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Monday, 23 January, 2006

XX’s Stupid Fan – Conversation Part 1

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Ok..Getting bored with my notes alredy..
As promised..Breaking the conversation into 2-parts..Here’s the part-1..
So..Here goes the stupidity of the conversation..
And do take note of all the words that I have bolded..


Anonymous : hai~
Yatz : so u r anonymous.??
Anonymous : but are u m/f?
Yatz : i’m male la..duh..
Anonymous : ure look like gal
Yatz : ooh..ok..should i take it as an insult or compliment.?
Anonymous : can u take down ur post?
Yatz : err..why.?
Anonymous : becos it is very sad to see innnocent gals battered like dis..
Yatz : innocent girls.??
Anonymous : xiaxue is innocent..and u put all ur story all wrong
Yatz : well..actually i’m on neutral side..
Anonymous : do u know she in real?
Yatz : umm..yea..but not real close..just met her twice before..
Anonymous : u same colege as she?
Yatz :’s a fren of my frens..well..anyway..i’m not trying to insult XX or what..but just trying to make my blog livelier..
Yatz : coz my blog actually just made up of my own circle of frens..and i dunno how kim get to know my blog..and how u get to know my blog.?
Anonymous : im bagging u..pls remove it..u got all ur story all wrong
Yatz : ya..i know it’s wrong..and i did explained in the end of all of it..
Anonymous : where got..jus remove dat is all wrong
Yatz : i said i just made up all of the above..i did explain what..
Anonymous : xiaxue will not know any mini bloggers is she harrassing and stalked xiaxue to ride on her fames
Yatz : what do u mean.?? well..i’m not trying to promote kimberly here..just that my fren told me bout kim and ST’s posts..
Anonymous : do u notis her concave mouth?
Yatz : concave mouth.?? did i said that.??
Anonymous : u seeeee her in real, dun u notis her concave mouth?
Yatz : ooh..ok..well..i just met her twice like..3 years ago..and that twice were just like for..15 minutes in a dark place..
Anonymous : who is ah sang? is it her ex bf?
Yatz : nop..ah sang is my x-classmate..
Anonymous : it is better u remove tat post..
Anonymous : dun hav anything to do with she
Anonymous : how u felt if she said all those to ur gf?
Yatz : ok..again..i wanna explain that..i’m not promoting kimberly or ST here..
Anonymous : u are putting innocent gal in bad light
Anonymous : dats no good
Yatz : i just wanna tell my circle of frens that read my blog do know something else happened in the blogosphere..
Anonymous : how can u do dat when all ur story are all wrong!! god dam bagging u like dogs..y u can ignor my requests?
Yatz : i’ve alredy said..i did explain all of it that i just made up the whole thing..
I invited ratscorp, a fren of mine who own a blog and also reads Xiaxue’s blog join the conversation..
ratscorp : y should he take it down u moron..who r u to protect XX
Anonymous : wont u felt sad if it is done to ur gf ratscrop?
ratscorp : she like to say she have the right to write yatz have the right to write wat he wan also …dumb..
ratscorp : oo so XX is ur gf? no i’ll just take it as a joke
Yatz : u read that post again..and u’ll see that i actually did explain i made up the whole thing..
Anonymous : im not protect xx…but i felt she is abused….i cant teach her fishing..i got no time…but i give her “cacing” to fish by helping her
ratscorp : yatz oledi mention he madeup all those…y bother…what u toking here?? cacing?
Yatz : yeap..that’s right..i have my own right to write what i want..and in the end..i did explain the’s just a parody..
ratscorp : yea…kid get it??
Anonymous : but ur story are all wrong!!!
Yatz : it’s a parody..ofcoz it’s wrong..
ratscorp : of coz is wrong…is a madeup story..omg u r really dumb
Anonymous : ratscorpt is mean
ratscorp : yea… all my fren know i’m a big meanie
ratscorp : yatz…just ignore him…he is very mouliu wan ppl to entertain him la…i bet he got nht better to do than to argue with u for XXeven XX din aware of this entry also..
Yatz : let’s face the fact..u read that post again..
Anonymous : i jus try to help but ratscop keep abuse u hav a heart or not? u keep calling me dumb, kids etc
ratscorp : coz u r acting like a kid
ratscorp : k la… i let u go now… hahaha… so yatz u gao tim him la…omg..i guess i;m gonna blog on this ahahhaa

Yatz : and u’ll find out that i DID explain it..”I MADE UP THE WHOLE THING”..

Anonymous : ratscropt u dun dare or else!!!!!!


Ok..Now you have read the 1st part..
The fact is I have edited the whole thing, in arrangement-wise..
And also I have shorten the conversation..Left some not important parts that are not related to the title here..
Ofcoz..I didn’t change the contents..It’s very important to let you guys read “THE REAL THING” here..
As you guys can see..Why should I step down even if she begs me like a dog or what..
And why the hell she asked about my fren Ah Sang, just bcoz his name appeared in the comment section..
Now who’s the REAL stalker here.?? Hmm..You tell me..
Trying to speak to her politely bcoz the whole thing isn’t as complicated as it is..
Now I know..I can’t be as polite as it gets to talk with this kind of person..
Luckily I invited ratscorp into the conversation..
Otherwise..I’ll die of suffocation with all the words clogged in my throats *cough*
And yeah..I purposedly size-up the font of those mind-attacking words of ratscorp *bow bow bow*..
Alright..Wish me luck on my 1st paper..
Hopefully we’ll meet again on 26th..Adios..



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