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Sunday, 4 December, 2005

Full House.!! YES.!! Christmas.!!

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Went to Midvalley with my colleagues today..I mean on Saturday..

I was driving..Together with me on the passenger seat was Aik Wai..

The movie starts at 2.15pm..We reached Midvalley at 1.25pm..

I thought, “Yea..We’ll be on time for the movie for sure..”

By the time we wanted to find carpark..Damn it..FULL HOUSE.!!

We even thought we might end up park the car at the hotel’s carpark..

RM 12 per entrance for non-hotel residents..SHIT.!!

After a few rounds in the search for my lovely carpark..

I finally parked my car on a non-clamping zone site..

And my car was not blocking any car’s way..

Able to park my car..That’s it..What the heck..

The YES (Year-End-Sale) just started and everyone is alredy rushing into the Christmas mood..

Look at the crowd bcoz of the Christmas season and YES season..

Image hosted by

People dressing as clowns or whatever they are..Dancing around..

Image hosted by

Look at the crowd..Umm..Ok..You can’t see it in this small pic..

Image hosted by

Well then..Look at the beautiful decorations of the Christmas trees..

Image hosted by

Isn’t it pretty.?? (Duh~)

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Front view of the stage..

Image hosted by

The entrance of the models/clowns/whatever they are..

Image hosted by

Behind the scene..

Well..We went to watch ‘The Fog’ (What The Fog.?!?!)

Supposed to be a horror movie..The storyline has a similarity to ‘Ghostship’..

Conclusion.?? Anyther lame English horror movie..That’s it..

Aik Wai and I were laughing, not through out, but many of the scenes..Hahahaha..

I’m supposed that’s a horror movie.?? Duh~

Lilian was the 1 getting scared bcoz of me sitting beside her..Hahaha..

Midvalley GSC has some kinda contest or whatever..I don’t know..

You buy some meals of don’t know what and you can participate in it..

Hence..The whole contest bring forward the pic below..

Image hosted by

Here’s an insane lady whom trapped in a cubicle placed in front of the GSC Ticket Counters..

She kept grabbing those shiny-color-shredded papers as if those papers were money she had invested on the cinema tickets all these while..

Nah..Just joking..I certainly have no idea what the game is all about..

Just knew that there’s a powerful fan below that cubicle and blew those shredded papers all over the cubicle..

And the purpose.?? Just to make fun of the lady for public entertainment purposes..

Hahahaha..Certainly not..I made it up again..

Anyway..There are lots of things out of our control..Who cares what they are doing about the contest..

Walked around in a group of 8..4 guys and 4 girls..

Getting pulled into this shop..That shop..This shop..That shop..

Certainly will not interfere my ‘Byakugan’ ability to scan for pretty girls..Muahahaha..

*Definition of Yatz’s Byakugan – The ability of the eyes to be able to look around with the vision of 360 degrees (horizontal). Able to scan for pretty girls everywhere and see forth by a long distance, based on ones experiences/abilities/skills.

– Only those with enormous Chakra could perform the “Yatz Byakugan” well. With the experiences, skills, and enormous Chakra, all combined together, one could able to scan through a crowd of people to find out those pretty girls who wear short skirts, tight pants, sexy attires, or whatever it is concerned about dressing.

*Actually for those who have watched Naruto (1 of the hottest anime nowadays)..You’ll surely know that “Byakugan” is actually a Bloodline Limit ability possessed by the Hyuuga Family..Well performed by Hyuuga Clan’s genius, Hyuuga Neji..

Ofcoz..There’ll be no disappointment to you guys after the long explanation of the Yatz’s Byakugan..

Here’s what we have in Midvalley..

Image hosted by

Sexily dressed girl-promoter at OSIM shop..

Umm..I forgot where it is located..I mean which floor it is..

Should be either below or above the corner Giordano shop..

She’s not a lone-ranger here..

There’s another 1 inside..But I couldn’t get a chance to snap her pic =P

Alright..I think that’s all for my comedic post..

All of you guys..

Do wish I get to step into the KL Convention Centre for the PC Fair..

If I do visit the PC Fair..We’ll get loads of pretty girls pics..



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