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Wednesday, 5 October, 2005

Inconsiderate People..Puasa.??

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This morning..My mom let me use the car to go to work..

So..My usual route to IDC from my house is through Jalan Peel..

From Jalan Peel..You’ll pass by SRK Jalan Peel..

And there you’ll reach a traffic light to turn to Jalan Pasar..Right.??

On that very traffic light..There’s only 1 lane to Jalan Pasar and 1 lane to the main road of Jalan Peel..

When there’s only 1 lane for us..So..Please queue up in the row.!!

There are so many inconsiderate drivers cutting queue..

I just hate that..That’s what I call uncivilised people..

They just love cutting queues..But they won’t let any queue-cutting happens to them..

Which means..They’ll do whatever they can just to avoid other cars cut the queue..

Life is all about gives and takes..You want to do that..Give it in too..SUCKERS.!!

Here’s a scene I took it with my camphone..

Cars on the left trying to cut the queue..

Here’s another pic of it..

I think they didn’t take any proper driving lessons here..

Ok..Never mind bout those stupid drivers..

Today..Is the 1st day of the Muslims Ramadhan month..

Meaning..The starting of the Puasa (fasting) month..

You won’t see any Malay stalls selling breakfast in the morning anymore..

You can hardly see Malays at any eating place..

You might meet 1 or 2 maybe..Hehehe..Who knows..

Anyway..Puasa or not..Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Berbuka Puasa when it’s time for Buka Puasa..

The month of Ramadhan means..Traffice congestions will be earlier than usual..

People will leave the office before 5pm..Reason.?? Rushing back home to have a good rest before dinner time..

Traffic jams everywhere..

This is Jalan Peel..

All the cars were not giving way..

This is the end of Jalan Peel where I was about to reach Maluri Jusco..

This pic I took after I passed by Maluri Jusco..

Well..Actually it was not as jam as I expected..

Cars still moving..At least I wasn’t stucked in the jam for more than 30 minutes..

This is just the 1st day..Worst to come for the next 28 days..


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