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Monday, 11 July, 2005

Farewell Bid..

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As I mentioned in my previous post..Bee Yan celebrating her 21st birthday was before the actual date..

It’s bcoz she’s going back to Sabah’s UMS today..

So..The title says it all..The last gathering farewell bid for this holiday..

Supposed to go out at 5pm..Fetching my sis to her fren’s house for a birthday party at Bukit Anggerik..

Luckily her fren came over and gave her a lift to the place..So I don’t have to go out that early..

Planned to fetch Li Wei and Moon Yee at about 7.10pm..

Alright..I was quite late to fetch Li Wei and Moon Yee..Bcoz I’m burning the Initial D 4th Stage animation for Bee Yan..

The so-called party planned to start at 8pm..I only went out at 7.30pm..

As usual..The traffic in KL..Surely jam at that time..

Fetched Li Wei first and reached Moon Yee‘s house at 8pm..

Finally reached Bee Yan‘s house at about 8.20pm i think..

Thought we might be 1 of the late-comers..It turned out to be 1 of the early-comers..

Weng Soon, Wing Kit, Suit Yee, and Yun Cheong (is it the right spelling.?? never mind) are the only ones that arrived..

Bcoz of the urge of Bee Yan’s mom..We ate 1st while waiting for others to come..

Umm..Nice foods..The usual food for home buffet..

Spagethi..Mi Hun..Nugget..Chicken Drummet..Curry Chicken..Sausage..Fishball..Fruits..And some drinks..

While we were having our 2nd round..The remaining people are coming group by group..

So there we are..Our last massive gathering for this holiday term..

Bcoz most of them are heading back to their respective University today..

So we ate and played some games..We had lots of fun..That’s what frens for..

We laughed..We shared joys and jokes..That’s the strongest ship of them all..Friendship..

No wonder Titanic sank in those days..It was not that strong after all..Hahaha..

Anyway..At about 10.20pm we sing the birthday song for Bee Yan..

After taking some pics..We called off the party and get ready for the next programme..Clubbing..

As usual..Li Wei, Moon Yee, and Wing Kit are not following us to clubbing..

I don’t have to fetch my sis as she was still enjoying her time at her fren’s house too..

After some clean-up and waiting for the girls to get ready..It’s alredy about 11.40pm..

The plan is still on though..So there we are 3 cars headed to Jalan Sultan Ismail..The Thai Club..

By the time we reached Thai Club..It was alredy about 12.40am..

We ordered 2 bottle of Hennesy Pure White..For 19 of us..

The place was damn packed..Can’t even find a place for us have a good drink..

So we were pushing in and out..Rubbing here and there to find a place to accomodate our group of 19..

We found a table..Or I should say we shared a table with someone else we don’t know..

We were far inside of the bar where there is a pole stage/podium for sluts to dance..*grins*

We had some nice dance and some nice views of the sluts dancing..

You know..Girls with bra tops and super short skirts doing some pole dance..

Purposedly exposing their panties while squating down..IT’S WHITE.!! MUAHAHAHA.!!

There was 1 bad incident happened..Guess what.??

I got molested..Damn.!! Well..It’s bcoz of my hair that got other guys misunderstood..Muahaha..

I was facing the bar to get some glasses..So 1 of those people who walked pass-by my back grabed on my butt..ARGH.!!

Then there was a guy who was standing under the bar top dance floor..

He was peeking underneath 2 girls skirts while they were dancing..

It’s not that he was trying to get some tight angle sneaks..

But he was bending his body downward and look straight up the girls’ skirts..What a pervert..

There was a bad thing happened to me, right.?? So there are the worse..

On our shared table..There was this drunk-ass threw some ice to other group of people..

Needless to say..Declaration of War of the World..Wahahaha..

A praise for Teh Poh for managed to save our bottle of wine..

His body was all wet and almost got hit with an flying object..But still, he managed to save our bottle of liquor..

After the bouncers pulled off the brawl..Teh Poh calmly walked out of the fighting area with the yet-to-open bottle of liquor in his hands..

Broken glasses were everywhere on the floor..That still didn’t managed to stop Bee Yan to enjoy to the tune and continue with her dancing..

Anyway..We continued with our dancing and I did some so-called lewd acts..Hahaha..

Head-banging to the tune with my long hair does make me looked like a girl from behind..Haha..

Plus some booty-shaking and slipped my hands underneath my shirt does make me looked like a gay..Hahaha..

So everything ended at 3pm ofcoz..But there’s the worst to come..

It rained so heavily that we stucked in the club..

Making some heroic acts..Weng Soon and I walked to the car park in the mid of the heavy rain to get some umbrellas for others..

All soaked up..We headed back to Thai Club with 3 umbrellas..

Bee Yan, being the only 1 of got drunk..Needed us to carry her all the way back to the car park..

After that we headed to Connaught’s Maideen to yamcha..

We sat until about 4.45am..But still they are heading for the 3rd round at Bandar Damai Perdana’s ABC Maideen..

Left me sending Chuan Soon back after a restless night..

Reached home at about 5.30am..Had a bath and then went to sleep..

But I couldn’t sleep quite well..And I’m now still sitting here writing blog instead of go to sleep early..

Well..We took some pics ofcoz..Will try to post of the pics for you to see..

Ofcoz it’ll be a link to‘s Photo Album..Bcoz my blog account has reach its bandwidth limit..

So..stay tune with more to come..

Wish those who are studying in other states especially those in Penang, Sabah, Sarawak, and Kedah all the best..

Hope to meet you guys and girls again in the next holiday..

Friendship will stand as tough as it can be..Cheers.!!

Farewell Bid..


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