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Friday, 8 July, 2005

Sorry Everyone..

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Well..I want to say sorry to all my frens that had been following my blog..

Due to my tiredness, I hardly online..And even if I did online..I’m too tired to write a blog..

It’s not bcoz of the stress I got from work..

But it’s bcoz I’m travelling on public transport..That’s why..

Anyway..The long holiday for local Uni students has come to an end on this weekend..

The new semester will be starting on 11th of July..And I’m still struggling with my job..

It’s so sad to see them leave again..Especially those studying in the East of Malaysia..I mean Sabah and Sarawak..

And also for those in the North of Malaysia..The Kedah and Penang area..

It’s good that Moon Yee and Bee Yan celebrating their birthday before they leave..

Moon Yee celebrated it last night at her house..Her actual birthday falls on 16th of July..

A sudden blackout pushed the party ended early as everyone was getting tired..

There’s no need to off the lights to light up the candle and sing Happy Birthday Song..Hahaha..

Thumbs up for Li Wei, ‘The-Young-Mommy-Of-Ours’..Hahaha..This girl able to do multitasking..Hahaha..

She baked a Secret Recipe’s ‘Oreo Cheese Cake’..Umm..Has the look..

But frankly..The below part of the cake..Which is the Oreo..Quite salty..

Take note ok..I know you are reading..Hahaha..

Anyway..It’s a good try..If you are looking for a future wife..She’s the 1..!!

Come and ask me for her pic and phone number..She’s still available for now..Muahahaha..

Bee Yan will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday, also at her house..

Bee Yan‘s birthday falls on 21st of July..

And the planning is..Her younger sis is also baking a Secret Recipe’s ‘Oreo Cheese Cake’..

Hmm..Talking bout gathering..Now only I noticed that Rachel was not around last night..

Anyway..Happy gathering for all people that will be heading back to their Uni..

Ya..Before I sign off..Sorry to Hiew my fren..Can’t attend your birthday celebration..

This Moon Yee invited me 1st..Anyway..Happy Belated Birthday To You Hiew.!!

Ya..Hiew‘s birthday falls on 5th of July..And Deral‘s is coming on 13th of July..

Will try to update my blog again this weekend..Cheers.!!


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