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Wednesday, 3 August, 2005

Something Strange In The Neighbourhood..

Filed under: Ramblings — Yatz @ 1:50 am

Well..There’s something strange in the neighbourhood..

I just noticed it on Saturday..

We got new guys in the house..I mean..In

Yeap..The DJs have changed a lot..

Especially the one that I hate the most (sorry to say this), Ross Yusof..

He switched to Mix FM..

I’m pretty sure bout this..I recognised that annoying voice of his when I was listening to Mix FM on Saturday noon..

Why do I say annoying..??

I hate him bcoz of his strong American/UK English accent..

And that’s why I don’t listen to his UK Top 40 Chart in those days..

No wonder there’s no more UK Top 40 Chart recently..Or did I missed it.??

Argh..I don’t care..The good thing is..I won’t get to hear Ross Yusof‘s voice on anymore..

And to add something to push Ross aside..

I like J.Lo’s Hyper Drive a lot..It’s Jason Lo, ok.!! Not Jennifer Lopez..

Ofcoz not too miss out The Morning Crew, JJ and Rudy..And their sidekick, Nazri..

I like their ‘Gotcha Call’ a lot..Hahaha..Hope I’m not the 1 who will pick up those prank calls..

The ‘ Word’ is also very amusing..

Listeners get to win some goodies and learn new word to add into their vocabulary..

And the girls..Serena C’s Top 30 and Shel’s Hot 20..It’s so nice to listen to the songs..

Not to forget Early Late Net Show’s Phat Fabes..Who is also 1 of 8TV Quickie host..

Yeap..I think that all for my favourite list..

And the remaining DJs..Pietro, Ean, Jakeman, and Junior..

You guys did a good job as well..Especially new fella Pietro..

He’s the winner of‘s Radio Icon..

Something like a reality show where few participants take on each other to get votes from listeners..

The 1 who survive til the last round and get most votes are bounded to get a 1-year contract to be a DJ in

Anyway..Toast for the loss of Ross Yusof..Hahahahaha..



  1. mr skin >>this J Lo isnt that J Lo..this is Jason Lo..:)

    Comment by Yatz — Friday, 3 November, 2006 @ 4:27 am

  2. Thanks Yatz

    Comment by Pietro — Friday, 24 November, 2006 @ 3:47 pm

  3. Pietro >> yo dude..not a problem at all..nice to have u here..u did a great job..
    cheers mate..

    Comment by Yatz — Friday, 24 November, 2006 @ 5:49 pm

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