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Thursday, 23 February, 2006

The Avengers..

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As the title speaks..‘The Avenger’..A revenge for oneself..

I’m not talking about a revenge for a family being killed or ones business collapsed bcoz of foul play or what..

I’m talking about the Champions’ League Chelsea- Barcelona match here..

First of all..I mean ALL.!! BARCA ROCKS THE HELL YEAH~!!

Well..Thought of going to Hartamas Square to enjoy a superb match between 2 giant teams with other fanatic fans in a nice ambience..

Reached the place at about 1.30am..2 hours early before the match kick-off..Trying to get some nice seats..

What the heck.?? The place was empty like the stalls are not operating at that time..

Trying to convince ourselves that we were way too early to reach the place..The fans are on their way, at least we are the 1st ones..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Watching some highlights of the UK Football on the projector screen*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Deral and I*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hikaru with his Barca-away jersey*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*No one was watching at the screen except us*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*An empty food court..Silly us, not knowing what will happen next*

At about 2.30am..The food court was closing and they even switched off the projector monitor albeit the patrons were still enjoying their drinks..

Can’t do anything..Wandering around that area to find a mamak stall to enjoy our game..

All stalls seemed quite weird and irked all of us..

So, empty-handed all the way from Cheras to Hartamas..We returned to our favourite spot..Sri Petaling’s Nainas..

As soon as we arrived..The staff greeted us and welcomed our arrival, as usual..Regular customers to be precised..Hehehe..

We were the only customers at that time..About 15 minutes before the match kicks-off..

After a while..There came the Akademi Fantasia winner, Vince Chong and his sidekicks..Regular customers too..Met them there for quite a number of times..

Sad to hear that Nainas is going to shift to Puchong Jaya, opposite IOI Mall *WTF*..The stall at Sri Petaling will be closed starting on 1st of March 2006..

The stalls at Sri Petaling there will be demolished and reconstructions begun for condominiums and stuffs..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The seats under the roof*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The so-called kitchen..They serve delicious mamak-style dishes*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The small TV we were looking on bcoz the LCD projector has spolit*

The match started off and Barca dominated most of the game, no goals were scored in the early minutes for both hard attacking teams..

Until a moment where we thought was decisive for Chelsea..Asier Del Horno was red carded in the 37th minute for colliding Lionel Messi..

*Asier Del Horno speaking to the referee*

That was a hard one I would say..He deserves it..Chelsea down to 10-men..A promising chance for Barca to go all up against them..

*Mourinho speaks to the fourth official*

However..Chelsea defended well and managed to keep it a scoreless draw at half-time..

Came the 2nd-half..Chelsea showed a great performance and gave some threat to Barca defence despite playing with only 10-men *Shivers down my spine* Urgh~~

In a highly tensed atmosphere, Chelsea grabbed a goal from Thiago Motta‘s mistake for blocking goalkeeper, Victor Valdes to catch the ball..

Hence, an own-goal from Motta and handed Chelsea a 1-0 lead despite playing with 1 man down..

After some scuffles from both sides..Barca levelled from a John Terry‘s own-goal..

A nicely taken free-kick by Ronaldinho..A thoughtful clearance header by John Terry was deflected the other way round and into the back of his own net..

Most of the goals that Chelsea conceded were either from a header or an own-goal..

In this case here..Mourinho got a jackpot..A header own-goal..Muahaha..

*John Terry’s own-goal*

It was a decisive goal for Barca as they begun to dominate the game again, and looking for more goals..

A great performance by Argentine Lionel Messi added the pace in Barca‘s heaps of attacks..

*18-year old Lionel Messi does the dribbling*

Barca made a comeback with a Samuel Eto’o header..Yeah..It was a header goal ofcoz..

*Samuel Eto’o’s header winning-goal*

That goal looks certain to seal Barca‘s win and a comfortable 1-2 win away at Stamford Bridge in the 1st-leg..

Virtually, it almost looks certain that Barca will manage to go through to the quarter-finals, with a home game in the 2nd-leg at Nou Camp..

I made a prediction over Barca‘s win..And I was certainly in luck as I predict it to be 1-2..

In the return-leg..I would say the match end in a 1-1 or 2-2 draw..

And the time was 5.45am as the final whistle was blown..On our way back home for a nice sleep..At least I am going to have a nice sleep..

Poor Hikaru still had to attend classes starting at 8am this morning..Hahaha..

Not to forget..Congrats to Arsenal for winning an away game to Galacticos, Real Madrid on Tuesday night..

Arsenal showed heaps of great performances as 1 of the great teams in Europe *Applause, applause*


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