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Wednesday, 18 January, 2006

This Means WAR.!!

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Well..I thought that I could have a break with my blog and get some rest for my brain juice and fingers..

All didn’t happened as I expected..

My last post, “The Final Battle” created anger among 1 or a few of Xiaxue‘s fans..

As you all can see..There is this person called ‘anonymous’, putting on a url of Kimberlycun‘s hatesite address, click here..

Apparently, this Anonymous added me in his/her MSN Messenger..So..We had a talk..

Anonymous kept asking me to remove the “The Final Battle” post..

For a normal person..Ofcoz I’ll ask her why I should remove the post.?!?!

I would like to call Anonymous known as the “so-called-super-Xiaxue-die-hard-fan”..

But my fren, ratscorp who joined the argument took that term..So I’ll just call Anonymous as Anonymous..

Simple say..Anonymous trying to persuade me to remove that post..

Bcoz she thinks I said something wrong about Xiaxue..And obviously Anonymous doesn’t like it..

She kept saying Xiaxue is innocent bla bla bla..

And all my writings are nothing but false statements..

Well..Yeah ofcoz it were all fake and un-true..Bcoz it’s just a parody I made on Xiaxue, Kimberlycun, and ShaolinTiger..

But in the end..I DID made it crystal clear that all of the statements are just made up by me..

Still..She’s un-satisfied and still begged for me to take down the post..

It’s my blog..It’s my opinion, and it’s my parody..Why do I need to remove it.??

Yeah..When I mentioned to Anonymous that Xiaxue is also critizing other things and people..

Guess what was Anonymous‘ reply, “That’s her blog and that’s her personal opinion..So you don’t get offended-lah.!”

Hmm..Did Anonymous blurted out something.??

Actually I don’t even know the purpose of the argument..Though I had some fun in defending myself against an immature reader..Hahaha..

If you are so care about Xiaxue‘s feeling, that my remarks will damage her image..

Then what are you trying to do in my blog here..Sabotaging Kimberlycun with numerous links..

Anonymous even told me that Xiaxue won’t even know the existence of a mini-blogger like me..

Well..I admit it..I’m a mini-blogger..But I’m not trying to catch Xiaxue‘s attention here..

What does it related to Xiaxue’s acknowledgement of my blog here.?? I don’t get it..

As if I can bonk her if she acknowledge my blog..But hell..Who wanted to.??

If the whole KL is the fan-base of Xiaxue..AND they need to be immature like you..

Then I’ll become as famous as our respectable former Prime Minister, Tunku Dr Mahathir..

Not that I can match up with him..Just that I’ll be famous for the sake of famous..

Well..If you want to know..My remarks will make her even more famous rather than damaging it, bcoz I’m promoting her in my blog..

And yeah..She’s a Singaporean..Like I care to promote someone that insulted KL so much..

Anonymous..As a Malaysian..You take note of that..

If you are trying something big..Sabotage her in Xiaxue‘s blog, instead of mine..Boo Zoo..

Actually I tried to post up the conversation between me, ratscorp and this immature girl, Anonymous..

Yeah..Sad to say..Anonymous is an emotional-being that we called female or girl..

But I don’t know what happened to my post here..I just can’t end the conversation..

Maybe it exceeded the limit of words or something.?? I don’t know (Yeah..It’s THAAAAAAAT LONG)..

Anyway..My fren, ratscorp alredy post-up the conversation in his blog..

So for those who know whom ratscorp is..Just read his blog..And for those who doesn’t know..Ask me..Hahaha..

Why don’t I just link his blog on his name here.??

Well..Most of the readers of my blog are my frens..And they have my MSN contact or whatever contact it is..

And the most important..To avoid Ms Anonymous here, to go to his blog and sabotage in another so-called mini-blog..

I think that’s all for my summarization..

Wait til I separate the conversation into 2 parts..Hahaha..

Oh oh..Before I sign-out..A message to Ms Anonymous..

Image hosted by

*Me impersonationg Ju-on / Sadako (The Ring) saying, “I don’t give a damn about removing the post.!”


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