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Monday, 2 January, 2006

New Year’s Eve Celebration.!!

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YEAH.!! The all new year 2006 has finally arrived..

The same question..Where you guys celebrated during the New Year’s Eve.??

No matter where it was..Hope you guys had lotsa funs yea..

Had been planning to celebrate at new hot spots instead of the usual Golden Triangle (Bukit Bintang)..

Not saying that Bukit Bintang is lousy or what..But hey..If you have cars..Try go to somewhere else, will ya.??

It will be very boring to celebrate the new year at the same place every year..

Guess where I went to celebrate my New Year’s Eve..

Take a wild guess if you have not been to this place before..

Image hosted by
This is where the biggest Padini Concept Store in either Malaysia or Wilayah Persekutuan (I don’t really remember), located..

It’s the Ikano Power Centre in Mutiara Damansara..

It’s also where The Curve located..They are just side by side..

Sort of a last-minute decision..Joined together with Hikaru, Weng Soon, Lee Ping, and Diane..Also a last-minute call-up by them..

At about 11.25pm, we reached 1 Utama..We could see spotlights flashing everywhere as we passed-by..

Performances getting on and almost at its peak at that time..

All the cars slowly crawled towards Ikano..

Finally we reached the road opposite Ikano at about 11.40pm..I just parked my car there, right before the tunnel..

Image hosted by
Look at the crowd..

By the time we arrived, there was Ella (dubbed the rock-queen of Malaysia) singing on the stage..

Ting~Ting~Ting~ HAPPY NEW YEAR.!!

Cut it short..The clock showed 12 midnight..

Time for fireworks..

Here are few selections from the pics that I took..

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

*Was that a Flashbang.??

Image hosted by

*Green-colored..I was a bit slow in snapping the pics..

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

*Pink-colored again..

Image hosted by

*Hikaru and I looked up in awe..

Image hosted by

*One of the few most beautiful and brightest ones..

After that..We went into Ikano..Bcoz the crowd was pushing their way to the exit..

Perhaps they were trying to avoid any traffic congestions or something..

If you leave at that time..Sure it will be jam like hell..

So we stayed there for a while..Cam-whoring..Hahahaha..

There I met my ex-schoolmates and ex-coursemates..

And 1 of them is Li Wei’s sis, Li Von..

We also met Heng with his gf..

After that..We went out again and continue cam-whoring..Hahaha..

Lots of Lala-s (a kind of seafood, a.k.a Ah Beng-s) playing with Snow Sprays, attacking each other with their ammo..

Lucky us..Didn’t got hit at all..

Then headed to the crowd in front of the stage..

Image hosted by

*Look at the corwd and the spotlights..

Image hosted by

*Everyone was dancing to the music..

Image hosted by

*Everyone danced and shuffled..More like street clubbing to me..

There was 1 guy whom really shuffled like hell..I wonder if he wasn’t tired at all..

Lots of Malays dancing and pushing around as if it was their home..

Quite a lot of pretty babes..Too bad most of them unavailable =(

Again..Spray War everywhere..Too bad didn’t snap any pic of them..

Around 1.15am, we left the place..

Image hosted by
Heading back to the car park..Bcoz all side doors exit had closed..

The traffic was not really congested..

Then we went to yamcha at ABC Maideen, Connaught..

Umm..I think that’s all for this last post-up about New Year’s celebration..

Will try to upload more pics in my Friendster‘s photo album when I get the pics from Diane..

So check it out next time..

Have a lovely New Year and hope everything goes smooth for my readers and everyone out there..


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