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Friday, 23 December, 2005

Christmas Bell Jingles..

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Well..Christmas of the year 2005 is just around the corner..
Everyone is ushering into the new year with the Mega Sale or known as Y.E.S (Year-End-Sale)..
Well..The mood is totally different every year..
As we grow up..We’ll be walking a different path..And that’s how it mould up our mood..
You might wanna celebrate the Christmas’ Eve with your family when you are still a kiddo..
Then you might wanna celebrate with your frens you knew from church and caroling with them when you are in Primary..
When you are in Secondary you might wanna celebrate with your new frens at famous hang-out spots like Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Genting or P.D to countdown for the Christmas Day..
When u grow older..You’ll follow your College / Uni frens to clubs or pubs or discos or whatever..
When you come out to work..You’ll have Thanksgiving dinner with your colleagues or special ones..
And it goes on from you are getting married to when you have your own kids until the day you are old..
Old enough to be called senior citizen or if you are lucky enough..Some kids are calling you grandpa / grandma..
Hmm..What am I discussing here..
Oh well..Let’s talk something more realistic and materialistic..Hehe..
Everyone has their own Xmas Wish List..
As the world developing into more hi-tech..Technology creates an easy living for us..
You don’t have to worry about cooking with charcoal anymore..
You don’t have to worry about bathing in the cold or sleeping in hot weather..
Everything comes with I.T, technologies, machines, automations and stuffs..
Therefore..The demands for Xmas Wish List are changing from year to year..More hi-tech and savvy gadgets..
Now you’ll see Primary kids asking for cam-phones, digi-cams, or brand items like Nike or Adidas shoes..
Where-as in our days..We might be just asking for a Transformer model or Play-Doh kit or a Barbie-doll..Sounds lame huh..
Argh..Forget it..Let’s see what’s your Xmas Wish List and my Xmas Wish List..
Yatz’ Xmas Wish List..

  1. Pass my re-sit papers in the coming finals – wish me luck..
  2. A Black iPod nano with 4GB storage – dream on my own -_-
  3. A new PC better than the 1 I’m using now (which I bought it not more than 6 months ago) – nice dreaming, too..
  4. A pair of Nike Dunk Low – hmm..could get it myself..a little pricey though..
  5. Last but not least..Perhaps..A partner to share my ups and downs.?? – must be brave and work hard on my own..Girls won’t come to me own their own 😥

Yeah..That’s all..Not too greedy right.??
Well..Maybe the only wish will come true is the 1st one..Hopefully..
Choices from 2 to 5 are just for the sake of making my mind active and to fill into the list so I could post it up in my blog..
Before I sign out from here..Any suggestion on how to celebrate on the very Xmas’ Eve.??


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