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Tuesday, 20 December, 2005

Ice Skating De Piramid..

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Well..Another outing with IDC temps..

Hmm..I would rather say an outing of a bunch of good frens..Hehe..

This time we went to Sunway Piramid..Quite far away from us KL residents..

Not to mention William from Rawang..Or his 2nd home, Cyberjaya..And also Joshua from Setapak..

What to do at Sunway Piramid.?? Such a far mall from KL’s Midvalley and Bukit Bintang centre..

That is the 1 and only place we could find..An ice-skating rink..

Yea..Ice-skating is so simple that it is almost equivalent to the way to play in-line skating..

*In-line skating – Famously known as roller blade..The actual term for the sport/game is ‘In-line skating’..Roller blade is actually a brand name of a in-line skate shoes..It is wrongly used in our society for years -_-“‘

My 1st ice-skating experience was way back to the end of year 1997..

And my last time to skate at Piramid Ice was in the year of 1999, if I’m not mistaken..

Anyway..That’s the past..Let’s talk about the present =P

I’m not a pro in ice-skating..Just above amateur-level..Haha..

Well..Qualified to teach a beginner..Haha =P

Ok..Let’s proceed to the ice-skating story..

Image hosted by

Here’s a view as soon as Aik Wai and I entered Piramid from the carpark..

Image hosted by

A closer view into the Piramid Ice rink..

Image hosted by

At the counter..Showing off their memorabilias and trophies..

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

You’ll see lots of guys and girls holding hands in the skating rink..

Whether they are couples or just for the sake of teaching beginners =P

Image hosted by

The Skates Rental..Where we took our skate shoes..

Image hosted by

Adeline looking on Cat putting on her skate shoes..

Image hosted by

Here are Lilian and William (the other photographer other than me)..

Image hosted by

Alvin (standing), Aik Wai (in red), Wei Ling, Cat, and Adeline..

Image hosted by

The 3 stooges..I mean, girls struggling with their shoes..

Image hosted by

Adeline camouflaged herself in her jacket..

Image hosted by

Aik Wai also seemed to struggle with his skate shoes, too..

Image hosted by

These are my legs..Hahaha..Those shoes are very smelly in the inside *Puke*

Image hosted by

The looks before we enter the rink..Wei Ling looks scared..

Oops..Lilian spotted me trying to take a candid pic here..

Image hosted by

Look at the crowd trying to push their ways into the rink..

Image hosted by

Luckily tak berbau la..If not sure faint alredy..

Image hosted by

Here’s a view from the outside of the rink..

Image hosted by

Everyone is looking at you from above levels..So don’t embarrass yourself in the rink 😉 *wink*

Image hosted by

Guess who was wandering around here.?? As slow as a sloth.?? =P

Image hosted by

Lilian and Wei Ling saying ‘Hi’..Aren’t those gloves unnecessary.?? We were forced to buy those for RM 5..

Image hosted by

Lilian impersonating Ju-on / Sadako (from The Ring)..Aik Wai and Alvin looked amused and happy to see that scary figure =P

Weren’t they supposed to be scared of that thing.??

Image hosted by

Adeline and Cat cam-whoring..What’s Alvin doing behind there.?

Well..We were in there for about 3 and a half hours..

My legs were numb and cramped for continuously sprinting in the rink for numerous times with William..

Perhaps only William and I used full-strength to enjoy the game..

Alvin and Joshua also skated quite good..Not to forget Aik Wai..Being able to skate in his 1st ice-skating experience..

And the girls..Used full-strength to learn how to skate..

Kudos to Cat..Being the only girl able to skate around without any help from us, guys..

After that we went to play so-called snooker..Damn tiring man..

Hmm..I think that’s all for now..

Maybe I’ll post up a side story which happened in the skating rink later..


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