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Friday, 29 July, 2005

ARGH~!! My Handphone~~ :'(

Filed under: Shits — Yatz @ 7:22 pm
ARGH~!!! DAMMIT~!!! 😥

I’ve been robbed off my handphone in the bus, No. 32 Intrakota..


They took my handphone from my jeans pocket and I don’t noticed it..FUCK.!!

They were in a group of 6 or 7 people..I wish you guys die sadistically in a superb car accident..

Or the worst could happen..You guys take the wrong step and fall down onto the high-electrocute LRT railway..

How bout being steam-roll under a few big construction trucks.???

Shit on you pukitiau-babi-hutan-tak-berkepala-hotak-punyer-pepet-mak-engko-lubang-berkurap-berkulat..

Hah.!! Take that you INDON FUCKERS.!!!!

What a bad day these days..

Ivan and Petrol also being robbed off their handphones when they were jogging somewhere, Tasik Permaisuri I assumed..

So you guys know it..Don’t call my number until my next post that says I have enabled my line again..

I might use my mom’s handphone..So if you wanna find can try out my mom’s number..

Until then..CHIOAZ..


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