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Tuesday, 27 December, 2005

Xmas’ Eve Celebration.!!

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What about Saturday.?? Ofcoz, it’s the Christmas’ Eve.!!

Went to KLCC shopping with Hikaru..Got ourselves a present for each other =P

In the afternoon..KLCC was crowded like you don’t have to use money to buy things..

It was so damn packed..People were alredy getting ready for the Xmas countdown..

Check it out..

Image hosted by

*Look at the cars..Cutting queue to get into the carpark..Shit on them..

Image hosted by

*The tall Christmas tree at the center on Suria KLCC..

Image hosted by

*Under the tree..

Image hosted by

*Golden Memories.?? Hmm..

Image hosted by

*A band of quartet performing some kinda orchestra..

By the time at aabout 5.30pm..KLCC was getting more packed..

I’m pretty sure all the people were planning to celebrate the Xmas right there and then until the midnight comes..

How did you guys celebrated it.??

Countdown at city centre like the Bukit Bintang.?? KLCC.??

Or places like Port Dickson or Genting Highland.??

Or just a normal dinner with frens and family.??

Well, for me..I went clubbing with a bunch of nice frens..

Certainly it’s damn packed at clubs like Rush..

After the Christmas countdown only we reached Rush Club, Eastin Hotel..

That was about 12.30am..Lots of pretty chicks ofcoz..

Hikaru and Nick joined me with my other frens for the 1st time..

As we entered..We can’t really even move..

Then we got our 2 bottles of liquor..A Baccardi and a Chivas..

There were alredy babes dancing and shuffling around the dance floor..

A girl even brushed her body..Umm..Specifically, both of her breasts, against my arm =D

I would say it was accidentally..Not that I purposedly locate my arm in a way that I could molest all the girls =P

It was too packed that she accidentally brushed her boobs against me =)

Then we met with some frens..And began our adventure around the club..Haha..

Let me bring you to the scene ^^

Image hosted by

*At the entrance of Rush Club..

Image hosted by

*Guess who’s back is this..

Everyone was looking or walking that way bcoz there was a fight occurred..

Bloods shed..

We were having quite a great time in there..

Dancing around..Looking around..Laughing to other people’s acts..Haha..

And ofcoz watching scantily-clad babes shaking their booties  O_O

And also Rush’s own dancers..A guy clad only in his white underwear..Put an ice in it and shaked his thing  O_O

While the girls wore sexily in their so-called uniform..Exposing half of their boobs..Umm~Hmm  O_O

But I would say the most memorable moment..

1 of my fren had the best of it..

While dancing and enjoying the music..Suddenly a babe (not sure if pretty or not) appeared in front of him and held his hands and danced together..

Making some body contacts and stuffs..The girl pulled my fren to somewhere else and uh-huh..You know what happened =P

What a lucky guy..How sad I was 😥

At about 3am..While we were at the peak of the mood to enjoy the music and stuffs..

Suddenly, music off, lights on..

We were told to evacuate the club at once..

What the heck.?! Operation on Xmas’ Eve.???

Well..Didn’t think it is..If it was a police operation..We won’t be told to get out of the club instead of taking urine tests and stuffs..

Out we went..

Nothing much happened..No cops..Not even the blue-red siren light was spotted around there..

After a moment..There came the blue-red light..

Image hosted by

*Look at the dejected and disappointed crowd..

*Standing clueless and helpless outside of Rush Club..

Image hosted by

*Yew Ming got lost for a moment and joined us back..Looked clueless about what was happening..

*Why Lum looked frightened.??

Image hosted by

*Hikaru posing-maut at the roadside of Eastin Hotel..Hahaha =P

After that only we knew that a group of people fought at the roadside on Eastin Hotel..

So I guessed that the ‘scouts’ of Rush Club noticed the presence of the cops far away from Rush..

That’s why we were told to evacuate the club..Damnit..POTONG STIM BETUL.!!!

We heard that Rush gonna open til 5am due to the Xmas celebration..

Everything came to a halt bcoz of some bastards / thugs / faggots fought there..

Thanx to you guys..You all made my day   -_-lll

After that..We went to Petaling Jaya, SS2, sat at a mamak shop called Murni or something..I don’t know..

Image hosted by

*This is Nick..Hmm..He looks quite happy huh =P

Image hosted by

Paying our bills ready to leave the mamak shop..It was alredy 5.30am  -_-lll

Umm..I think that’s all for my late post about the Xmas’ Eve celebration..

Let’s plan for New Year’s Eve celebration now..Hahaha =D

Cheers everyone.!! Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year.!!


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