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Saturday, 28 January, 2006

Rush Rush And Away..

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Alright..It’s Friday night..A slight relief after my 1st paper yesterday..

Taking a little break from the exam and have a great time for Chinese New year celebration..

I had a hectic day yesterday..

It’s pretty amazing for me for staying awake for a massive 23 hours..Yeah..You bet it, non-stop..

Woke up at 7am on Thursday morning to get ready for my exam started at 9am..

Sitting in the exam hall for 3 hours and squeezed my brain juices just to answer the stupid questions..

Yeah..You got it right..Since I need to squeeze my brain juices so hard to answer the stupid questions..I’m not that smart after all..Hahaha..

12 noon..Had my lunch with Hikaru and Walter..

After that headed to Sungei Wang with bumper to bumper crawl..

Reached there at about 1.30pm..What’s more.??

Did some kinda last-minute Chinese New Year shopping..

Yea..I’m a Malaysian after all..I wouldn’t be qualify if I don’t have the last-minute attitude..Hahaha..

Nah..Ofcoz not..Been some kinda busy with studies..So trying to release my tension by using my money..Hahaha..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Tang-lung everywhere on the streets*

Been walking around non-stop..Trying to get the right thing..And everything seemed to be against our wants and needs..

Luckily..When everything was about to come to an end..Hikaru and I got what we wanted..Thanks to our great efforts to walk on every corner..

Reached home at 7.30pm..Had dinner and received a surprise message from B-Yan..

A nice fren during the Form 6 struggle..Hahaha..Back here for the CNY from UMS, Sabah..

Inivited me to go clubbing at Rush (again) before she goes back to Sabah again next week..

Sad..Just a short break for everyone..Even I have to sit for exam after the CNY..SIGH~

Ok-lah..Give face lah..Long time didn’t see her alredy..Although I’m quite broke after whole day shopping..

After dinner and a short simple shower..Rushed out to fetch Diane and B-Yan at about 9.45pm..

So early go clubbing.?!?! No lah..Need to go to Wangsa Maju to return something to my fren..

And bcoz I’m quite broke..So trying to reach Rush Club before 11pm so that I could enter for free with a membership card..And it’s Ladies’ Night..Woo Hoo~

Anyhow..Couldn’t make it bcoz heavy jam around KL area..Damn it..

Everyone seemed like either on their way back home after shopping or on their way back to their hometown..

Entered Rush quite early..Hahaha..At 11.30pm..

The club was still quite empty..You can roll on the floor all the way to the washroom..

At about midnight..People began to turn out for the nightlife..

What’s more..Drink liquor and dance and shuffle to death..Haha..

It was Ladies’ Night after all..You can see chicks everywhere (you still do even if it is not Ladies’ Night..Hahaha..)

I was too drop-dead to dance around and brush side by side on those girls, though..

Unable to dance with my tired and strained legs..I just sat on the sofa and enjoy my nice moments from where I sat..

Again..Contests and stuffs..But it was kinki-er this time..

If you did read The “First Night” Of 2006 few weeks back..I did mentioned about guys stripped down to their undies..

It was the ladies turn this time (ofcoz they should..It is the “Ladies’ Night” after all)

Camera flashes from every corner to take the nice views of the ladies..

If any of you guys were there last night..You would know I’m pulling your legs again..

Although there was a contest for girls..But they didn’t strip..Sad..

4 girls went up the stage..Each 1 of them were given a mandarin orange..

In this so-called contest..The contestants need to peel off the orange skin by themselves and eat up the whole thing..

Who finish first will be declared the winner..

And if you read The “First Night” Of 2006 post..I did mentioned something about sluts and bitches..

Ofcoz..The popular slut 1st stepped on stage with her bikini top (again) *Drools*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Yeah..That’s the 1 with the cap..*

Hmm..Do take note..Her boobs are not small..For further excitement..Ask from me a video I have recorded with my Nokia 7610..Hehehe ^^

Or you can just download it here..Slut Did It Video Clip (just click on link)

It turned out to be the slut emerged as the winner..No tough challenge from other contestants..

Guess what she got from a lucky draw as a winner..A banana..Yeah..Huge one..Hahaha..

After that it was the guys’ turn to show off their dancing skills..

Alright..Bla bla bla..It was 2.30am..

An announcement from the DJ, “Last call for drinks”..

Lights on..Again.?? Thought nothing happened, hanged around at the table to rest for a while..

Suddenly heard from someone, “FAST.!! GET OUT OF HERE QUICK.!!”

WTF.!! Raid again.?!?! Couldn’t care whether it is a real thing or just a joke anymore..

Get out of the club is the best option we can get..Everyone stampeded out of the club just like the pilgrimage at Mecca..

Let the pics do the talking..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*People rushing their ways down the carpark*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Cars fleeing the scene like the cops will charge them for illegal gathering at the carpark*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Still lots of people*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Justin is so observation..Everytime I try to snap a candid pic he sure noticed it..Hahaha*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Chicks everywhere.!! Please run.!! Or they’ll sing Numa Noma Yei song..Hahaha*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Whoops..This guy looked kinda furious here*

Don’t want to queue for the stupid exit..We cam-whored for quite some time..Hahaha..Will try to upload it in my Friendster’s Photo Album later..

In the mean time..Roy met a stray girl wandering around then asked Roy to lend her his handphone to make a phone call..

She was separated from her bro during the stampede out of the club..A cry baby..

Further details about the incident..Refer to Weng Soon’s Blog..I’m too tired to write it out..And my post is getting longer and longer..

Then went to sleep after bath at 6am Friday morning..That made up my 23 hours continuously awake..

I know it is straining your eyes to read my long post this time..Hahaha..

So I think I’ll just doze off here..

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.!!


Monday, 23 January, 2006

XX’s Stupid Fan – Conversation Part 1

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Ok..Getting bored with my notes alredy..
As promised..Breaking the conversation into 2-parts..Here’s the part-1..
So..Here goes the stupidity of the conversation..
And do take note of all the words that I have bolded..


Anonymous : hai~
Yatz : so u r anonymous.??
Anonymous : but are u m/f?
Yatz : i’m male la..duh..
Anonymous : ure look like gal
Yatz : ooh..ok..should i take it as an insult or compliment.?
Anonymous : can u take down ur post?
Yatz : err..why.?
Anonymous : becos it is very sad to see innnocent gals battered like dis..
Yatz : innocent girls.??
Anonymous : xiaxue is innocent..and u put all ur story all wrong
Yatz : well..actually i’m on neutral side..
Anonymous : do u know she in real?
Yatz : umm..yea..but not real close..just met her twice before..
Anonymous : u same colege as she?
Yatz :’s a fren of my frens..well..anyway..i’m not trying to insult XX or what..but just trying to make my blog livelier..
Yatz : coz my blog actually just made up of my own circle of frens..and i dunno how kim get to know my blog..and how u get to know my blog.?
Anonymous : im bagging u..pls remove it..u got all ur story all wrong
Yatz : ya..i know it’s wrong..and i did explained in the end of all of it..
Anonymous : where got..jus remove dat is all wrong
Yatz : i said i just made up all of the above..i did explain what..
Anonymous : xiaxue will not know any mini bloggers is she harrassing and stalked xiaxue to ride on her fames
Yatz : what do u mean.?? well..i’m not trying to promote kimberly here..just that my fren told me bout kim and ST’s posts..
Anonymous : do u notis her concave mouth?
Yatz : concave mouth.?? did i said that.??
Anonymous : u seeeee her in real, dun u notis her concave mouth?
Yatz : ooh..ok..well..i just met her twice like..3 years ago..and that twice were just like for..15 minutes in a dark place..
Anonymous : who is ah sang? is it her ex bf?
Yatz : nop..ah sang is my x-classmate..
Anonymous : it is better u remove tat post..
Anonymous : dun hav anything to do with she
Anonymous : how u felt if she said all those to ur gf?
Yatz : ok..again..i wanna explain that..i’m not promoting kimberly or ST here..
Anonymous : u are putting innocent gal in bad light
Anonymous : dats no good
Yatz : i just wanna tell my circle of frens that read my blog do know something else happened in the blogosphere..
Anonymous : how can u do dat when all ur story are all wrong!! god dam bagging u like dogs..y u can ignor my requests?
Yatz : i’ve alredy said..i did explain all of it that i just made up the whole thing..
I invited ratscorp, a fren of mine who own a blog and also reads Xiaxue’s blog join the conversation..
ratscorp : y should he take it down u moron..who r u to protect XX
Anonymous : wont u felt sad if it is done to ur gf ratscrop?
ratscorp : she like to say she have the right to write yatz have the right to write wat he wan also …dumb..
ratscorp : oo so XX is ur gf? no i’ll just take it as a joke
Yatz : u read that post again..and u’ll see that i actually did explain i made up the whole thing..
Anonymous : im not protect xx…but i felt she is abused….i cant teach her fishing..i got no time…but i give her “cacing” to fish by helping her
ratscorp : yatz oledi mention he madeup all those…y bother…what u toking here?? cacing?
Yatz : yeap..that’s right..i have my own right to write what i want..and in the end..i did explain the’s just a parody..
ratscorp : yea…kid get it??
Anonymous : but ur story are all wrong!!!
Yatz : it’s a parody..ofcoz it’s wrong..
ratscorp : of coz is wrong…is a madeup story..omg u r really dumb
Anonymous : ratscorpt is mean
ratscorp : yea… all my fren know i’m a big meanie
ratscorp : yatz…just ignore him…he is very mouliu wan ppl to entertain him la…i bet he got nht better to do than to argue with u for XXeven XX din aware of this entry also..
Yatz : let’s face the fact..u read that post again..
Anonymous : i jus try to help but ratscop keep abuse u hav a heart or not? u keep calling me dumb, kids etc
ratscorp : coz u r acting like a kid
ratscorp : k la… i let u go now… hahaha… so yatz u gao tim him la…omg..i guess i;m gonna blog on this ahahhaa

Yatz : and u’ll find out that i DID explain it..”I MADE UP THE WHOLE THING”..

Anonymous : ratscropt u dun dare or else!!!!!!


Ok..Now you have read the 1st part..
The fact is I have edited the whole thing, in arrangement-wise..
And also I have shorten the conversation..Left some not important parts that are not related to the title here..
Ofcoz..I didn’t change the contents..It’s very important to let you guys read “THE REAL THING” here..
As you guys can see..Why should I step down even if she begs me like a dog or what..
And why the hell she asked about my fren Ah Sang, just bcoz his name appeared in the comment section..
Now who’s the REAL stalker here.?? Hmm..You tell me..
Trying to speak to her politely bcoz the whole thing isn’t as complicated as it is..
Now I know..I can’t be as polite as it gets to talk with this kind of person..
Luckily I invited ratscorp into the conversation..
Otherwise..I’ll die of suffocation with all the words clogged in my throats *cough*
And yeah..I purposedly size-up the font of those mind-attacking words of ratscorp *bow bow bow*..
Alright..Wish me luck on my 1st paper..
Hopefully we’ll meet again on 26th..Adios..

Wednesday, 18 January, 2006

This Means WAR.!!

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Well..I thought that I could have a break with my blog and get some rest for my brain juice and fingers..

All didn’t happened as I expected..

My last post, “The Final Battle” created anger among 1 or a few of Xiaxue‘s fans..

As you all can see..There is this person called ‘anonymous’, putting on a url of Kimberlycun‘s hatesite address, click here..

Apparently, this Anonymous added me in his/her MSN Messenger..So..We had a talk..

Anonymous kept asking me to remove the “The Final Battle” post..

For a normal person..Ofcoz I’ll ask her why I should remove the post.?!?!

I would like to call Anonymous known as the “so-called-super-Xiaxue-die-hard-fan”..

But my fren, ratscorp who joined the argument took that term..So I’ll just call Anonymous as Anonymous..

Simple say..Anonymous trying to persuade me to remove that post..

Bcoz she thinks I said something wrong about Xiaxue..And obviously Anonymous doesn’t like it..

She kept saying Xiaxue is innocent bla bla bla..

And all my writings are nothing but false statements..

Well..Yeah ofcoz it were all fake and un-true..Bcoz it’s just a parody I made on Xiaxue, Kimberlycun, and ShaolinTiger..

But in the end..I DID made it crystal clear that all of the statements are just made up by me..

Still..She’s un-satisfied and still begged for me to take down the post..

It’s my blog..It’s my opinion, and it’s my parody..Why do I need to remove it.??

Yeah..When I mentioned to Anonymous that Xiaxue is also critizing other things and people..

Guess what was Anonymous‘ reply, “That’s her blog and that’s her personal opinion..So you don’t get offended-lah.!”

Hmm..Did Anonymous blurted out something.??

Actually I don’t even know the purpose of the argument..Though I had some fun in defending myself against an immature reader..Hahaha..

If you are so care about Xiaxue‘s feeling, that my remarks will damage her image..

Then what are you trying to do in my blog here..Sabotaging Kimberlycun with numerous links..

Anonymous even told me that Xiaxue won’t even know the existence of a mini-blogger like me..

Well..I admit it..I’m a mini-blogger..But I’m not trying to catch Xiaxue‘s attention here..

What does it related to Xiaxue’s acknowledgement of my blog here.?? I don’t get it..

As if I can bonk her if she acknowledge my blog..But hell..Who wanted to.??

If the whole KL is the fan-base of Xiaxue..AND they need to be immature like you..

Then I’ll become as famous as our respectable former Prime Minister, Tunku Dr Mahathir..

Not that I can match up with him..Just that I’ll be famous for the sake of famous..

Well..If you want to know..My remarks will make her even more famous rather than damaging it, bcoz I’m promoting her in my blog..

And yeah..She’s a Singaporean..Like I care to promote someone that insulted KL so much..

Anonymous..As a Malaysian..You take note of that..

If you are trying something big..Sabotage her in Xiaxue‘s blog, instead of mine..Boo Zoo..

Actually I tried to post up the conversation between me, ratscorp and this immature girl, Anonymous..

Yeah..Sad to say..Anonymous is an emotional-being that we called female or girl..

But I don’t know what happened to my post here..I just can’t end the conversation..

Maybe it exceeded the limit of words or something.?? I don’t know (Yeah..It’s THAAAAAAAT LONG)..

Anyway..My fren, ratscorp alredy post-up the conversation in his blog..

So for those who know whom ratscorp is..Just read his blog..And for those who doesn’t know..Ask me..Hahaha..

Why don’t I just link his blog on his name here.??

Well..Most of the readers of my blog are my frens..And they have my MSN contact or whatever contact it is..

And the most important..To avoid Ms Anonymous here, to go to his blog and sabotage in another so-called mini-blog..

I think that’s all for my summarization..

Wait til I separate the conversation into 2 parts..Hahaha..

Oh oh..Before I sign-out..A message to Ms Anonymous..

Image hosted by

*Me impersonationg Ju-on / Sadako (The Ring) saying, “I don’t give a damn about removing the post.!”

Monday, 16 January, 2006

The FINAL Battle..

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The semester finals has arrived..But I’m still procastinating..Sigh..
Anyway..This will be my last post until the 1st day of the Chinese New Year, 29th of January 2006..
Well..Nothing much in this post..Let’s talk a little about the current issues again..Hehe..
Recently, a Malay journalist of KOSMO! newspaper, created havoc and anger among anime fans..
He wrongly described Hentai as Anime..Refer to Jeff Ooi‘s blog (click on link)..
After being continuously advised, complaint or whatever from anime fans..He still stand firm to his public accusation..
He said..Generally..Anime is Hentai and vice versa..
Then what we were watching on TV all these while are all hentai (Doraemon, Sailormoon, Dragon Ball, etc)
But still the Censorship Board approved all of these ‘hentai’.??
Hey dude..Make up your mind-lah..
Discussions thrown out everywhere..Especially in‘s Anime Shrine Forum (click on links)..
Well..No further talk..Check all of the links yourself..
Meanwhile, in the blogosphere..There’s WAR again..
It’s between our very own bloggers, with the infamous Xiaxue of our neighbouring country, Singapore..
Apparently, Xiaxue‘s ex-boyfriend is a Malaysian working abroad, in Singapore..
Don’t know why, her ex eventually sent out heaps of her pics in nude..
The requests of the pics in the net are very high in demand..
And the allegations about her pics in her blog are all edited using photoshop..
It has been circling around the net for quite some time..
Obviously those nude pics are all un-edited with her normal-ugly-looking-face..
I, too join-in the fun ofcoz..Who would wanna miss out the fun, right.?
Ok..I made up all of the above..Except for her edited pics using photoshop..
It is all for real..Let’s join the quest for her ugly un-edited pics..Hahaha..
A blogosphere war did happened..Just read what Kimberlycun and ShaolinTiger (click on links) have to talk about..
For those who are lazy to click on the links..Here it goes..
Kimberlycun‘s legs dubbed the prettiest legs of all bloggers in Malaysia (Duh~)..
Xiaxue was unhappy with Kimberlycun‘s self-acclaimed prettiest legs..
Hence, Xiaxue bombarded Kimberlycun for being a narcissism (Well, this is actually what Kimberlycun being proud of..That’s for being narcissism)
And ShaolinTiger, as a fren of Kimberlycun..Ofcoz bombarded Xiaxue in his blog..
And now it’s my turn to bombard Xiaxue although I hardly know ShaolinTiger and Kimberlycun..
And for lazy readers..I made up the whole thing again here..
Just click on the links and read what happened to them..
Umm..I think that’s all for now..
Wait til the Chinese New Year arrive..We shall meet again here..Bye..
And yea..I would like to thank all my frens who wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ via SMS and MSN Messaging at this hour of my post..
It is so sweet that they remembered my birthday..Though some might knew it through‘s Birthday Reminder..
But still..It is very nice of them wishing me..
Yes indeed today, 16th of January 2006 is my 22nd year of existence in this cruel world (Now save that in your mobilephone’s birthday reminder =P)..
Though it might turned out to be fun and memorable at times..
Anyway..Live life to the fullest..No regrets..
Good night everyone..

Saturday, 7 January, 2006

The ‘First’ Night Of 2006..

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Despite the exam is just around the corner..I’m still enjoying myself like nothing is happening..

Well..Perhaps last night was my last chance to any night-outings..

Went to Rush Club again..

The first Ladies’ Night of the year 2006..Hahaha..

And with a yet to open bottle of Chivas that we bought during the Xmas’ Eve..

So..Free for the ladies and free for us, guys to enter..

As normal..Armed with my Byakugan (refer to this)..I scanned around the club with not much problem..

Babes walking around in scantily-clad dresses such as bra tops, tubes, micro-mini-skirts, micro-mini-shorts, and all sorts of wild clothings..

And we all know..Sexy dresses are an emblem of nice sightings..

People were shuffling around on the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow..

Then there was a group of, I don’t know what to call them as..

Sluts.?? Bitches.?? Hunting for their preys to dance with, hug with, and to do dirty dances..

As a guy..I too hope something from the sluts..Hahaha..

Why do I called them as sluts.??

Well..According to a fren..They hang-out at the club quite often..

And the partners seemed to be always different..And the way they dressed..Mm~Hmm~

Like I said earlier..Bra tops and micro-mini-skirts *drools~~*

Well..They have assets to do so..Applauds to them..

If some flat-chested girls would do so..Pukes everywhere on the dance floor..Getting easier to shuffle for everyone..Hahaha..

Then there was a game for the guys..Just for the girls’ sake..

4 guys up on stage and dance accordingly to what the dancers of Rush did..

Their dances included dirty-dances..Taking-off shirts, and even pants..

Thus, 1 of them voted out the so-called sexiest guy *wtf*

Then continued with loud musics and move around like a fool on the dance floor..

Bar-top dancers shaked their bon-bons perfectly..

And there was this female dancer stripped til her underwears..Then teased every patron that she left her underwear clinging on half of her butt..

Nah..Just making up the whole thing bout the female dancer stripped to spice up your mood..

She did really danced with a guy dancer, though..

Our ears are half deaf now bcoz we were standing right under the amplifiers..

Shuffling, dancing, shuffling, dancing..

Not to miss my trademark movement..Head-banging without tying my hair..

Long soft hair of mine flew in the air without getting tangled =P (It’s for real.!! Alright.?!)

Then in the washroom..Female on the left side..Male on the right side..I entered the male 1 of course..

While I was waiting for my turn in front of the cubicle..

A babe suddenly cut my queue and asked for my permission to enter first, bcoz she can’t stand it anymore..

Well, sure..I asked back if I could enter it together with her so it saves time..

In a mili-second..She answered, “YES.!! Just come in with me you pervert.!!”

Then there she sat on the toilet bowl doing her thing..And I standing right in front of her face dangling my little willy towards her, and did my job..

After that..She just can’t keep her eyes off my bulge willy..And she gave me a blow there and then..

Everyone bewildered with our moans and grunts..

They climbed up to the side wall of the cubicle and enjoyed watching that pretty blew my bulge willy..

After struggling with my willy for about 30 minutes..I just spurted my cum deep into her throat..Damn nice man..

Ok..I made up the whole thing again if any of you guys didn’t noticed or that dumb enough to believe my words.? Hello~~

She cut my queue and asked for my permission..So I just let her in while I waited for another cubicle..That’s all..Hahaha..

Hmm..Wonder why did the pretty rushed into the gents instead of the ladies, to ask for the ladies’ permission..

Was she trying to seduce me.?? Or any other guys.?? Think..

Then continue dancing again..Felt bored..Stand and rest a while..

Out of a sudden..Lum stopped shuffling and asked, “Where’s the bottle of Chivas.???”

Hmm~~Good question..That bottle of Chivas disappeared just like that right ‘in front of’ our backs..Yea..Our backs were facing the drinks (-_-lll

And the strange thing is..Diane just poured 3 glasses of that liqour about half-a-minute ago..That’s 30 seconds for any morons..

Searched everywhere..Under the tables, chairs..NOTHING.!!

Then..Last resort..We told the bouncers and co. about it..

Well..We just drank that bottle of liqour like, not more than half of it.?? Just roughly a quarter..

That’s why we were damn freaked out..

The bouncers and other staff asked what was the name written on the bottle..It’s XXX..

All helped around and searched everywhere..On the floor, under tables and chairs..Nothing was found..

Then..1 of them brought us to the liquor storage room..Where all the liquors reserved by the patrons were all kept on the racks..

Ran through every single bottle that just came in that night..None of them belong to us..Sad *sob*

Well..We just leave down our contacts and hoped for a miracle..

Perhaps..It’s nothing but just an empty hope *sob* (T_T)

Then we left the club in sadness at about 4am *sob*

We took some pics at the carpark..Will try to post it out when I got it from Diane..

Pics for previous post, “Xmas’ Eve Celebration” is out in my Friendster’s Photo Album (click on link)..

Check it out by clicking the link above or just browse through the link in “My Photo Albumz” section..Located just on top of the tagboard/message-board/chatterbox..

I also added-in a new section called “Famous Local Blogs”, below of the tagboard/message-board/chatterbox..

Will try to post “New Year’s Eve Celebration” pics as soon as possible..

Monday, 2 January, 2006

New Year’s Eve Celebration.!!

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YEAH.!! The all new year 2006 has finally arrived..

The same question..Where you guys celebrated during the New Year’s Eve.??

No matter where it was..Hope you guys had lotsa funs yea..

Had been planning to celebrate at new hot spots instead of the usual Golden Triangle (Bukit Bintang)..

Not saying that Bukit Bintang is lousy or what..But hey..If you have cars..Try go to somewhere else, will ya.??

It will be very boring to celebrate the new year at the same place every year..

Guess where I went to celebrate my New Year’s Eve..

Take a wild guess if you have not been to this place before..

Image hosted by
This is where the biggest Padini Concept Store in either Malaysia or Wilayah Persekutuan (I don’t really remember), located..

It’s the Ikano Power Centre in Mutiara Damansara..

It’s also where The Curve located..They are just side by side..

Sort of a last-minute decision..Joined together with Hikaru, Weng Soon, Lee Ping, and Diane..Also a last-minute call-up by them..

At about 11.25pm, we reached 1 Utama..We could see spotlights flashing everywhere as we passed-by..

Performances getting on and almost at its peak at that time..

All the cars slowly crawled towards Ikano..

Finally we reached the road opposite Ikano at about 11.40pm..I just parked my car there, right before the tunnel..

Image hosted by
Look at the crowd..

By the time we arrived, there was Ella (dubbed the rock-queen of Malaysia) singing on the stage..

Ting~Ting~Ting~ HAPPY NEW YEAR.!!

Cut it short..The clock showed 12 midnight..

Time for fireworks..

Here are few selections from the pics that I took..

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

*Was that a Flashbang.??

Image hosted by

*Green-colored..I was a bit slow in snapping the pics..

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

*Pink-colored again..

Image hosted by

*Hikaru and I looked up in awe..

Image hosted by

*One of the few most beautiful and brightest ones..

After that..We went into Ikano..Bcoz the crowd was pushing their way to the exit..

Perhaps they were trying to avoid any traffic congestions or something..

If you leave at that time..Sure it will be jam like hell..

So we stayed there for a while..Cam-whoring..Hahahaha..

There I met my ex-schoolmates and ex-coursemates..

And 1 of them is Li Wei’s sis, Li Von..

We also met Heng with his gf..

After that..We went out again and continue cam-whoring..Hahaha..

Lots of Lala-s (a kind of seafood, a.k.a Ah Beng-s) playing with Snow Sprays, attacking each other with their ammo..

Lucky us..Didn’t got hit at all..

Then headed to the crowd in front of the stage..

Image hosted by

*Look at the corwd and the spotlights..

Image hosted by

*Everyone was dancing to the music..

Image hosted by

*Everyone danced and shuffled..More like street clubbing to me..

There was 1 guy whom really shuffled like hell..I wonder if he wasn’t tired at all..

Lots of Malays dancing and pushing around as if it was their home..

Quite a lot of pretty babes..Too bad most of them unavailable =(

Again..Spray War everywhere..Too bad didn’t snap any pic of them..

Around 1.15am, we left the place..

Image hosted by
Heading back to the car park..Bcoz all side doors exit had closed..

The traffic was not really congested..

Then we went to yamcha at ABC Maideen, Connaught..

Umm..I think that’s all for this last post-up about New Year’s celebration..

Will try to upload more pics in my Friendster‘s photo album when I get the pics from Diane..

So check it out next time..

Have a lovely New Year and hope everything goes smooth for my readers and everyone out there..

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