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Saturday, 7 January, 2006

The ‘First’ Night Of 2006..

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Despite the exam is just around the corner..I’m still enjoying myself like nothing is happening..

Well..Perhaps last night was my last chance to any night-outings..

Went to Rush Club again..

The first Ladies’ Night of the year 2006..Hahaha..

And with a yet to open bottle of Chivas that we bought during the Xmas’ Eve..

So..Free for the ladies and free for us, guys to enter..

As normal..Armed with my Byakugan (refer to this)..I scanned around the club with not much problem..

Babes walking around in scantily-clad dresses such as bra tops, tubes, micro-mini-skirts, micro-mini-shorts, and all sorts of wild clothings..

And we all know..Sexy dresses are an emblem of nice sightings..

People were shuffling around on the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow..

Then there was a group of, I don’t know what to call them as..

Sluts.?? Bitches.?? Hunting for their preys to dance with, hug with, and to do dirty dances..

As a guy..I too hope something from the sluts..Hahaha..

Why do I called them as sluts.??

Well..According to a fren..They hang-out at the club quite often..

And the partners seemed to be always different..And the way they dressed..Mm~Hmm~

Like I said earlier..Bra tops and micro-mini-skirts *drools~~*

Well..They have assets to do so..Applauds to them..

If some flat-chested girls would do so..Pukes everywhere on the dance floor..Getting easier to shuffle for everyone..Hahaha..

Then there was a game for the guys..Just for the girls’ sake..

4 guys up on stage and dance accordingly to what the dancers of Rush did..

Their dances included dirty-dances..Taking-off shirts, and even pants..

Thus, 1 of them voted out the so-called sexiest guy *wtf*

Then continued with loud musics and move around like a fool on the dance floor..

Bar-top dancers shaked their bon-bons perfectly..

And there was this female dancer stripped til her underwears..Then teased every patron that she left her underwear clinging on half of her butt..

Nah..Just making up the whole thing bout the female dancer stripped to spice up your mood..

She did really danced with a guy dancer, though..

Our ears are half deaf now bcoz we were standing right under the amplifiers..

Shuffling, dancing, shuffling, dancing..

Not to miss my trademark movement..Head-banging without tying my hair..

Long soft hair of mine flew in the air without getting tangled =P (It’s for real.!! Alright.?!)

Then in the washroom..Female on the left side..Male on the right side..I entered the male 1 of course..

While I was waiting for my turn in front of the cubicle..

A babe suddenly cut my queue and asked for my permission to enter first, bcoz she can’t stand it anymore..

Well, sure..I asked back if I could enter it together with her so it saves time..

In a mili-second..She answered, “YES.!! Just come in with me you pervert.!!”

Then there she sat on the toilet bowl doing her thing..And I standing right in front of her face dangling my little willy towards her, and did my job..

After that..She just can’t keep her eyes off my bulge willy..And she gave me a blow there and then..

Everyone bewildered with our moans and grunts..

They climbed up to the side wall of the cubicle and enjoyed watching that pretty blew my bulge willy..

After struggling with my willy for about 30 minutes..I just spurted my cum deep into her throat..Damn nice man..

Ok..I made up the whole thing again if any of you guys didn’t noticed or that dumb enough to believe my words.? Hello~~

She cut my queue and asked for my permission..So I just let her in while I waited for another cubicle..That’s all..Hahaha..

Hmm..Wonder why did the pretty rushed into the gents instead of the ladies, to ask for the ladies’ permission..

Was she trying to seduce me.?? Or any other guys.?? Think..

Then continue dancing again..Felt bored..Stand and rest a while..

Out of a sudden..Lum stopped shuffling and asked, “Where’s the bottle of Chivas.???”

Hmm~~Good question..That bottle of Chivas disappeared just like that right ‘in front of’ our backs..Yea..Our backs were facing the drinks (-_-lll

And the strange thing is..Diane just poured 3 glasses of that liqour about half-a-minute ago..That’s 30 seconds for any morons..

Searched everywhere..Under the tables, chairs..NOTHING.!!

Then..Last resort..We told the bouncers and co. about it..

Well..We just drank that bottle of liqour like, not more than half of it.?? Just roughly a quarter..

That’s why we were damn freaked out..

The bouncers and other staff asked what was the name written on the bottle..It’s XXX..

All helped around and searched everywhere..On the floor, under tables and chairs..Nothing was found..

Then..1 of them brought us to the liquor storage room..Where all the liquors reserved by the patrons were all kept on the racks..

Ran through every single bottle that just came in that night..None of them belong to us..Sad *sob*

Well..We just leave down our contacts and hoped for a miracle..

Perhaps..It’s nothing but just an empty hope *sob* (T_T)

Then we left the club in sadness at about 4am *sob*

We took some pics at the carpark..Will try to post it out when I got it from Diane..

Pics for previous post, “Xmas’ Eve Celebration” is out in my Friendster’s Photo Album (click on link)..

Check it out by clicking the link above or just browse through the link in “My Photo Albumz” section..Located just on top of the tagboard/message-board/chatterbox..

I also added-in a new section called “Famous Local Blogs”, below of the tagboard/message-board/chatterbox..

Will try to post “New Year’s Eve Celebration” pics as soon as possible..


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