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Tuesday, 6 December, 2005

PC Fair..Again..

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The PC Fair was here at KL Convention Centre again..
Went there for the sake of walking around and running my ‘Byakugan’ eyes on the surroundings..Parked my car below Menara HLA‘s carpark..It’s FREE on Sundays..What the heck..

As soon as I arrived at KL Convention Centre..

Headed up straight to 3rd Floor where all the pretty chicks gathered around ^_^

When I entered the Hall..I was ready with my weapon..My Nokia 7610 =P

When I thought to myself to snap pics of the girls in their respective uniforms..

I don’t dare to take their pics =( It’s so sad..

I didn’t fully utilize my cam-phone..It’s so pathetic..

SIGH~~ I missed those SONY girls very much..

Put girls aside..Things are quite cheap there..

To get a Creative MP3 Player of 1GB memory..I forgot what models are those..Just costs around RM 550..

And myself..Grabbed myself a consolation prize..

I bought a 512MB RS MMC just for RM 120 for my Nokia 7610..

Image hosted by

*Yea..I know..It’s written 128MB..I forgot to snap a pic of the 512MB card before I put it into my Nokia..

Now I’ll get to enjoy and listen to many MP3 files..Muahahaha..

And also look at how many pics I could snap with my cam-phone..

Image hosted by

*Yeah..It’s written “Images left : >999”..

Means after I snap few tens of pics..I’ll still get to snap more than 999 pics..

Then I walked and I walked and I walked..

Came across a booth stall, “50 pieces of Imation CD-R for RM 35.!!”

Hmm..I thought to myself..Even if I have more than 50 pieces of CD-R at home..

What the heck..It’s quite cheap for Imation CD-R..I’ll buy another stack..Wahahaha..

Image hosted by

Then I went on looking around for pretty girls to try out my 512MB memory card..Hahaha..

And look what I found ^^

Image hosted by

*This is indeed a pretty chick..But she’s camera-shy..She looked the other way when I try to snap her pic..

Image hosted by

*This is a fren of my fren..So snapped her pic from close-range..But not quite clear though..

Crowd were pushing left and right, front and back..What do you expect..

Image hosted by

*Umm..Sorry to say this but this pic is for decoration purposes =P

Image hosted by

And this girl with some kinda nurse-hat..

Actually I could recognised her as 1 of TARC‘s pretty chick when I’m still studying in TARC..

Surprised to see her here..Too bad the pic is blur though =(

Image hosted by

*This girl is my ex-coursemate in TARC.!!Unfortunately this pic is not taken by me..I snatched it from her Friendster‘s photo album..Hehehehe..Image hosted by

Just look at her………….FREN.!! Muahahaha.!! Her fren is indeed prettier =P

Looks like Japs to me..
Image hosted by

Umm..Just so-so actually..This ex-coursemate of mine is actually very thin..

It’s like you can break her bones like how you break twigs..

Image hosted by

*Ooooh~~Brother..Gimme a break..

I don’t know what happened to the world now..

People now are tend to make fun of themselves for the sake of entertainment for other people..

Just look at this guy here..Just did what the lady did at GSC Midvalley (refer to previous post)..Image hosted by
Locked in a cubicle with fan blowing underneath..

Trying to grab/catch flying shredded papers..

As a witness..He himself felt dumb for his own act – Not able to get much shredded papers in it.. Image hosted by Photobucket.comLucky draw..And you stand a chance to win this yellow Proton Iswara..
Well..After that..Went to Suria KLCC for some window shopping..On my way to Suria KLCC..I passed by the KLCC Park..And managed to snap these pics..
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe Maxis Tower at Jalan Ampang at dawn..

Image hosted by

1 of the Twin Towers at dawn..
Image hosted by Photobucket.comNow this is a master-piece..
Snapped this pic when I was on my way back to Menara HLA to get my car and back home at around 8pm..I’m just so proud to be a Malaysian =P


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