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Monday, 27 February, 2006

Requested : Langkawi Trip Spoiler

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Here’s a requested post from my fren, Hikaru, whom went to Langkawi last week with his coursemates..Those that I know are Walter, KJ, Ah Wah, Ah Heng and his girlfren..

I would say Langkawi is not a nice beach-site to enjoy nice beach/sea activities, such as snorkeling, bananaboat-ride, or anything..

But a nice tourist site for tax-free money spending spree..I’m talking bout chocolate, alcohol, and cigrattes here..

Heaven for drinkers and smokers..Imagine a normal Chivas Reagel that you forked out more than RM 300 at any night clubs, or RM 100++ at any supermart/hypermart, sold only at RM 60 in Langkawi..

Not to mention bout the chocolates and cigrattes..It will be a helluva place to spend all your clubbing-money here..

Buy a couple of bottles of liquor and few packs of cigars..Drink through the whole night and smoke til you die *Grins*

Well..I should say it was a fun vacation when they skipped 2 days of classes in the Uni, albeit numerous tests and midterms flowing in..Hahaha..

Nice lecturers they have..It’s all only in UTAR..Hahahah..1 of the lecturers brought forward their test 1 day earlier bcoz they were not able to sit for the test on the proposed date itself..

Ok..Let’s get to the main issue here..Why am I being requested to post-up this topic about “Langkawi Trip Spoiler”.??

As I mentioned..It was a fun vacation..But spoilt by a tiny-miny-supposed-to-be-nice-meal..

What kinda dish that you will ask for dinner when you are at the beachside..SEAFOOD ofcoz..

So Hikaru and his frens ordered a Marmite Crab *drools* A famous crab cuisine moisted with dry condensed marmite sauce..Yummy yuuuumm..

As a Malaysian I think most of us know that, that crab dish would come with BLACK-ish dry condensed marmite sauce..

But look what Hikaru and his frens got when the Marmite Crab came out from the kitchen..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Langkawi’s very own Marmite Crab*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hot and Spicy Sweet Sour Sauce Orange Marmite Crab.??*

It certainly is not a NORMAL Marmite Crab..Look at the color of the sauce..It certainly looks hot and spicy by its appearance, to me at least, if not all..

So..To verify the fact of what the cuisine is..Let’s see what Hikaru and his frens talked to the Boss of the restaurant (The real conversation was in Cantonese)

Hik & The Gang : Eh..Boss..What crab is this hah.??

Boss : Ooh..That one is don’t know what tao si jeong (black bean sauce) liao..

Hik & The Gang : WTF~?!?! Woi Puki-tiau..We ordered Marmite Crab lah..You give us tao si jeong for what.??? And you don’t know the name of this dish.??

Boss : *Gasp* Ooh..Marmite Crab ah..Yalo..That is your Marmite Crab lo..

Hik & The Gang : Waaaah~~!! *Jaws dropped* Deng~!! Why the sauce like this one.??? You think my knee don’t eat taufu ah.?!? (It is some kind of chinese proverb saying that “You don’t think I don’t know that you are lying to me”)

Boss : *Gasp, sweats* Errr..Our Langkawi Marmite Crab is like this one lah..Here the Marmite not black one..Orange one *Pheeeew..What am I talking about.?? I’m in deep-shit*

Hik & The Gang : Waah~!! Kenny-sia you..I mean..Kan Ni Niah you..You want cover like that meh.??? Paper cannot cover fire one leh~

Boss : *Sweats all over his face* No geh..This Langkawi Marmite Crab very nice one..You try see first..I go add water to your Chinese Tea *Walked away hurrily*

Hik & The Gang : Okla okla *#$%@!^&* Mumbling themselves cursing his shop drop dead gorgeous*

So..There they tried the so-called Langkawi Marmite Crab..Marmite Crab supposed to be sweet with a little bit of bitter-ish..Argh~~ Don’t know how to describe that taste of it..

However..That silly Langkawi Marmite Crab tasted YUCKS~!! Sweet and sour-like sauce..And it’s damn hot..And the crabs tasted not fresh enough..

A wannabe nice dinner utterly disappointed by the bad service of the Boss and the not-so-nice-but-then-ABSOLUTELY-VERY-NOT-NICE-YUCKY crab cuisine..

A wrongly taken order or cooked dish was foolish-ly taken as the right dish by the undisputed-self-embarrassed-foolish Boss..

Ooh..I just love connecting words to exaggerate something..Muahahaha *Devils laugh, grins*

It is a very dishonest way of doing business here dude..Adjudication, FAILED, VERY THOROUGHLY..

When you take orders..Give patrons the right dish..When you don’t have or don’t know how to cook a dish..Just say “Sorry, we don’t have it here..”

It’s simple, easy, understandable, forgiving, joyable, and lots more adjectives that I am un-able to think of now..

So..Do try their Langkawi Marmite Crab the next time you visit this place..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The infamous restaurant*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Remember this shop here*

Do snap some pics for reference..Hahaha..

OK..I did exaggerate the conversation above..But hey..Whatsoever..IT IS NOT NICE.!!

Here’s a nice blog I found on the net that served nice delicious Crab Cuisine..It is (click on link)..

KY is in the circle of frens with Shaolintiger..So you know..Talk about eatings and delicious foods..Look for them..I mean..Their blogs..



  1. haha….i going to langkawi soon …any recomended places & food for me to try there?? wer can buy cheap choc & liquor…..i heard lot of fren there saying food not nice & expensive…really?? recommemd to eat fast food like KFC, McD there wo… 😦 needed to bring own “gan liang” there ont leh??hahaha

    Comment by hong — Tuesday, 18 March, 2008 @ 1:43 pm

  2. hong >> check out my posts on Langkawi here

    Comment by Yatz — Tuesday, 18 March, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

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