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Thursday, 8 September, 2005

War Of The Blogoshpere.! Again.??

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Well..Being an independent blogger of me..I didn’t associated with anyone in the blogoshpere..

You know..The likes of our very own Kuching blogger, Kenny Sia, Singaporean Xiaxue, Singaporean Sarong Party Girl (click on links)..

Not to mention the famous Mr Hustler..Super-critic, Michael Ooi..Kancil-critic, Kancil Killer..And Dunno-what-is-the-site-about, TV Smith (click on links)..

Kenny Sia, Xiaxue, and Sarong Party Girl are associated in 1 blog circle..

They helped defend each other if either 1 of them get critises for their harsh post or anything..

Sarong Party Girl got hit by the media before bcoz of her nudity pics..

Kenny Sia got hit by the readers bcoz he copied-pasted Sarong Party Girl‘s nude pic in his blog..

And now..The begin of a whole new war of the blogoshpere..

Xiaxue‘s critism on our beloved Kuala Lumpur..Actually it was a 2 weeks old issue..

Being an arrogant-kiasu Singaporean of her..She must be so damn pampered in Singapore..

Check out this post of hers..KL Sucked (click on link)..

You guys try to find the post entitled “KL Pretty Much Sucked” (click on link)..Posted on 24th of August 2005..

For those who can’t find the post..

It’s actually the 3rd post on 24th of August..There were 3 posts on that date..

There goes her critism on our Kuala Lumpur..

Umm..A bowl of soup dumpling or whatever costs about RM8 per bowl or something..

You eat that in a hotel..Ofcoz it’s that price..

Even if you want to eat that at a roadside stall it will cost you about RM3 or RM4..

This is a hotel alright.?? Make up your mind please..

You should expect to pay for it if we are ready to stay in a standard 3 or 4 star hotel..

Is it you guys can’t afford for it or what.??

Hey c’mon..You come here for holiday..Make up your mind..

You want to save your money.?? Go back to Singapore and eat your own instant cup noodle..

Alright..You get suck cabbies..RM3.60 from the hotel to Petaling Street..

And RM9.60 from Petaling Street back to the hotel..Which I dunno where’s the hotel she was staying..

Hey goddammit..Make up your mind la..There are roads that we can get through and there are roads we CAN’T get through..

Ofcoz the fare is different you stupid dumb dumb..

Yeah right..You got molested..PADAN MUKA.!!

Yeah..All Malaysians alredy knew that Petaling Street‘s people are rude..

They might even from the darkside of the society..

Luckily you don’t mess up with them..Or else..

So..If you don’t get to buy CHEAP stuffs from there..Don’t complaint..

Do you think anyone else get a cheaper price to buy things over there..??

I don’t think you were born with the word BARGAIN in your dictionary..

You have the money to shop around KLCC for ORIGINAL BRANDED stuffs..

Why do you still wanna complaint about Petaling Street.???

That’s our very own Chinatown..Famous for its foods..

And also famous for the rudeness of the people..It’s a fact..

Yeah right..Singaporeans are so far better than them Yada Yada Yada..

But do you know what..People still going to Petaling Street for its stuffs..

What do you expect from Chinatown.??

Salesmen with long sleeves shirt and bow-tie.?? Like those from Lampe Berger.??

Get a life alright..??

And 1 thing about the comment on Tuppy‘s short skirt..

The person is just trying to tell you be careful at those place with you girls in those short skirt..

And as a result..Your left boob being closely brushed by some kinda pervert..WOO HOO.!!

Too bad that guy didn’t slip his hands under Tuppy‘s skirt..Hahahaha..

Alright..Talk about KLCC..A Mega-sale which is not so considered MEGA enough..

10% discount is not enough and to compare with Singapore’s 70% discount.??

Maybe you are trying to get some old stuffs from that 70% discount..

People still shop til they drop even if it’s just 10% discount..Do you give a damn.??

But if you want to know..Topshop and MNG sure did give lots of discounts for every Mega-sale..

I, as a guy also know bout it..

Maybe you are in KLCC’s Isetan..So..The thing is different over there..

Get it.?? Dumbo.!! And it’s your mistake not to visit MidValley..DUMBO.!!!

Alright..That’s all from me..Voice out your thought so we can hit back at the Singaporeans.!!!



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