some of you who didn’t know bout this thing..

If you ever had read the newspaper, The Star or news on the Internet..Sure you came across this article..Sarong Party Girl Exposed (click on link)

Yup..It’s about this Singaporean girl posted her own nude studio pic in her blog, Sarong Party Girl (click on link)..

Yes..The big-sized pic of a nude girl on top of the page of her blog is indeed the person herself..Biting a dildo, I’m supposed..

Fellow Singaporeans visited her blog and some complained about the morale, education, and lots of bullshits..

Her blog is kinda famous and well-known among other long-time bloggers, like me..

She talks about her life and ofcoz the contents are about sexuality and other so-called ‘taboos’ in the Asian society..

Like every comments The Star newspaper got..Internet is indeed some kinda free place for one to post any pic or talk anything..

If you can’t accept any of the contents posted or written..Get a life man.!

Why do you ever wanna bother bout other peope’s busines..??

Unless that if she has embarassed or insulted the Singapore Government..Am I right.??

Anyway..I hadn’t read her blog ever until this BIG NEWS came out..Ofcoz I visited it before..But not reading it..

But it’s for her pics purpose that I visit her blog..*grins* Hehehe..

Ok..That all for the blog news..Let’s get to something else..

It’s getting into the mid-June now..Day by day is passing by without waiting anyone..

Those who’s from the local Uni will be going back to their respective Universities’ campuses on early of July..

So do some gathering, reunion, makan-makan (eating out), and other activities that we usually did during the GOOD OLD DAYS..

Tomorrow indeed is 1 of those days..Justin (Lim) will be celebrating his birthday at a Sri Damansara restaurant..

So I’ll be meeting them again, for the 1st time since Chew Shu‘s birthday on 24th of April..

Maybe it will be the last chance for me to meet them..Coz I hardly join their outings..

Anyway..Sure it’ll be fun and happening for tomorrow night..And ofcoz unforgettable memories before they leave KL..

For your info..U6Sc1 (2003) – Cochrane..Had a gathering last Saturday at Taman Billion’s Kaki Corner..

It was quite nice, as from what I’ve heard..

And for me..Continue to my miserable tele-research IDC job at Menara HLA..

Getting along quite well with the colleagues..Just that didn’t met the quota that much..SIGH~~

Ok..That’s for my work info..Maybe I’ll post some of the questionnaires for you guys to look at..Hehehe..

Ya..And for those who curious about my long hairdo..I’m Not going to cut it at this moment..

When I have decided to cut it..Maybe I’ll get myself an afro hairdo..Muahaha~~

Alright then..See you guys later..


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