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Saturday, 2 July, 2005

Initial D The Movie.!!!

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Don’t you guys worry..I’m not gonna tell you all about the movie..

Just a simple summary..It’s a VERY VERY NICE MOVIE.!!

Well..Went to watch the movie at KLCC last night after work with Fuzz and Jerry..

Being a fan of the anime itself..I can say that this movie is a very compilation of the anime..

4 Stages(seasons) have out for the anime..This movie is the combination of the first 3 Stages..

Shorten a lot from the real story and changed some plot of the characters..

It’s still a good movie though..A must see movie..Not to miss it..

In the whole movie..There are only 2 scenes are computer-generated..

While other stunts of drifting are 100% real skills from the professionals..

Kids..Don’t try the stunts at home..

For the characters..It’s very surprisingly that Jay Chou speaks on his own instead of using other people’s voice..

Chapman To and Anthony Wong are damn funny..Listen carefully to their words..Hahaha..

All the actors are so into their characters..I mean they acted very good..

Besides racing..Ofcoz there’s still love story and others..

Jay Chou and Anne Suzuki are so into their characters’ role, emotionally..

I guessed that Jay Chou fanatic, Bee Yan will cry, bcoz of the emotional scene from her idol..

Maybe she’ll not cry..I think she’ll still has her eyes wet though..Hehehe..

In other words..All of the actors are bringing their characters’ role very good, very real..

Oh my gosh..Can’t wait for the next instalment..

Yea..Surely there will be the next instalment..Coz Takumi Fujiwara is joining the Project D Racing Team..

I might watch this movie for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time..It’s a very good movie..

See..I didn’t talk about the movie in detail..So..Catch it before it’s too late..

Ya..You can try a simple game about it in the movie’s official site,

You better buy the ticket for the coming days..Coz you won’t get to watch it today if you were to buy the ticket today..

I mean..If you are buying the ticket today..Buy it for other days..Damn packed i tell you..


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