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Monday, 13 February, 2006

Jay Chou and Lara – Shan Hu Hai

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In conjunction with the Valentine’s Day tomorrow..

Here, I post this song lyric of Shan Hu Hai (Coral Sea) by Jay Chou collaborated with Lara..

A very nice song, for me, at least..That can be sung by couples (provided they have melodic voice, if not the best like Jay and Lara)

Enjoy to the fullest of this song and a special day tomorrow, for couples only ofcoz..

Singles could also celebrate it with their frens, it won’t be as special as celebrating with special ones..

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is actually a stupid day..Couples waste much more money than usual, where they actually can treat everyday as Valentine’s Day..

We have Birthdays, Christmas Day, National Day, Labour Day, Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day..How bout a Break-up Day.?? Or Bachelor’s Day.??

No one will declare those type of days coz they can’t make money from the 2 Days that I mentioned..

Ok..Let’s go on with the song lyrics,k..

Please take note that those fonts in black is sung by Jay Chou and the red ones by Lara..The blue ones are Jay and Lara together..

Shan Hu Hai
Coral Sea

Ci: Fang Wen Shan
Lyrics: Vincent Fang

Qu: Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou

??ƽæԶ????ʼњ± ??ɋҪԵôƽ?????׼BR>hai ping mian yuan fang kai shi yan mai / bei shang yao zhe me ping jing chun bai
The sea from far began to cover the surface , How could my sadness be calmed down

Β?ā?ɏʼ֕?д??dzdz?ĎބμBR>wo de lian shang shi zhong jia dai / yan mo qian qian de wu nai
I remained straight-faced, trying to cover a hint of resignation

ni yong chun yu shuo ni yao li kai
You said that you wanted to leave

qing bu zai
Love is absent

˻đ??ā􏂀? Кӿ??ˮ
ta nan guo wu sheng de liu xia lai / xiong yong chao sui
He remained silent with a tinge of sadness. The raging waves

yi ding ming bai / bu shi lang er shi lei hai
(We) will understand that it is not the waves but a sea full of tears


(Jay & Lara concurrently)
תɭ??? ȏզ˵????
zhuan shen li kai / ren zhen shuo bu chu lai
Turn around and leave, I can’t speak out sincerely
ni you hua shuo bu chu lai
You have something to say but you can’t speak

??ı???? ֻʇһ??Ң͢
hai niao gen yu xiang ai / zhi shi yi chang yi wai
The love between a sea-bird and a fish, is only an accidental occurence

ΒÇ?İ? չҩһֱ?攚
wo men de ai / zheng yi yi zhi cun zai
Our love, has always been a controversial matter
???? ?רһֱ?攚 ?ز??R>gei ni de ai / zheng yi yi zhi chun zai hui bu lai
Our love has always existed, we can’t go back

Ӏ?Õ氮 ??????
yong jiu zhen ai / jing lei ji cheng shang hai
A love forever true, ends up accumulating pain
deng dai jing li ji ci shang hai
How many times has waiting lead to pain?

ބɭ븩_ ?֊֕f????BR>zhuan shen li kai/fen shou shuo bu chu lai
You have something to say but you can’t speak

wei lan de shan hu hai / cuo guo shun jian cang bai
An azure coral sea, a missed momentary paleness

dang chu bi ci / bu gou cheng shou tan bai
At the beginning, both of our immature confessions
ni you wo de / bu gou cheng shou tan bai / bu ying gai
You have my immature confession; that shouldn’t be

Ȉǩ??Ԛ Цȝãǿ???
re qing bu zai / xiao rong mian qiang bu lai
When there’s no more warm feelings, smiles cannot be forced
ģ?Đ?ȝã?????R>ni de xiao rong mian qiang bu lai
Your smiles cannot be forced

ai shen mai shan hu hai
Love is buried deep within the coral sea

?ٻ??ĉ???Ζ؀? Ӑ??۵İ?Եô֘?Ǡ
hui huai de sa diao ru he chong lai / you lie heng de ai zhe me chong gai
How do (we) rebuild the damaged sand sculpture , how could a relationship with cracks be fixed?

ֻʇһǐ ?ኸ̫?전㋵ģΞ??ʍ??
zhi shi yi qie / jie shu tai kuai / ni shuo ni wu fa shi huai
Only that all has ended too quickly and you said you could not understand why

???ǀ?؊?ôƚ??bei ke li ying cang she me qi dai
What surprises await in the shell

?Ȼ???R>deng hua er kai
Waiting for the flowers to bloom

wo men ye yi jing wu xin zai cai
We do not want to play the guessing game anymore

lian shang hai feng / lian shang hai feng / xian xian de ai / xian xian de ai / cheng bu chu hai you wei lai
The sea breeze caressing the face , the salty love , (We) could not suppress the feelings for the future

*Repeat Chorus

Courtesy of


Coincidentally, the Chinese Lunar Calendar’s Valentine’s Day was yesterday, which is the last day of CNY, Chap Goh Mei..

Whether you are with your special ones or just frens..Have a wonderful day ahead..


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