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Tuesday, 30 August, 2005

Hello Everyone..

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Hey all the people out there..

It has been..Errr..Almost 3 weeks or so I didn’t post up anything..

Well..Quite busy with IDC and tired when I got back home..

So..Not much time for me to post up any interesting thing..

Not much interesting things happened recently..

Just some funny things in the office..Will try to tell you all when I have the time..

Having tight times with the stupid Aussie project..Damn Aussies.!!

Anyway..This is my last week working in IDC..

Gonna face my re-sit exam soon..Wish me lucks all you guys out there..

By the way..I found 1 great site to share with you guys.. is a site where you can watch live webcam from sluts all over the world..

It’s FREE.!! Yeah..You get me..It’s totally FREE.!!!

So..Hope you guys enjoy it..

See ya..


Wednesday, 17 August, 2005

Smokey Hazy Haze..

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Sorry for this late post..It has been quite some time since my last post..

Quite busy and tired to post up an article these few days..

Alright..Let’s talk about damn smokey hazy haze..

It has been a hectic day for KL and Selangor residents..

As everyone knows..KL and Selangor had been hit by THICK HAZE since 2 weeks ago..

So we were like living in a ghostly city with haze everywhere..

Not even a single drop of rain fall from the sky..

Even the human-made rain couldn’t wash off the haze maybe just a single inch..

Imagine how thick it was..

A nice view of KL can be seen from the balcony of my house..Was blocked by the haze..

Nothing can be seen..The KL Tower..Berjaya Times Square..Maybank..And whatever it is..

Nothing but smokey hazy haze..

Imagine this..

As soon as you step out from your house door..

Your whole body will captured the stinky smell of the smoke of the haze..

That’s what happened to me for the past 2 weeks..

Went out for lunch..An underground foodcourt at UOA..

Apparently..The haze sneaked through into the foodcourt..Damn it..

Thanks to the Indonesians back in their stupid Indonesia country..

They burn the forests and crop lands to clear off the whole thing..

Instead of chop or graze off those things..

Fortunately..The haze suddenly just disappeared just like that..

Plus a few days of heavy rain..The sky is now crystal clear..

You get all the sunlight that you want when you can’t get any during the hazy days..

You get all the sweat from your body bcoz of the weather..

Anyway..It’s good for now..

When the Air Pollution Index (API) doesn’t reach the critical state we still need to go to work and study..

Why not go out with the sunlight above instead of stinky smokey hazy haze..Right.??

Tuesday, 9 August, 2005

KLCC’s PC Fair..

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For the past weekend..KLCC held a PC Fair event by PIKOM..I don’t know what’s that..

Yea..And it’s KL Convention Centre..Not Suria KL City Centre..

A newly built convention centre just like the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)..

It’s just located beside the Suria KLCC‘s park at Jalan Pinang..

Near Menara HLA, where I’m working..

I went to the fair on Friday during my lunch-time..Bought a stack of 100 pieces of CD-R..

It was crowded like hell..

Imagine you are driving through Connaught Highway on Wednesday where there is pasar malam (night market) at around 6pm..

Yeap..It was that jam..And it’s jam people..Not vehicles..

Then I went there again yesterday..That’s Sunday..With both of my sis..

Ofcoz I’m not stupid to go there to feel the atmosphere..

I’m there to buy things, ok.!!

Thought of park the car at Suria KLCC‘s mosque car park..

But you need to queue for the parkings..Meaning you need to wait for cars to come out of the parking lot..

Frustrated..I drove all the way to Orange Pub..Beside Menara HLA..Where I’m working..

No hassle..Lots of parking spaces..Hahaha..

Just about 3 minutes walk and you can reach KL Convention Centre..

Headed straight to the 4th floor if I’m not mistaken..Where a huge PC exhibition being held..

In this Hall Room..Only big companies like Samsung, HP, BenQ, Sony, and many others..

Promoters with sexy attires posing for cameras and also giving out brochures..

They are so sexy with all the posings and smiles..You might melt seeing their smiles..Haha..

Then there were these Samsung Girls lined up in a row to give out brochures..

The prettiest girls of them all..SAMSUNG GIRLS.!! Hahaha..

And the sexiest..?? I would say Sony Girls if I’m not mistaken..

You know..The booth in the middle with the girls with super-short skirts/pants and skimpy outfits..

Correct me if I’m wrong..But as far as I’m concern..They should be the Sony Girls..Hahaha..

Anyway..After washing my eyes on those girls..We went downstair to another Hall Room..

This Hall is where all the shops from Low Yat, Imbi Plaza, The Mines, and many other places set-up their booths to sell their goodies..

My purpose to be at the PC Fair is to buy a DVD-Rom, a MP3 Player, and another stack of 100 pieces of CD-R..

Met up with Hikaru in this Hall and the search for the reasonble price goodies has begun..

Firstly..The search for a MP3 Player..

Creative..Damn good quality..But ofcoz the price is also damn good..

HK brands and China brands..Quite cheap..But not up to the quality of Creative ofcoz..

Continue the search for other popular brands like Apacer, WeWa, and others which I don’t know..

Ya..1 thing..Now the MP4 Player is getting hot in the market..

What’s MP4 Player.?? Same thing like MP3 Player, but has the function that enables you to watch video on that small screen..

What for to buy such a small thingy to spoil your eyes..right.??

We were walking, walking, squeezing, walking and walking, pushing, walking, and walking..

There we reached a booth with the price tags hanging everywhere..Apacer MP3 Player 5-in-1, 512MB storage, costs about RM270 only..

We got a nice brand here..A nice price here..But still, feeling unsatisfied..

The walk continued..And push, walk, squeeze, walk, push, walk, and walk..

Alright..Until we can’t bear it anymore..We went back to that booth..

“May I have a look on that Apacer MP3 Player with 512MB.??”, says Hikaru..

“Sorry..Sold out..Just left 256MB..”, says the retailer..

ARGH.!! Damn it..And bcoz of that..No MP3 Player for me.. =(

So I just bought 2 stacks of 100 pieces of CD-R..1 stack for me..1 stack for Hiew..

Hikaru left and I continued my journey of searching for other things with my 2 sisters..

My sis bought a Bluetooth Headset costs RM140..Compatible with any handphones that come with Bluetooth feature..

Round and round and round..Back to where I saw some reasonable DVD-Rom put on display..

“How much is that LG DVD-Rom.??”, I asked..

“RM83..”, the retailer said..

“How bout other brands like Samsung, or any other brands.??”, I asked..

“Nope..Sorry..That’s the only brand left here..LG..”, the retailer said..

Ooh..What the heck..Just bring it on..Or I won’t get anything good for wasting my time searching for so long..

So there I was paying RM83 for that LG DVD-Rom..

Yea..Don’t ask me why I don’t buy a DVD-RW (burner)..Look at the speed..

It’s just 16x..I asked the retailer on how long would it takes to burn a standard single piece of DVD of about 4.5GB..

And the answer.? “Hmm..Berapa jam aa..”, says the retailer..Meaning, “Hmm..How many hours eh”,..

Alright..No matter it is right or wrong..I’m waiting for a higher speed to come out..

Ok..There I left the convention centre with 1 DVD-Rom, 1 Bluetooth Headset, 2 stacks of 100 pieces of CD-R..

For those who went for the PC Fair..Happy Jamming..

Wednesday, 3 August, 2005

Something Strange In The Neighbourhood..

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Well..There’s something strange in the neighbourhood..

I just noticed it on Saturday..

We got new guys in the house..I mean..In

Yeap..The DJs have changed a lot..

Especially the one that I hate the most (sorry to say this), Ross Yusof..

He switched to Mix FM..

I’m pretty sure bout this..I recognised that annoying voice of his when I was listening to Mix FM on Saturday noon..

Why do I say annoying..??

I hate him bcoz of his strong American/UK English accent..

And that’s why I don’t listen to his UK Top 40 Chart in those days..

No wonder there’s no more UK Top 40 Chart recently..Or did I missed it.??

Argh..I don’t care..The good thing is..I won’t get to hear Ross Yusof‘s voice on anymore..

And to add something to push Ross aside..

I like J.Lo’s Hyper Drive a lot..It’s Jason Lo, ok.!! Not Jennifer Lopez..

Ofcoz not too miss out The Morning Crew, JJ and Rudy..And their sidekick, Nazri..

I like their ‘Gotcha Call’ a lot..Hahaha..Hope I’m not the 1 who will pick up those prank calls..

The ‘ Word’ is also very amusing..

Listeners get to win some goodies and learn new word to add into their vocabulary..

And the girls..Serena C’s Top 30 and Shel’s Hot 20..It’s so nice to listen to the songs..

Not to forget Early Late Net Show’s Phat Fabes..Who is also 1 of 8TV Quickie host..

Yeap..I think that all for my favourite list..

And the remaining DJs..Pietro, Ean, Jakeman, and Junior..

You guys did a good job as well..Especially new fella Pietro..

He’s the winner of‘s Radio Icon..

Something like a reality show where few participants take on each other to get votes from listeners..

The 1 who survive til the last round and get most votes are bounded to get a 1-year contract to be a DJ in

Anyway..Toast for the loss of Ross Yusof..Hahahahaha..

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