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Monday, 20 June, 2005

Whole Night Long..

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Well..Yesterday Justin had an early birthday celebration with us..Thanx a lot..I (or we.??) had a great fun..

Totally..We went out for about 12 hours..From 4pm til 4.30am..Hehehe..Why so early.?? Bcoz we need to reach the eating place before 6pm to get our reservation tables..

The place is a seafood restaurant..Located at Desa Aman Puri..Near Sri Damansara..I got no idea where’s that place..Just follow the car that leads the way..Heheh..

Reached Justin‘s house at 4.30pm sharp as been told to..With Li Wei, Moon Yee and Teh Chai in my car..But..Shit does happens all the times..We waited til about 5.10pm only we left the house..

It’s not that everyone was busy with their things..But waiting for Yew Ming and others..

Later on, only decided to meet at the restaurant..

So 3 cars..Driven by me, Justin, and Kim Fong I’m supposed..Don’t really know what’s her name..

Anyway..We took a long journey to get to the place..

Supposed to be a short journey..But numerous times of taking the wrong route made us late..

Further more..We almost met with an accident due to a sudden brake..PHEEEW~~..

Anyway..Reached the restaurant at about 6.15pm..

With Yew Ming and others alredy arrived to booked 2 tables..

No wonder after taking that wrong routes still looked relax..Hahaha..

OK..Let’s talk about the food..Muahaha..The best part of all..

Well..We got not much seafood..Crabs..3 dishes of crabs with different cooking style..

Never mind bout the names of the cooking style..Coz I don’t know the names..except for the Cheese Crab..

Then..We have ‘Pai Kuat’ (izzit called pork ribs or something like that.??)..Fried Rice..Sotong (cuttlefish)..Lala (can’t remember what it is called)..

And not to forget Mini Bun..Quite ok when it’s still hot..

We got 2 tables eating the same thing dishes..But can’t finish it..SIGH~~..

After that we headed back to Justin’s house to get some rest before the next activity..Clubbing..

At about 10.30pm..We went out again..Headed to Eastin Hotel’s Rush..

Well..Everyone was expecting some itchy hands might land on ass or what..Hahaha..Luckily NOOO~~..

So we went to dance and drink and dance and drink and dance and drink..

Get to see some Ah Bengs disturb some girl frens of 1 of my fren, Weng Soon..

Silly guys..Thought by doing some shuffles will attract the girls..Kakakaka..

Anyway..Those girls were ready to flirt with some guys..Maybe they are not expecting for some Ah Bengs..Then we got few of them having headache and threw up..YUCKS~~..I mean among us..Not those Ah Bengs..

Why do I care if those Ah Bengs throw up or what..Right.?? Unless they puke over my body then that’s different story..Sitting beside our table..There was this 1 couple..A guy and a gal ofcoz..Kept french-kissing each other all the times..ARGH~~!!

A fren of theirs..A gal..Looking at me for a while like she’s flirting with me..Then she shook her head indicating that she’s very high or something like that..

I don’t bother bout it for the 1st time..She shook again..Damn her..Her hair is not that long..Much shorter than mine ofcoz..

So I took off my specs and shake back to her..To tell her that my hair is longer than hers..Muahaha..After about half an hour..She threw up right on where she was sitting..

I could see that she’s quite tired at that time..But you know what..Her head kept shaking and shaking and shaking..Shakes while she’s leaning on her fren’s shoulder..

And whatever posture she’s sitting or leaning..She was shaking all the time..Conclusion.?? Must have taken some pills like Ecstasy or something like that..

1 of the best part before we left the place.?? A girl wore a black bra..Yeap..Just a black bra..With her jeans ofcoz..Shuffled just 2 table away from ours..Damn bouncy man..Muahaha..

Well..She has the quality to wear just a bra..Anyway..Guys like me get to have some entertainments besides dancing..So at about 2.45am..We left the club and headed to Connaught’s Domino to have some drink..Yamcha..

Fucking bad service..We get our orders done after about an hour later..Some customers arrived later than us alredy finished their meals..FUCKING MAMAK.!!

Anyway..That’s all for the story of this post about Justin’s 21st Birthday celebration..It’s good to hang out again with you guys..And thanx for the meal..

The present will be on your way around this week..Hehehe..Adios people..


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