The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Sunday, 19 February, 2006


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Just came back from Sri Petaling’s Carrefour, played futsal then had supper at mamak..

Well..Finished my exam last week..Got nothing much to do..

Have been hanging around with my frens here and there..

Enjoy to the fullest before I get a job or maybe just procastinate until the next exam comes..

Not long before the next 1 comes..Around mid-April to early-May..

Have to struggle again..Just hope that after this miserable year I’ll get to pursue my degree course..

Been delaying my study too long..Not a good thing..

Anyway..Let’s talk about the fun things here..

I’m currently watching Saint Seiya TV Series..More than 100 episodes in total..

Yeah..It is a classic anime that streched back to day when I was born..Perhaps even earlier than that..

Saint Seiya was authored by Masami Kurumada in it’s very own manga/comic..

This classic anime eventually ended its story in the early 90’s..

Apparently..Recently, a new chapter has been installed to its saga..

It’s called Saint Seiya Hades..It is divided into 2 chapters at the time being..

The 1st chapter is called Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary..And 2nd chapter is called Saint Seiya Hades Inferno..

The whole journey of the ancient Saints begun again in order to protect Athena from being assasined by the Gods..

Ofcoz..These 2 whole new chapter’s graphic are far more hi-tech and detailed than the old ones..

Well..Words just can’t describe the wonder of the anime..

Perhaps you just go and buy it from any anime retail store or just illegally download it from the net as many others did =P

For anime fans who are looking for good storylines anime..I would recommend this wonderful anime..

It’s worth to watch..I would say it is my 2nd favourite long-running anime..

Where the 1st one would be Dragonball..Perhaps Naruto and Bleach are coming into the picture as my favourite long-running anime =)

Sailormoon series are quite long, too..But not in my favour..

Umm..Nothing much to say anymore as nothing special happened these few days..

So..See ya guys in the next post..


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