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Saturday, 3 December, 2005

News Chills..

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Yea..We’ll talk about current issues again here..

Everyone sure knows about the China woman who got caught on video doing ear squat in naked..

It was happened in a police station lock-up..

To make things worst..The video had been distributed in a rapid flow..

On the day the news made its front-page cover of every newspaper..The Net is alredy discussing it..

Without any newspaper on my hand that day..Monday if I’m not mistaken..

Blank in my mind..Without knowing anything bout the news..

Lots of people on the Net..Lots of forum sites..Lots of blogs alredy discussing about it..

And by noon..The video was alredy on its way to numerous locations in Malaysia..

Be it the original format, 3gp, which is a format of video taken using cam-phone..

Some even converted the file into mpeg format..What a lovely move..

Just for those who doesn’t possess a cam-phone sure can’t view the original format in its computer..

The spreading of the video is a shame to the China lady..

And ofcoz..A shame and embarassment to our country, Malaysia..

Shame for the lady who is naked in the video..For everyone has a sight on her body..

Shame for our country..For such disgusting act towards the public..

If you are talking about strip-to-naked for full body check..

Alright..It’s a procedure..But why is that ear squat taking place..??

The worst thing is..It was caught in the act..

And what’s the response of the police force or the government..??

Punish the 1 whom recorded the video..

Instead of the policewoman in the video who carried out that ear squat punishment..??

Where’s the love.?? I mean..Where’s the law.??

Some might say the video had been purposedly recorded to show what is happening in the lock-up all this while..

Surprisingly..After this video incident..A few came up with their own case of so-called lock-up abuse..

Lots of questions raised upon this matter..

Now they even asked whether the lady in the video is from mainland China..

Whatever they say..In the end..Malaysia still the 1 who gets ashamed..

Another news..I think it was from the US..

About a young couple..15 years old girl and a 15 years old guy I think..

The 15 years old girl died bcoz of a kiss from the guy..The Death Kiss.!!

Ofcoz not..Hehe..I you have had read the news..You’ll know..

Actually the girl died bcoz of allergy..

The guy ate some peanut butter or something..Unfortunately the girl allergic of peanut..

So..There goes 1 life accidentally..Sigh~~

That’s all for this un-fascinating post..Hahahaha..


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