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Friday, 2 September, 2005

Bad Day..

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Well..I had a bad day yesterday and today..

Think back..I also wanna laugh over it..Hahaha..

Yesterday..My colleague, Gita, asked me to buy her RM 10 of Digi top up credit..

Heading to UOA Foodcourt..There’s no top up cards sold over there..

The only thing is buy it in a pharmacy through a machine..Like those sold at 7-Eleven..

So I have to give Gita‘s handphone number to the cashier to key-in the number in order to send the credits to Gita‘s account..

Don’t have Gita‘s number..I called Cindy to ask for Gita‘s number..

After I got it..Headed back to office in Menara HLA..

I asked Gita, “Received your credit alredy.??”

Gita, “No..I didn’t get anything..”

Me, “Are you kidding or what.??”

Gita, “No..I’m not kidding..I didn’t receive any cedits at all in my handphone..”

Check back..SHIT.!! I wrongly sent the RM 10 credit to another number..

Just 1 number wrongly key-in..

Supposed to be 016-248 xxxx..I gave the cashier 016-245 xxxx..

Damn it..Try to call the person..Luckily is a Malay lady..

I politely asked her transfer back the RM 10 credit to Gita‘s account..

She agreed at 1st..After about 30 minutes later..No answer from that lady..

I tried to call her back..But she switched off her phone..Damn her..

If I get any extra credits..Ofcoz I won’t transfer back to the person..Right.??I’m just so naive..Hahahaha..

So..1 lesson for all of us..Don’t top up your credit using those stupid machines..

Go get a top up card or any code..Don’t use those that straight enter right into your account..
Well..It’s not my day yesterday..

That’s fine..Talk about today..

It’s Erica‘s last day working in IDC..So we went for a farewell lunch meal..

We went to KLCC’s A&W..

Everything was ok the whole morning and it was not until I finished my double cheese burger..

Try to get a sip of my Large Root Beer with 2 scoops of Vanilla ice-cream float..

My elbow accidentally pressed on the tray which my food and drink were on..

The glass of water dropped on my shirt and jeans..

I’m all wet..Luckily..My handphone was unharmed in my jeans pocket..

Check out this pics..Bad Day At KLCC A&W (click on link)..

The whole afternoon in the office until I reached home..The smell of Vanilla were all over my body..

More like a walking Vanilla ice-cream..That’s all for my bad day..See ya guys later..


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