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Sunday, 31 July, 2005

Surf The Net..

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Well..Out of boredom..I surfed the net and found something interesting..

Check these sites out (click on links) :

>> World Naked Bike Ride 1

>> World Naked Bike Ride 2

>> World Naked Bike Ride London 2005

These sites are full of pics about the World Naked Bike Ride held at London in June 2005..

Alright..Let’s continue with some nude sites..Hehe.. (click on link) will show you all the pics about naked protesters in the whole world..

Those pics that we wished to see in the newspapers can be seen here..

It’s all bare-naked ladies and gents..

You can see that not all western guys’ dick are all large, huge, long, and bulky..NOO.!!

I repeat it..NOOOOO.!!!

So don’t be ashamed of our so-called Asian-Size-Dick..

And I think our so-called Asian-Size-Dick won’t lose to the westerns..BUUARGH~!!

Ok..All of the protests were all in various kind of protests..

Naked protest from PETA about the anti-fur issue..

Naked protest to object any government policy or amendments..

Naked protest to be nude on the beach..

Naked protest about nuke tests..

And whatever naked protest that you can name..

Check it out..Hehehehe..

And not to forget..Here’s 1 great blogger..Jake Bronstein (click on link)..

He takes lots of pics and posts them in his blog’s every post..

And ofcoz..Most of it are silly and funny pics of him fooling around alone or with his frens..

Alright..I think that’s all for now..Enjoy ya..


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