The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Thursday, 20 October, 2005


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I’ve been working 7 days a week since my come back to IDC right after my exam..

Got a day off last Sunday though..And also this weekend..

I’m so tired that I felt sleepy even though I slept for 6 hours..

And now..Added a few new colleagues..

But I think there are 2 of them have some problem..

They are some kinda freak..And both also a flirter..DUH~~

And like to chat around to..

I don’t know..Maybe they wanted to make some frens or whatever..

But they just didn’t know that they are disturbing other staffs to talk on the phone..

I have to say I’m glad they are here for maybe just another week or 2 =P

Further more..The project I’m conducting now takes not less than 20 minutes..

And the requirement is 100 employees above..

A study about Business Intelligence Tools..

Some kinda software or solutions to help you manage your business in an easier way..

An Australia and New Zealand market research project..The toughest country to do surveys..

Together with this project..Another Australia project is running concurrently..

But this project about Microsoft takes about 3-5 minutes only..

And before these 2 projects..We had 2 projects running concurrently, also on Australia..

1 of our interviewers also said some of the receptionist recognise her voice..

Bcoz she called too many times alredy..With the same name..

She can’t even pass through the receptionist..How to interview the IT Manager.??

Headache headache..

After this gonna have a local project..Telekom Satisfactory..

Anyone wish to be interviewed by me..

Please leave down your house number and your name please..Hahaha..

So desperate to get surveys now =P



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