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Friday, 18 November, 2005

Damn Fast Food Delivery..

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Well..I have to work from Mondays – Fridays..And also on weekends as well..

So usually we’ll order fast food delivery such as Dominos or McDonald’s..

Last Sunday..We ordered McDelivery..Bcoz of eating Dominos for about consecutively 6 weeks in a row..

We have 20 people in the office and I took the orders from everyone..

So there was I on the phone talking to the operator at about 12.35pm..

Girl Operator (G.O.) : Good afternoon..McDelivery..How can I help you.?

Yatz : Hello..Ya..I would like to order a delivery..(Duh..Ofcoz I’m ordering a delivery..)

G.O. : Yes..May I take your order.??

Yatz : Ok..I want 3 Big Macs..Single burger..

G.O. : Ok..

Yatz : Then..3 Double Cheeseburgers..Single burger..

G.O. : ..Ok..

Yatz : Umm..6 Chicken McDeluxe..Also single burger..

G.O. : …..(wtf?) Ook..

Yatz : 4 Grilled Chicken Foldover..That single thing..

G.O. : ………..(huh?) Ok..

Yatz : 7 Chicken Burger..That RM2.50 one..

G.O. : Err……….(wtfs?!) Ok..Is that all sir.??

Yatz : Nop..And also 4 Large Fries..1 Apple Pie..And 2 Chocolate Sundae..

G.O. : Umm..Ok..I’ll repeat it sir..3 Big Macs..3 Double Cheeseburger..6 Chicken McDeluxe..4 Grilled Chicken Foldover..7 Chicken Burger..4 Large Fries..1 Apple Pie..And 2 Chocolate Sundae..

Yatz : Yeap..Correct..

G.O. : Ok..The total is RM 141.90..Ok.?? We’ll arrive in 45 minutes..

Yatz : Ok..Thanks..

Toot..Toot..Toot..Toot..(Ofcoz it’s the sound of the phone..It’s not any censored words)

There everyone waited in a hungry state..*gru gru gru*

30 minutes past..Everyone asking where’s the food..

I just told them to wait for like about 15 minutes..

At last..1 hour past..No signs of the McDelivery man..

So I called back to check with them again..

Guy Operator (Guy O.) : Good afternoon..McDelivery..How may I help you.?

Yatz : Hello..I ordered a delivery about an hour ago..But it hasn’t arrived yet..

Guy O. : Ooh.?? *(O.o)* Ok..Let me check sir..What’s your phone number.??

Yatz : 60-3-xxxxxxxx..

Guy O. : Sorry sir..There’s no order under this number..

Yatz : How bout this.? 60-3-xxxxxxxx.?

Guy O. : Ok sir……………Also no order under this phone number..

Yatz : HAAAAAAAAAAH.!!!! Alamak..*wtf.?!?!*

Guy O. : So……Would you like to order again sir.??

Yatz : Duh..*Talking to Brian* – So how.?? Wanna order again or Dominos or go outside to eat.??

Brian : Hmm..Never mind la..We’ll just order Dominos..

Yatz : *Talking to Guy O.* – Ok..Never mind..We’ll order Dominos..Thanx..*wtf*


So you see..We have waited for more than an hour for an empty McDelivery order..

And another 45 minutes for the Dominos..

That made us eat our lunch at 2.30pm..Damn ‘Girl Operator’.!!

She thought I was joking or what..

If any operator out there thought we are joking with that amount of food..

Don’t take our order please..It’s very shitty to make a fool on your precious customers..

The whole call centre were so pissed off by the f*cking operator’s behaviour..

It has been quite some time since our last McDelivery order..

Now..I think there’ll be no more McDelivery order at the Bukit Bintang branch..


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