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Saturday, 30 July, 2005

Yatz’s Handphone History & Legacy..

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Once upon a time in the year end of 2003..There’s this guy name Yatz..

After 2 months of working..He finally owns his 1st ever mobile phone, Nokia 3100..

Not very expensive..But not quite cheap though..

Anyway..It’s the cheapest color-screen handphone at that time..

So without any hesitation, he buy that phone for about RM 600..

No camera, never mind..No Bluetooth, never mind..

Just as long as it can make phone calls..It will do..

Just 1 thing special about it..The handphone has a glow in the dark outline..

With that handphone..He manages to call his frens, family, and ofcoz the important person in his life..

Nokia 3100 has the ability to create Folder for users to save Messages, Images, or Tones..

In the folders..Contain lots of sweet messages and memorable messages..

And ofcoz all the phone numbers of his fren circle..

Yatz plays the games in his handphone when he is bored..Owns the records of all the games..

Forward messages to his frens to tell them that he always remembers them..

Acts as the alarm clock to wake Yatz up from his sleep everyday to go to college or work..

And also as the timer when he plays futsal with his frens..

Yatz brings his handphone together with him no matter where he goes..

He gets connected with his frens through the handphone..

One day..One bad Friday..

Yatz was waiting for the bus at the bus-stop after work..

A few buses passed-by but he doesn’t want to get into any of the buses..

At last..No. 32, Intrakota came..And he boarded the bus..

The bus was quite crowded..And he just wanted to reach home quick and get something to eat..

Suddenly..A bunch of Indons boarded the bus..About 6-8 people..

They squeezed through the crowded lane to get to the back door..Where Yatz was standing..

About 3 stops ahead of where they boarded..They got down of the bus..

When Yatz was about to check what time it was..Only to realise that his handphone had been stolen..

Yatz didn’t noticed or felt anything at all during the loss of his handphone..

What a damn bunch of fucking professional pickpockets..

Calmly..He reached the bus-stop where he always get off..

He quickly walked home (in a hungry state) with something in his mind..

Just as soon as he reached home..He grabbed the house phone to call his best fren, Hikaru..

To ask the whereabouts of the Leisure Mall’s Maxis Centre..

At about 6,10pm..Yatz drove his car to Leisure Mall..To bar the line of his handphone number..

When he reached there..Only to find out that the Maxis Centre has closed at 5.30pm..

Try to figure out the next step..He asked Hikaru if he can just call the centre in KLCC to bar the line..

Upon reaching home..Yatz together with the Maxis Hotline Call Centre number that Hikaru gave him earlier on when he was driving..

Yatz called the number..Everything settled..The line has been barred from making or receiving phone calls..

The next day, Saturday..Yatz again went to the Maxis Centre to get his Sim Card replaced..

In about 20 minutes – together with the long queue and others – Yatz got his new Sim Card with the old number..

Just with the serial number and some mere infos of his phone number..He got what he wants..

Together with all the phone numbers of his frens he saved in the previous stolen Sim Card..

Don’t have to make police report or whatever..

But too bad..He doesn’t has anything extra handphone to use..

But surely the next thing in his mind..Get a new (canggih) handphone..

But looked back into his bank account..Damn..

How can you get new and savvy stuffs when you got no money in your account, right.??

So..The next thing he gonna do is save money, save money, and save money..

How about a Nokia 6230.?? or Nokia 7610.??

ARGH~!!! Whatever it is..He doesn’t has enough money to get those stuff..

Anyway..He got his number back..But still on hold..

So..Try to call his house number or his mom’s handphone when you try to find him..

Until the next episode..Keep in touch with him through MSN..

And the moral of the story.??

Stay away from suspicious groupies no matter in the bus or LRT..

To be continue……


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