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Thursday, 20 October, 2005


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I’ve been working 7 days a week since my come back to IDC right after my exam..

Got a day off last Sunday though..And also this weekend..

I’m so tired that I felt sleepy even though I slept for 6 hours..

And now..Added a few new colleagues..

But I think there are 2 of them have some problem..

They are some kinda freak..And both also a flirter..DUH~~

And like to chat around to..

I don’t know..Maybe they wanted to make some frens or whatever..

But they just didn’t know that they are disturbing other staffs to talk on the phone..

I have to say I’m glad they are here for maybe just another week or 2 =P

Further more..The project I’m conducting now takes not less than 20 minutes..

And the requirement is 100 employees above..

A study about Business Intelligence Tools..

Some kinda software or solutions to help you manage your business in an easier way..

An Australia and New Zealand market research project..The toughest country to do surveys..

Together with this project..Another Australia project is running concurrently..

But this project about Microsoft takes about 3-5 minutes only..

And before these 2 projects..We had 2 projects running concurrently, also on Australia..

1 of our interviewers also said some of the receptionist recognise her voice..

Bcoz she called too many times alredy..With the same name..

She can’t even pass through the receptionist..How to interview the IT Manager.??

Headache headache..

After this gonna have a local project..Telekom Satisfactory..

Anyone wish to be interviewed by me..

Please leave down your house number and your name please..Hahaha..

So desperate to get surveys now =P




Sunday, 16 October, 2005

Andy Lau’s Pic..

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Here the pics that I promised..Andy Lau’s Vision Tour (click on link)

Just the crowd..No Andy Lau in the pics..

And I get to know the name of the movie..Hahahah..

It is ‘All About Love’..

Starring Andy Lau, Charlene Choi, and Charlie Yeung (Choi Lei)..

The movie is about Andy Lau character’s love story..

During the younger days..He is with Charlene Choi..

And in the older days..He is with Charlie Yeung..

Release date on 20th of October 2005..

Now in cinema is another Andy Lau‘s movie, ‘Wait ‘Til You’re Older’..

Good comments from those who watched it..

A sentimental movie..Nice to watch with partners or any other frens..

Thursday, 13 October, 2005

Andy Lau Vision Tour

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Today..Andy Lau made some kinda of a press conference at Berjaya Times Square..

Yeap..He’s here for the Vision Tour..Together with Twins’ Charlene Choi..

I have no idea what is this Vision Tour about..

So there was I off from work..

Walking all the way to Times Square to wait for the bus..

As I entered Times Square main entrance..There were lots of people surrounding the Concourse Level..

I walked to it to see what’s going on..

Yea..All the so-called fans or passers-by like me crowding the Concourse Level..

So..Without hesitation..I took out my camphone and took some pics of the crowd..

But sorry I couldn’t post it now as I’m too tired to do it..

Maybe some other times when I’m pretty free to upload those pics..

And ofcoz..By the time I took the pics..Andy Lau wasn’t there yet..

I have to leave that place coz the sky looked cloudy and ready to get heavy rain..

OK.!! Until here..I’ll try to post the pics as soon as possible..

And actually..The same thing happened at Sungei Wang..

Taiwanese band Mayday made an appearance at Sungei Wang’s Concourse Level yesterday..

And Jackie Cheung made an appearance at the same place the day before..

Didn’t took any pic though..Rushing back home..

Wednesday, 5 October, 2005

Inconsiderate People..Puasa.??

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This morning..My mom let me use the car to go to work..

So..My usual route to IDC from my house is through Jalan Peel..

From Jalan Peel..You’ll pass by SRK Jalan Peel..

And there you’ll reach a traffic light to turn to Jalan Pasar..Right.??

On that very traffic light..There’s only 1 lane to Jalan Pasar and 1 lane to the main road of Jalan Peel..

When there’s only 1 lane for us..So..Please queue up in the row.!!

There are so many inconsiderate drivers cutting queue..

I just hate that..That’s what I call uncivilised people..

They just love cutting queues..But they won’t let any queue-cutting happens to them..

Which means..They’ll do whatever they can just to avoid other cars cut the queue..

Life is all about gives and takes..You want to do that..Give it in too..SUCKERS.!!

Here’s a scene I took it with my camphone..

Cars on the left trying to cut the queue..

Here’s another pic of it..

I think they didn’t take any proper driving lessons here..

Ok..Never mind bout those stupid drivers..

Today..Is the 1st day of the Muslims Ramadhan month..

Meaning..The starting of the Puasa (fasting) month..

You won’t see any Malay stalls selling breakfast in the morning anymore..

You can hardly see Malays at any eating place..

You might meet 1 or 2 maybe..Hehehe..Who knows..

Anyway..Puasa or not..Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Berbuka Puasa when it’s time for Buka Puasa..

The month of Ramadhan means..Traffice congestions will be earlier than usual..

People will leave the office before 5pm..Reason.?? Rushing back home to have a good rest before dinner time..

Traffic jams everywhere..

This is Jalan Peel..

All the cars were not giving way..

This is the end of Jalan Peel where I was about to reach Maluri Jusco..

This pic I took after I passed by Maluri Jusco..

Well..Actually it was not as jam as I expected..

Cars still moving..At least I wasn’t stucked in the jam for more than 30 minutes..

This is just the 1st day..Worst to come for the next 28 days..

Saturday, 1 October, 2005

Mind Your Blog..

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Everyone knows..Blog is some kinda diary or journal..

It’s just that you post your blog on the net and it’s open to the public to read everything in your mind..

Now..One keeps his/her diary or journal just for their ownself..

And it’s like some kinda secret..

Blogging is a new way for the whole world to communicate with each other..

You read my blog..I read your blog..

What about the posts.??
It’s about everything and anything..

Happiness..Joy..Hatred..Jealousy..Politic..Racist..Whatever..You name it..

But..1 thing you need to know..

I’m a Malaysian..So do most of my blog readers..Bcoz most of them I think made up of my frens..

So..We have our own country laws and rules some kinda things..

Although we are living in a democratic country..But..There are still some taboos in our society..

We are not like The States..The so-called most powerful independent country..

They can talk whatever they wanted to..They have freedom to talk..

They can talk shit about their President..They can joke about their President..

If anyone watch TV show like Late Show With David Letterman..

He just talk shits about the President all the time..Publicly on the TV show..

And actually it’s very funny to see how David Letterman make jokes on him..Haha..

Alright..Back to our main thing here..In Malaysia..

For any newspaper readers here..I think you should heard of something about the few bloggers in Singapore..

The 1st case..About 3 weeks ago..2 bloggers made some racist remarks in their blogs..

And they paid for their action..They were jailed for 1 year if I’m not mistaken..

Then about 1 week later..Another blogger jailed also bcoz of being a racist..

They just hate Muslims..I don’t know why..

The story doesn’t end there and then..

After that..Just few days ago..Few students were taken disciplinary action bcoz of their blogs..

They talk shits about their school teacher..And again..They paid for what they had done..

So..I think the same thing applies in our law..

You talk shit about someone else..You’ll get the punishment..

As for the racist issue..I don’t anything rational about that..

I’m a Chinese..Those Singaporeans whom sent to jail are also Chinese..

As a Chinese of myself..I just love to make frens with Malays..

Ofcoz I do make frens with Indians too..

I just love to chat around with Malays..

In my working place..We have Chinese..Malays..Indians..

We even have Chindians..Koreans..Indonesians and Fillipinos in my working place..

I just love to get to know them..Lots of cultures in just 1 office..

So..What the fuss with Muslims.??? I just don’t get it..

If you hate Muslims bcoz of those terrorist things..You are just being too subjective..

C’mon..Why can’t you guys be like me..

We live in a multi-racial country..We must tolerate and make frens with each others..

That’s what we called MUHIBAH in Malay..Hahaha..

Alright..If you still want to be a racist no matter what happens..It’s up to you guys..

But preferably don’t post your things online..Try to keep it to yourself..

It will be good for yourself and any other people..

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