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Monday, 16 January, 2006

The FINAL Battle..

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The semester finals has arrived..But I’m still procastinating..Sigh..
Anyway..This will be my last post until the 1st day of the Chinese New Year, 29th of January 2006..
Well..Nothing much in this post..Let’s talk a little about the current issues again..Hehe..
Recently, a Malay journalist of KOSMO! newspaper, created havoc and anger among anime fans..
He wrongly described Hentai as Anime..Refer to Jeff Ooi‘s blog (click on link)..
After being continuously advised, complaint or whatever from anime fans..He still stand firm to his public accusation..
He said..Generally..Anime is Hentai and vice versa..
Then what we were watching on TV all these while are all hentai (Doraemon, Sailormoon, Dragon Ball, etc)
But still the Censorship Board approved all of these ‘hentai’.??
Hey dude..Make up your mind-lah..
Discussions thrown out everywhere..Especially in‘s Anime Shrine Forum (click on links)..
Well..No further talk..Check all of the links yourself..
Meanwhile, in the blogosphere..There’s WAR again..
It’s between our very own bloggers, with the infamous Xiaxue of our neighbouring country, Singapore..
Apparently, Xiaxue‘s ex-boyfriend is a Malaysian working abroad, in Singapore..
Don’t know why, her ex eventually sent out heaps of her pics in nude..
The requests of the pics in the net are very high in demand..
And the allegations about her pics in her blog are all edited using photoshop..
It has been circling around the net for quite some time..
Obviously those nude pics are all un-edited with her normal-ugly-looking-face..
I, too join-in the fun ofcoz..Who would wanna miss out the fun, right.?
Ok..I made up all of the above..Except for her edited pics using photoshop..
It is all for real..Let’s join the quest for her ugly un-edited pics..Hahaha..
A blogosphere war did happened..Just read what Kimberlycun and ShaolinTiger (click on links) have to talk about..
For those who are lazy to click on the links..Here it goes..
Kimberlycun‘s legs dubbed the prettiest legs of all bloggers in Malaysia (Duh~)..
Xiaxue was unhappy with Kimberlycun‘s self-acclaimed prettiest legs..
Hence, Xiaxue bombarded Kimberlycun for being a narcissism (Well, this is actually what Kimberlycun being proud of..That’s for being narcissism)
And ShaolinTiger, as a fren of Kimberlycun..Ofcoz bombarded Xiaxue in his blog..
And now it’s my turn to bombard Xiaxue although I hardly know ShaolinTiger and Kimberlycun..
And for lazy readers..I made up the whole thing again here..
Just click on the links and read what happened to them..
Umm..I think that’s all for now..
Wait til the Chinese New Year arrive..We shall meet again here..Bye..
And yea..I would like to thank all my frens who wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ via SMS and MSN Messaging at this hour of my post..
It is so sweet that they remembered my birthday..Though some might knew it through‘s Birthday Reminder..
But still..It is very nice of them wishing me..
Yes indeed today, 16th of January 2006 is my 22nd year of existence in this cruel world (Now save that in your mobilephone’s birthday reminder =P)..
Though it might turned out to be fun and memorable at times..
Anyway..Live life to the fullest..No regrets..
Good night everyone..


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