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Saturday, 28 January, 2006

Rush Rush And Away..

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Alright..It’s Friday night..A slight relief after my 1st paper yesterday..

Taking a little break from the exam and have a great time for Chinese New year celebration..

I had a hectic day yesterday..

It’s pretty amazing for me for staying awake for a massive 23 hours..Yeah..You bet it, non-stop..

Woke up at 7am on Thursday morning to get ready for my exam started at 9am..

Sitting in the exam hall for 3 hours and squeezed my brain juices just to answer the stupid questions..

Yeah..You got it right..Since I need to squeeze my brain juices so hard to answer the stupid questions..I’m not that smart after all..Hahaha..

12 noon..Had my lunch with Hikaru and Walter..

After that headed to Sungei Wang with bumper to bumper crawl..

Reached there at about 1.30pm..What’s more.??

Did some kinda last-minute Chinese New Year shopping..

Yea..I’m a Malaysian after all..I wouldn’t be qualify if I don’t have the last-minute attitude..Hahaha..

Nah..Ofcoz not..Been some kinda busy with studies..So trying to release my tension by using my money..Hahaha..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Tang-lung everywhere on the streets*

Been walking around non-stop..Trying to get the right thing..And everything seemed to be against our wants and needs..

Luckily..When everything was about to come to an end..Hikaru and I got what we wanted..Thanks to our great efforts to walk on every corner..

Reached home at 7.30pm..Had dinner and received a surprise message from B-Yan..

A nice fren during the Form 6 struggle..Hahaha..Back here for the CNY from UMS, Sabah..

Inivited me to go clubbing at Rush (again) before she goes back to Sabah again next week..

Sad..Just a short break for everyone..Even I have to sit for exam after the CNY..SIGH~

Ok-lah..Give face lah..Long time didn’t see her alredy..Although I’m quite broke after whole day shopping..

After dinner and a short simple shower..Rushed out to fetch Diane and B-Yan at about 9.45pm..

So early go clubbing.?!?! No lah..Need to go to Wangsa Maju to return something to my fren..

And bcoz I’m quite broke..So trying to reach Rush Club before 11pm so that I could enter for free with a membership card..And it’s Ladies’ Night..Woo Hoo~

Anyhow..Couldn’t make it bcoz heavy jam around KL area..Damn it..

Everyone seemed like either on their way back home after shopping or on their way back to their hometown..

Entered Rush quite early..Hahaha..At 11.30pm..

The club was still quite empty..You can roll on the floor all the way to the washroom..

At about midnight..People began to turn out for the nightlife..

What’s more..Drink liquor and dance and shuffle to death..Haha..

It was Ladies’ Night after all..You can see chicks everywhere (you still do even if it is not Ladies’ Night..Hahaha..)

I was too drop-dead to dance around and brush side by side on those girls, though..

Unable to dance with my tired and strained legs..I just sat on the sofa and enjoy my nice moments from where I sat..

Again..Contests and stuffs..But it was kinki-er this time..

If you did read The “First Night” Of 2006 few weeks back..I did mentioned about guys stripped down to their undies..

It was the ladies turn this time (ofcoz they should..It is the “Ladies’ Night” after all)

Camera flashes from every corner to take the nice views of the ladies..

If any of you guys were there last night..You would know I’m pulling your legs again..

Although there was a contest for girls..But they didn’t strip..Sad..

4 girls went up the stage..Each 1 of them were given a mandarin orange..

In this so-called contest..The contestants need to peel off the orange skin by themselves and eat up the whole thing..

Who finish first will be declared the winner..

And if you read The “First Night” Of 2006 post..I did mentioned something about sluts and bitches..

Ofcoz..The popular slut 1st stepped on stage with her bikini top (again) *Drools*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Yeah..That’s the 1 with the cap..*

Hmm..Do take note..Her boobs are not small..For further excitement..Ask from me a video I have recorded with my Nokia 7610..Hehehe ^^

Or you can just download it here..Slut Did It Video Clip (just click on link)

It turned out to be the slut emerged as the winner..No tough challenge from other contestants..

Guess what she got from a lucky draw as a winner..A banana..Yeah..Huge one..Hahaha..

After that it was the guys’ turn to show off their dancing skills..

Alright..Bla bla bla..It was 2.30am..

An announcement from the DJ, “Last call for drinks”..

Lights on..Again.?? Thought nothing happened, hanged around at the table to rest for a while..

Suddenly heard from someone, “FAST.!! GET OUT OF HERE QUICK.!!”

WTF.!! Raid again.?!?! Couldn’t care whether it is a real thing or just a joke anymore..

Get out of the club is the best option we can get..Everyone stampeded out of the club just like the pilgrimage at Mecca..

Let the pics do the talking..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*People rushing their ways down the carpark*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Cars fleeing the scene like the cops will charge them for illegal gathering at the carpark*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Still lots of people*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Justin is so observation..Everytime I try to snap a candid pic he sure noticed it..Hahaha*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Chicks everywhere.!! Please run.!! Or they’ll sing Numa Noma Yei song..Hahaha*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Whoops..This guy looked kinda furious here*

Don’t want to queue for the stupid exit..We cam-whored for quite some time..Hahaha..Will try to upload it in my Friendster’s Photo Album later..

In the mean time..Roy met a stray girl wandering around then asked Roy to lend her his handphone to make a phone call..

She was separated from her bro during the stampede out of the club..A cry baby..

Further details about the incident..Refer to Weng Soon’s Blog..I’m too tired to write it out..And my post is getting longer and longer..

Then went to sleep after bath at 6am Friday morning..That made up my 23 hours continuously awake..

I know it is straining your eyes to read my long post this time..Hahaha..

So I think I’ll just doze off here..

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.!!


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