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Friday, 2 September, 2005

Merdeka Day..

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WOO HOO.!! Malaysia celebrated the 48th birthday on 31st of August 2005..

We regained independence from the British ruling on 31st of August 1957..

On Merdeka Eve..I went up to Saga Hill with my frens to get a good view of the KL city..

Obviously we were joining the crowd to see the fireworks from that hill..

Well..Reached the place at about 10.30pm..

The place alredy packed with families and teenagers..

Luckily we managed to get ourselves a table..

Alright..Cut it short..At 12 midnight..Fireworks all over the city center..

The main sites to launch the fireworks..KLCC, Bukit Bintang (Sungei Wang area), and Dataran Merdeka..

Bukit Bintang ones was quite small and low..

Dataran Merdeka‘s also just a couple of minutes of shots..

KLCC‘s was the boom..

At sharp 12 midnight..There were signal of fireworks from KLCC..

Everyone boo-ed and jeered bcoz of the short period of the fireworks..

Well..For me..I’m used to it..I watched it every year from the balcony of my house since 1995..

It has been some kinda tradition that KLCC will only launch their power guns after about 10 minutes..

Why am I uphill when I can see it from my balcony..??

It’s bcoz an apartment built in front of my balcony for the past 6 months..

So that stupid high-rise apartment blocked my balcony view..

So..As expected..At about 12.10am..KLCC launched its power shots..

Everyone cheered and applauded for the launching..

What a naive crowd..Hahaha..

Anyway..I enjoyed video recording of the fireworks with my new handphone, Nokia 7610 =D

And everyone else also enjoyed the beautiful fireworks..

For those who can’t find any seats at the mamak stall..They left just like that after the show..

And motorbikers (mat motor) carrying Jalur Gemilang (Malaysia flag) rode around the place for some kinda convoy..

Well..Here’s some pics that I took with my cam-phone..
Merdeka Day Celebration (click on link)

Sorry for the blurry quality..What do you expect..It’s a cam-phone..

Enjoy..Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia.!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH.!!!


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