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Monday, 27 February, 2006

Requested : Langkawi Trip Spoiler

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Here’s a requested post from my fren, Hikaru, whom went to Langkawi last week with his coursemates..Those that I know are Walter, KJ, Ah Wah, Ah Heng and his girlfren..

I would say Langkawi is not a nice beach-site to enjoy nice beach/sea activities, such as snorkeling, bananaboat-ride, or anything..

But a nice tourist site for tax-free money spending spree..I’m talking bout chocolate, alcohol, and cigrattes here..

Heaven for drinkers and smokers..Imagine a normal Chivas Reagel that you forked out more than RM 300 at any night clubs, or RM 100++ at any supermart/hypermart, sold only at RM 60 in Langkawi..

Not to mention bout the chocolates and cigrattes..It will be a helluva place to spend all your clubbing-money here..

Buy a couple of bottles of liquor and few packs of cigars..Drink through the whole night and smoke til you die *Grins*

Well..I should say it was a fun vacation when they skipped 2 days of classes in the Uni, albeit numerous tests and midterms flowing in..Hahaha..

Nice lecturers they have..It’s all only in UTAR..Hahahah..1 of the lecturers brought forward their test 1 day earlier bcoz they were not able to sit for the test on the proposed date itself..

Ok..Let’s get to the main issue here..Why am I being requested to post-up this topic about “Langkawi Trip Spoiler”.??

As I mentioned..It was a fun vacation..But spoilt by a tiny-miny-supposed-to-be-nice-meal..

What kinda dish that you will ask for dinner when you are at the beachside..SEAFOOD ofcoz..

So Hikaru and his frens ordered a Marmite Crab *drools* A famous crab cuisine moisted with dry condensed marmite sauce..Yummy yuuuumm..

As a Malaysian I think most of us know that, that crab dish would come with BLACK-ish dry condensed marmite sauce..

But look what Hikaru and his frens got when the Marmite Crab came out from the kitchen..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Langkawi’s very own Marmite Crab*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hot and Spicy Sweet Sour Sauce Orange Marmite Crab.??*

It certainly is not a NORMAL Marmite Crab..Look at the color of the sauce..It certainly looks hot and spicy by its appearance, to me at least, if not all..

So..To verify the fact of what the cuisine is..Let’s see what Hikaru and his frens talked to the Boss of the restaurant (The real conversation was in Cantonese)

Hik & The Gang : Eh..Boss..What crab is this hah.??

Boss : Ooh..That one is don’t know what tao si jeong (black bean sauce) liao..

Hik & The Gang : WTF~?!?! Woi Puki-tiau..We ordered Marmite Crab lah..You give us tao si jeong for what.??? And you don’t know the name of this dish.??

Boss : *Gasp* Ooh..Marmite Crab ah..Yalo..That is your Marmite Crab lo..

Hik & The Gang : Waaaah~~!! *Jaws dropped* Deng~!! Why the sauce like this one.??? You think my knee don’t eat taufu ah.?!? (It is some kind of chinese proverb saying that “You don’t think I don’t know that you are lying to me”)

Boss : *Gasp, sweats* Errr..Our Langkawi Marmite Crab is like this one lah..Here the Marmite not black one..Orange one *Pheeeew..What am I talking about.?? I’m in deep-shit*

Hik & The Gang : Waah~!! Kenny-sia you..I mean..Kan Ni Niah you..You want cover like that meh.??? Paper cannot cover fire one leh~

Boss : *Sweats all over his face* No geh..This Langkawi Marmite Crab very nice one..You try see first..I go add water to your Chinese Tea *Walked away hurrily*

Hik & The Gang : Okla okla *#$%@!^&* Mumbling themselves cursing his shop drop dead gorgeous*

So..There they tried the so-called Langkawi Marmite Crab..Marmite Crab supposed to be sweet with a little bit of bitter-ish..Argh~~ Don’t know how to describe that taste of it..

However..That silly Langkawi Marmite Crab tasted YUCKS~!! Sweet and sour-like sauce..And it’s damn hot..And the crabs tasted not fresh enough..

A wannabe nice dinner utterly disappointed by the bad service of the Boss and the not-so-nice-but-then-ABSOLUTELY-VERY-NOT-NICE-YUCKY crab cuisine..

A wrongly taken order or cooked dish was foolish-ly taken as the right dish by the undisputed-self-embarrassed-foolish Boss..

Ooh..I just love connecting words to exaggerate something..Muahahaha *Devils laugh, grins*

It is a very dishonest way of doing business here dude..Adjudication, FAILED, VERY THOROUGHLY..

When you take orders..Give patrons the right dish..When you don’t have or don’t know how to cook a dish..Just say “Sorry, we don’t have it here..”

It’s simple, easy, understandable, forgiving, joyable, and lots more adjectives that I am un-able to think of now..

So..Do try their Langkawi Marmite Crab the next time you visit this place..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The infamous restaurant*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Remember this shop here*

Do snap some pics for reference..Hahaha..

OK..I did exaggerate the conversation above..But hey..Whatsoever..IT IS NOT NICE.!!

Here’s a nice blog I found on the net that served nice delicious Crab Cuisine..It is (click on link)..

KY is in the circle of frens with Shaolintiger..So you know..Talk about eatings and delicious foods..Look for them..I mean..Their blogs..


Saturday, 25 February, 2006

Drink Drink, Drunk..

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Thursday night..Diane, Weng Soon, Lum, Roy, Ivy, Miao, and I went to Justin‘s house for a lil party hardy..

Justin‘s girlfren, Chocolate (Whoops..No pic of her in here) was there too..So did Vanilla (a.k.a Weng Soon..Hahaha)

We played some stupid games, kinda fun though..Hahaha..

Such as the “Bing, Bang, Wah” game..Then some kinda of a “Spelling Bee” game..And also the “Hah, Meh Wah” (Huh? What?) game..Sounds weirdo huh..What.? Hahaha..

The 1 who make mistake will be punished..Drink beer, only..And 2 of them I don’t know for what reason, they just drink plain water..

Whatever we were drinking..The fun is what matters here..

Click on “Bing, Bang, Wah” Game (479 kb, 56 secs), to download a video record about the game (You can watch it with Real Player..Better if you have a Nokia Multimedia Player to rotate the angle of the video)

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Lum (in black) starting to get high*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Lum in half-sober state*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Obviously the main character here is Lum..Hahaha*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Weng Soon seems to be afraid of Lum when he raises his hand..Hahaha*

Every game really test your reactions, reflex, and mind..You must keep alert all the time to escape from being punished..

Such as the “Spelling Bee” game..When we were small the “Spelling Bee” that we played is to say a word starting with a letter from what is being said from a player..

For example, Kenny, and XaXu playing together..Kenny starts the game with the word ‘Shit’..The latter has to say out a word starting with the letter ‘T’ bcoz ‘Shit’ ends with the letter ‘T’..

So the game goes on and on by connecting the words according to letters..

But in our versions of “Spelling Bee” are totally different..We played 2 versions that night..But we have heaps of versions to play with..

1 of the versions that we played is keep on asking questions but the questions in each round cannot be repeated..We can choose who is the next player ourselves..

This really test our mind to think a question on the spot..We can trap players by asking him/her something about himself/herself..

Thus him/her might answer your question instead of coming out with a new question, and get punished..Hahaha..

Have some good laugh with these 4 videos about the “Spelling Bee” game..

Weng Soon Laughing Hysterically (413 kb, 48 seconds)

Lum Get Caught By Diane’s Question (1.08 MB, 2 mins 5 secs)

Lum Got Fired By Everyone (768 kb, 1 min 28 secs)

Un-Edited Full-Length Video (5.00 MB, 10 minutes)

Image hosting by Photobucket

*From L-R : Roy, Diane, Lum, Soon*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Lum is very high (and looking up-high, too) in this pic*

Everyone was quite sober despite drank a couple of cans, except for Lum, bcoz of his slow-reactions..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*L-R : Ivy, Miao, Justin..Look at Justin’s arm and face..So red*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Someone surrenders here..Hehehe*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Lum in seven heaven after a couple of drinks*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Rock-a-bye baby Lum*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*How bout a top view of it*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*And a below view.?? Hahaha..Sorry dude..You pay for it for collapsing there*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Diane caught in the act showing the “My hands are SO HUGE” pose..Made famous by “That 70’s Show” series*

So that’s all for that night..We proceeded to Connaught’s ABC Maideen to have a break..

And that’s all folks..Wahahaha..

Thursday, 23 February, 2006

The Avengers..

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As the title speaks..‘The Avenger’..A revenge for oneself..

I’m not talking about a revenge for a family being killed or ones business collapsed bcoz of foul play or what..

I’m talking about the Champions’ League Chelsea- Barcelona match here..

First of all..I mean ALL.!! BARCA ROCKS THE HELL YEAH~!!

Well..Thought of going to Hartamas Square to enjoy a superb match between 2 giant teams with other fanatic fans in a nice ambience..

Reached the place at about 1.30am..2 hours early before the match kick-off..Trying to get some nice seats..

What the heck.?? The place was empty like the stalls are not operating at that time..

Trying to convince ourselves that we were way too early to reach the place..The fans are on their way, at least we are the 1st ones..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Watching some highlights of the UK Football on the projector screen*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Deral and I*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hikaru with his Barca-away jersey*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*No one was watching at the screen except us*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*An empty food court..Silly us, not knowing what will happen next*

At about 2.30am..The food court was closing and they even switched off the projector monitor albeit the patrons were still enjoying their drinks..

Can’t do anything..Wandering around that area to find a mamak stall to enjoy our game..

All stalls seemed quite weird and irked all of us..

So, empty-handed all the way from Cheras to Hartamas..We returned to our favourite spot..Sri Petaling’s Nainas..

As soon as we arrived..The staff greeted us and welcomed our arrival, as usual..Regular customers to be precised..Hehehe..

We were the only customers at that time..About 15 minutes before the match kicks-off..

After a while..There came the Akademi Fantasia winner, Vince Chong and his sidekicks..Regular customers too..Met them there for quite a number of times..

Sad to hear that Nainas is going to shift to Puchong Jaya, opposite IOI Mall *WTF*..The stall at Sri Petaling will be closed starting on 1st of March 2006..

The stalls at Sri Petaling there will be demolished and reconstructions begun for condominiums and stuffs..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The seats under the roof*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The so-called kitchen..They serve delicious mamak-style dishes*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The small TV we were looking on bcoz the LCD projector has spolit*

The match started off and Barca dominated most of the game, no goals were scored in the early minutes for both hard attacking teams..

Until a moment where we thought was decisive for Chelsea..Asier Del Horno was red carded in the 37th minute for colliding Lionel Messi..

*Asier Del Horno speaking to the referee*

That was a hard one I would say..He deserves it..Chelsea down to 10-men..A promising chance for Barca to go all up against them..

*Mourinho speaks to the fourth official*

However..Chelsea defended well and managed to keep it a scoreless draw at half-time..

Came the 2nd-half..Chelsea showed a great performance and gave some threat to Barca defence despite playing with only 10-men *Shivers down my spine* Urgh~~

In a highly tensed atmosphere, Chelsea grabbed a goal from Thiago Motta‘s mistake for blocking goalkeeper, Victor Valdes to catch the ball..

Hence, an own-goal from Motta and handed Chelsea a 1-0 lead despite playing with 1 man down..

After some scuffles from both sides..Barca levelled from a John Terry‘s own-goal..

A nicely taken free-kick by Ronaldinho..A thoughtful clearance header by John Terry was deflected the other way round and into the back of his own net..

Most of the goals that Chelsea conceded were either from a header or an own-goal..

In this case here..Mourinho got a jackpot..A header own-goal..Muahaha..

*John Terry’s own-goal*

It was a decisive goal for Barca as they begun to dominate the game again, and looking for more goals..

A great performance by Argentine Lionel Messi added the pace in Barca‘s heaps of attacks..

*18-year old Lionel Messi does the dribbling*

Barca made a comeback with a Samuel Eto’o header..Yeah..It was a header goal ofcoz..

*Samuel Eto’o’s header winning-goal*

That goal looks certain to seal Barca‘s win and a comfortable 1-2 win away at Stamford Bridge in the 1st-leg..

Virtually, it almost looks certain that Barca will manage to go through to the quarter-finals, with a home game in the 2nd-leg at Nou Camp..

I made a prediction over Barca‘s win..And I was certainly in luck as I predict it to be 1-2..

In the return-leg..I would say the match end in a 1-1 or 2-2 draw..

And the time was 5.45am as the final whistle was blown..On our way back home for a nice sleep..At least I am going to have a nice sleep..

Poor Hikaru still had to attend classes starting at 8am this morning..Hahaha..

Not to forget..Congrats to Arsenal for winning an away game to Galacticos, Real Madrid on Tuesday night..

Arsenal showed heaps of great performances as 1 of the great teams in Europe *Applause, applause*

Tuesday, 21 February, 2006

Tagged.?!?! Kena-ed.?!?!

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I really have no idea what is this thing here all about..

But since I have been tagged by William Leong..And Brian also kene tagged..What the heck..

And sad to say that I was tagged on Friday morning..Now only I know..Hahaha..

So here goes the chain-blog-entry-thingy since I have nothing to write during my relaxation holiday..

Hahaha..Chain-blog-entry-thingy..Nice name huh..Hehehe 😉

Rules and Regs:

  1. The first player of this game starts with the topic “five(5) weird habits of yourself.”
  2. The tagged needs to write an entry about their five weird habits and state these rules and regs clearly
  3. Then choose any number of people to be tagged and link to their web journals.
  4. Since it’s a free country, you can choose whether or not to leave a comment in their web journals about this survey. If you don’t, then just hope they happen to pass by your blog to know that they have been tagged.
  5. Enjoy knowing that you’re not the only one with weird habits.


  • Similarly to the person who tagged me, I too like to add up car number plate numericals..But mine is different..

I’ll see whether the sum-up numbers are dividable or not..Or, I’ll try to come out with a nice number..
e.g – 1234..1+2+3+4 = 10..Hence..It can be divided by 5 or 2..

Or..1234..If I minus 1 from 4 and then add up to the number 1..I’ll get a car plate number with 2233..Hahaha..Sounds funny huh..But that’s my habit when I’m riding on someone else car..

  • Bcoz of my self-acclaimed nice hair *mind you*..I like to ‘play’ with my hair most of the times, like any girls..I would brush my hair with my fingers so that they won’t get tangled..

And I just like to flip my hair to the back so that my shoulder or neck won’t be annoyed..

  • I like to press on my fingers joint to make those crack sounds..I know many of you do..How bout your neck.?? How bout your toes.??

Ooh.?! You do.?? How bout the knee.?? And elbow.?? Umm..Ankles.?? Or..Backbones.?? Hehe..Sounds freaking huh..

Wait til you heard those cracking sound on my neck yourself..Muahaha..

  • I like to scratch my eyes..Ooh.?! You too.?? How bout touching your eyeballs.?? YA.!! IT IS EYEBALLS BALLS.!! NOT KENNYSIA‘S COCONUT BALLS.!!

And using my little fingernail to scratch the inner part of the bottom part of the eyelid..YA.!! INNER PART OF THE EYELID.!! NOT INNER THIGH YOU SCUMS.!!

  • Since I owned my Nokia 7610..I LOVE to snap photos no matter where am I..The only coward time was during PC Fair..Just too afraid to snap pics of the show girls..

Hence, my normal blog became some-what people called photoblog..It just add up the fun of reading with pics within it..

So..How’s that..We are talking bout weird HABITS..Not weird ACTIONs that you can do..Not weird enough.?? Hahaha..

What the heck..I’ll just tag you since you read my blog..Hahaha..
Tag list : –

Umm..I think that’s all for my weirdo-dido habit..Enjoy venturing your own weird habits and also others habits..
Need to continue my Saint Seiya TV Series..Hahahaha..

Sunday, 19 February, 2006


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Just came back from Sri Petaling’s Carrefour, played futsal then had supper at mamak..

Well..Finished my exam last week..Got nothing much to do..

Have been hanging around with my frens here and there..

Enjoy to the fullest before I get a job or maybe just procastinate until the next exam comes..

Not long before the next 1 comes..Around mid-April to early-May..

Have to struggle again..Just hope that after this miserable year I’ll get to pursue my degree course..

Been delaying my study too long..Not a good thing..

Anyway..Let’s talk about the fun things here..

I’m currently watching Saint Seiya TV Series..More than 100 episodes in total..

Yeah..It is a classic anime that streched back to day when I was born..Perhaps even earlier than that..

Saint Seiya was authored by Masami Kurumada in it’s very own manga/comic..

This classic anime eventually ended its story in the early 90’s..

Apparently..Recently, a new chapter has been installed to its saga..

It’s called Saint Seiya Hades..It is divided into 2 chapters at the time being..

The 1st chapter is called Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary..And 2nd chapter is called Saint Seiya Hades Inferno..

The whole journey of the ancient Saints begun again in order to protect Athena from being assasined by the Gods..

Ofcoz..These 2 whole new chapter’s graphic are far more hi-tech and detailed than the old ones..

Well..Words just can’t describe the wonder of the anime..

Perhaps you just go and buy it from any anime retail store or just illegally download it from the net as many others did =P

For anime fans who are looking for good storylines anime..I would recommend this wonderful anime..

It’s worth to watch..I would say it is my 2nd favourite long-running anime..

Where the 1st one would be Dragonball..Perhaps Naruto and Bleach are coming into the picture as my favourite long-running anime =)

Sailormoon series are quite long, too..But not in my favour..

Umm..Nothing much to say anymore as nothing special happened these few days..

So..See ya guys in the next post..

Tuesday, 14 February, 2006

Stefanie Sun Yan Zi – Yu Jian

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Alright..It’s 14th of February 2006..HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY.!!

It’s a special day after all..

I would like to dedicate this song to everyone that I know and those that read my blog..

The song is Yu Jian (Meet) by Singaporean Stefanie Sun Yan Zi..

Roughly, the song is about meeting the special one in your or something like that..I’m Mandarin-illiterate..Hahaha..

Anyway..It’s a very nice love song..It’s also 1 of the popular mobile polyphonic ringtone..Enjoy~

Yu Jian
By: Sun Yan Zi, Stefanie

ting jian dong tian de li kai
wo zai mou nian mou yue xing guo lai
wo xiang wo deng wo qi dai
wei lai que bu neng li zhi an pai

yin tian bang wan che chuang wai
wei lai you yi ge ren zai deng dai
xiang zuo xiang you xiang qian kan
ai yao guai ji ge wan cai lai

wo yu jian shui hui you zen yang de dui bai
wo deng de ren ta zai duo yuan de wei lai
wo ting jian feng lai zi di tie he ren hai
wo pai zhe dui na zhe ai de hao ma pai

yin tian bang wan che chuang wai
wei lai you yi ge ren zai deng dai
xiang zuo xiang you xiang qian kan
ai yao guai ji ge wan cai lai

wo yu jian shui hui you zen yang de dui bai
wo deng de ren ta zai duo yuan de wei lai
wo ting jian feng lai zi di tie he ren hai
wo pai zhe dui na zhe ai de hao ma pai

wo wang qian fei fei guo yi pian shi jian hai
wo men ye chang zai ai qing li shou shang hai
wo kan zhe lu meng de ru kou you dian zhai
wo yu jian ni shi zui mei li de yi wai

zhong you yi tian
wo de mi di hui jie kai

Courtesy of

So, after listening to this song and much effort..Hope you guys meet your special for this year’s Valentine’s Day..

Perhaps, if you can’t make it this year..Try it hard next year..

There’s always a chance..It’s just whether the time has come or not..

In the end..Happy got conned for all those marked-up price for dining places, flowers, chocolates, and other stuffs..

For all those who are still single..Happy go lucky..Don’t worry, be happy..

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