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Friday, 22 July, 2005

The War Of The Blogosphere..

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Recently blogging become the word of mouth of everyone..

Be it blogger, non-blogger, or newbies to blog..Blogging is gaining its popularity..

Let’s talk about it once again..For newbies like Bryan Leau..Read carefully..

Blog is something like a diary..But this kinda diary you are most likely to let other people read about it..

This is the so-called modern diary..

The old one..By-hand with pen and notebooks..I do really mean those books..Not laptops..

The new one..By-hand with typewriter and servers like or or and etc..

The old one..Don’t tend to let other people read, not even the closest pal or family..

The new one..More likely to let other people read about their privacy and other stuffs..

The old one..You need to tear it up or burn it or soak it to get rid of it..

The new one..You need to hack into their accounts and delete their entries or just shutdown the whole account..

Yup..That’s what I’m gonna say in this post..

1 of the popular blogger in the blogosphere..Xiaxue (click on link) was hacked by someone early this morning at 4am..

Well actually..I doubt it..I think it might be an inside job..

Bcoz she might taking this opportunity to gain popularity..

Yeah.!! You want it..You got it..

It’s still hard to say if it was an inside job though..

All entries of 2 years were deleted and just left 1 last post for her..

I have not read any of her blogs..So I can’t say anything bout it..

According to some of the comments posted in the blog..Mostly were her fans..

There were also some neutral party and anti-party though..

All of them are throwing comments on each other..And ofcoz the hacker..

Well..The hacker hacked Xiaxue‘s Gmail account and the blog itself..

Then I also not sure don’t know how Xiaxue got her password back and stuffs..

Some said it is bcoz Xiaxue was over the limit in her blog..

Yes..Some might find it interesting and some might not..

Like 1 of the commentors said..“Luckily it’s just a hacker..How if he’s a serial killer.??”

Just look what happened to Quenius..This racist blogger got spammed and hacked by some authorities..

At first he was like got screwed people spamming his blog and stuffs..

But it turned out that he was playing with the wrong person..

So does Kenny Sia (click on link)..I heard he also got attacked in his blog..

I didn’t read his blog so I don’t know what’s his blog about..

But I’m sure someone will get hack too, sooner or later..

It’s Michael Ooi (click on link)..This guy is damn freaked..

I’m enjoyed with his blog at 1st sight..But it turned out to be sore..

His blog is just too much craps..So I’ll just skip his blog rather than hacking him or what..

Furthermore..I’m not a hacker..Just a dumbass with simple computer knowledge..

All the things that Michael Ooi criticised is his surrounding, colleagues, and etc..

Yes..His colleagues are sometimes damn freaking us out..

So Michael Ooi thinks that all the things he did was right and no1 right but him..

C’mon..Make up your mind please..How old are you.?? Don’t be so childish..

Looks like I’m also involving myself into this blogosphere war..Hahaha..

Anyway..Please respect yourself and others..

If you want other people to respect you..You must 1st respect other people..



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