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Friday, 31 March, 2006

Blood Donation At TARC..

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Ok..Let’s talk about the topic I left out last night at the end of my entry..Blood donation at TAR College..

This morning (I mean Thursday morning) I went for a blood donation, which I didn’t had one for 1 and a half year alredy..

Since my first blood donation during my Lower 6 time in 2002, I’ve been doing it every year ever since..

But too bad I couldn’t join the blood donation in the year 2005 bcoz I’m not feeling well or something..

In TARC..They organise a blood donation campaign every semester..Because one can donate every 3 months..

Meaning, after your 1st donation, your 2nd donation must be at least 3 months from your 1st donation..

Ok..I’m kinda lazy to describe the place and stuffs..This is when my cam-phone comes in handy..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*This is my 4th donation*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Yea..I’m type A*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*These are the tools used to test what type of blood are you*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The electronic needle to poke your finger to get your blood sample*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Those 2 small dots are mine..On the verge of being tested as type A*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Now all going tech-savvy..Computerized blood pressure device*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*She’s signing to give authorization that I’m clear to do the blood donation*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The packets to fill-in your blood*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Bar-code reader to identify my identity as a regular donor*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The packet that you need to hand over to the nurse*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Can you see the girl behind me.? She’s kinda cutie ^^ *

I was hoping she would be by my side to cheer me up during the process of my blood loss..But I got 1 nosy kid instead of her..Sad =(

Stories about the nosy kid ahead..Keep on reading and looking on the pics..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Fair skin of mine..No veins can be seen*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Now you can see that green veins appear underneath my skin*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*She’s injecting some kinda tranquilizer to make my arm numb..OUCH~!*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Now she’s poking the large needle to connect my vein to the packet, so that blood can flow into the packet*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hanging still*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Nurses joking around, yet with full concentration towards their duty here*

I missed the old days during my Form 6 times, when students are allowed to enter the hall, be it donor or not..

Having company from friends is the best thing..Friends crowding your place and cheer you up instead of stupid committee members..

Well, I’m the committee member of course..But the school is not SOOO big, thus I almost knew all of the donors..

Because you must be above 18 year old to be a donor..So most of the donors were Form 6 students..

Everyone was chatting around, be a companion to their friends..Even the disqualified ones was able to feel the good deed their are trying to do, just too bad disqualified for certain reasons..

It also encouraged those cowards who don’t dare to do donation at first, but by looking at the happy-merry scene, it’ll move their heart to join-in..

But in here, only donors are allowed to enter the hall..And unfortunately for those who do not qualify for the donation, have to leave the hall at once, instead of permitted to accompany their friends who qualify..

No fun at all..Well..I’m the one who in-charged of the campaign those days..Ofcoz anything could happen..Hahaha..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here’s my 70% filled packet of my type A blood*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Still doing fine*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here’s the full packed of my blood, 450 ml (That’s the amount for guys..For girls, just around 300 ml)*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Oo oh..Feeling a little dizzy here..Same shit happened during my 1st donation..I see stars*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*That’s the needle-mark on my left arm*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Getting a nice rest (Not quite nice though, being disturbed by a nosy First Aid Unit -FAU- committee member)*

This nosy FAU girl here was so annoying..If she’s pretty then I’m fine with all her rants and ramblings..Don’t you agree.?? Unfortunately, she’s not pretty..

First..She came forth and said, “Hi, type-A..I’m also type A.” Then I just looked at her in confusion and replied, “Oh, ok.”

She crapped heaps of lame jokes which I don’t find it funny anyway..And she kept asking, “Don’t you think it is very, very funny.??”

Don’t you think it’ll be very very funny if I show you my long middle finga.?? Hell with it..

And she’s just in 1st year of Diploma..Which is errr, 3 years my junior..Telling me DOs and DON’Ts during blood donation..

When I tried to cross my legs..She went, “Oh no you don’t..You can’t cross your legs in this period of time.!! You must relax~~”

WTF~!!! Where the hell were you when I’m the ONE who organised the blood donation campaign for 2 consecutive years during my ruling of the Form 6, YOU BOZZO~~!!!

Who are you trying to advise me about blood donation thingy..I’m just fed up with her that I shut my eyes and have a good rest without looking at her..

Well, apparently I was trying to be nice with her, tried my best not to say hurtful words to her..But she’s just so annoying..

I almost asked her to let me snap a pic of her and post-up in here..Then tell her my blog address and have her read my dissatisfaction..

I know you are trying to be Ms-Nice-FAU-Committee-Member and so-called Ms Jack Of All Trades..But you failed..Instead of cheering up the donors, you actually bored them by talking nonsense..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hampers up for grabs..The hampers are for selected donors, such as the 500th donor, the 1000th donor, the 1500th donor, and so on*

There’s also a lame lucky draw, where I got a tie clip..And also a goodie bag when u exit the hall to rest outside..

In TARC here, they’ll have your name printed on a certificate to show their appreciation towards your good deed..Together with your name is the amount of your current total donations..

So..After the blood donation, had a good meal of chicken rice for my lunch before the lecture starts at 12 noon..

Anyway..After some good rest I’ll be charging up with blood flowing in my body again..

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara..Dermalah Darah Untuk Negara..


Wednesday, 29 March, 2006

Jusco’s Kim Gary Restaurant

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Since I got nothing to blog..Let’s talk about eating *Kinda hungry while I’m writing this*

I just got to know that Kim Gary Restaurant has opened at Maluri’s Jaya Jusco couple of weeks ago..

So don’t be surprised if I blog about this..

Ok..Before the Jusco Kim Gary, it has benchmarked its shop in Sungei Wang Plaza..Then all the way to Midvalley Megamall..

Then couple months ago, I heard from a fren that Kim Gary opened another branch at Gurney Plaza, Penang..

There might be other outlets at places that I’m not aware of..At least I know 4, where 3 of them in Kuala Lumpur..

Ok..Kim Gary is just another Hongkie style restaurant, served Hongkie food and drinks..

There are other stupid outlets like Tsim Tung (Pandan Indah), Causeway Bay (Low Yat Plaza), and the newly opened restaurant owned by Hong Kong movie star Eric Tsang..I don’t what’s the shop called..

To name a few delicacies like “Sai Toh Si” (Western Toast a.k.a French Toast), “Lai Cha” (Milk Tea a.k.a Teh Tarik), “Yin Yong” (Mix a.k.a Teh Si), are among others in the menu..

The 1 that made Kim Gary famous is “Cheese Baked Rice”..A layer of cheese as the topping to bake the rice with content of your own choice..E.g chicken wings, pork, etc..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The front door, just beside Starbucks*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Not much people eh*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Staff with their black uniforms*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*I don’t really know what are these grills for..It’s not sound-proof or smoke-proof*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The cashier is not there..Save your money and run out of the place*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Staff cleaning the pillar outside, instead of serving customers*

The outer-side sure will add-up some tables and chairs..Hence there is where the smoking area, just like Midvalley‘s..

Although the corridor is still empty..I’m pretty sure they will soon put up tables and chairs, like what Starbucks did..

Some patrons were complaining that the smokes of the cigar irritated them..After all, it is a air-conditioned shop..Be more considerate will ya, smokers.??

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Pillars everywhere*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Heck with it..Don’t understand chinese characters*

Comments about this shop here..

Geographically, not quite strategic..Not much offices around here..More like low-cost offices..

Customer target..Mostly immature lala students hang-out here during play truant, before school, and after school..

Kim Gary can earn profit from the students of higher secondary, as they are more tend to spend money like a young adult, as if they are alredy working..

Bringing dates to this place will show that you are not stingy..Then the girl goes, “Aww..Is this ok to you.?? It’s kinda pricey for us”.

And the guy will reply, “No worries..My dad gave me RM250 every week..We can still come here to eat 2-3 times a week”.

The next day, the girl will tell her bestfrens (girls), “Oh..The meal was ok..It’s not my money after all..That guy’s treat..Let’s go together some day”.

Other than students from near-by secondary schools, housewives also frequent to this shopping complex..

Usually housewives like to save their money on things from the supermarket, rather than restaurants like this one..1 group-target down..

Ooh..There is 1 more group of people..Working people from near-by shoplots in Maluri..

So, customer-wise..Kim Gary still can make some profit here..Now you know why my pics are so customer-empty..

At Sungei Wang and Midvalley, you will have to queue up for a seat during peak or near-peak hours..

Here..No hassle at all..Maybe it’s still in the early stage..We’ll see in the near future..

The shop..Not bad, quite spatial, compared to the one in Sungei Wang and Midvalley..

I’m pity with the future-smoking area..It’s so hot out there..But, I’m not a smoker..I’m not sitting there anyway..Muahahaha..

Umm..I think that’s all for this filler entry..Need to sleep now..

Going for blood donation the next morning..So I must have enough sleep and a light meal before my good deed..

Good night..Hope I can snap some pics from the scene to blog it out..

Tuesday, 28 March, 2006

Step In Thai-Land

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Ok now..Don’t be too fascinated with the title of this entry..It is not that I visited Thailand the past few days, hence no updates in my blog..

I just went to Thai Club to have some fun..It was really fun, looking at people doing their weird-stupidity moves..

Well, straight to the point..We (Me, Lum, Diane, and Ping) shared a small table with a group of mid-20s looking guys..

The table is just located in front of the pole-stage designated just for chicks..Where no guys are allowed to step on it..

A bunch of chicks (Err..I DON’T mean HOT-chicks) like about 4 or 5 of them dancing to the tune on the stage..

One of them took the centrestage with her bootylicious shaking tremedously wonderful (Well..Not really tremendously, but at least she oust the others on the stage)

Then, one of them, danced like she was doing light ear-squat movements..I mean her legs and body..Not that her hands on her ears..

Or I would say she did a jumping-lightly gesture without lifting your ankles off the floor..

That’s not all..A petite-chubby (Or should I say fat.??) girl who is not cute at all..

With her Mickey Mouse words baring shirt dancing on the stage..It just turned me off..

Last but not least..A girl danced so robotically that she resembles those plastic dolls you put on your car dashboard..

You know..Those dolls usually have some kinda spring stick to its neck and attached to the inner side of its head..

It’ll shakes its head when your car is moving, get what I mean.??

And her body was like cramped into one shit with her right hand crossed her chest to the left shoulder..

ARGH~~ It is just so unfascinating..It turned me off as well..

I’m not a good dancer myself..But, by looking at her movements..I don’t even want to move my body..

Then there was a girl, a lil’ bit of chubby I would say..

Suddenly appeared out of no where, and danced just in front of me..Luckily with her back facing me..

I guessed she’s just another ‘lonely’ girl waiting to be ‘hit’ by womanisers..

And as she wished..A guy from the next table took the first step to get to know her..

Hence, introduced her to his frens at the round table..How I wished she would be thinner and slightly taller..Hehehe..

Well..One of the guys sharing table with us was quite generous..He offered 2 glasses of Chivas-Coke mixture to us..

Perhaps he felt guilty for accidentally dropped 1 of our glasses of whisky..You know..The tables are small..Shit happens..

Did few toasts with them..Well, not bad to have them beside us, rather than irrationale people who looks for fights after getting drunk..

“Drunken master you are.?? Hmm..See it shall we..Shit you I’ll beat into..” *Say it out loud with Yoda’s grunt voice*

Well..As usual..Another stupid fight occurred..Some patrons like scared off their hell, leaving the place right after the fight was dismissed..

I guessed many of you, clubbers, have had seen people shook their head in clubs..Yea..I do mean after taking ecstacy pills or those ketamine, amphetamine things..

I’m sure you do..Have you guys seen anyone swallowed a vibrator before.?? Yea..And I do mean vibrator that stimulates your sexual activities..

There was a girl..I think she’s around 19 year old..Grabbing tightly to the pole with just one hand..

And she shaked her body ferociously from head to toe, as if she swallowed a vibrator and it’s still functioning in her stomache..

Fortunately she is a pretty girl..Her fren joined her on the pole-stage..Not bad too..So I got nothing to condemn about them..

Nice dance and moves..Just too bad that each 1 of them has a guy holding their hand..Sigh..

Well..I think that’s all about the mildly fun clubbing day, with amateur performances, it was quite turning off though..

Anyway..Everyday is a brand new day..Live life to the fullest..

Friday, 24 March, 2006

MCA Futsal Challenge..

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Here’s another delayed entry..Like I said, damn tired these few days..Got to bed at about 9.30pm..

I entered the MCA Futsal Challenge on Sunday, 19th of March 2006, with my futsal teammates..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The banner of Sports Planet – Ampang*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Still not much participants*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The main entrance of the futsal centre*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*There’s where all the medals and courts are placed*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Officials from MCA*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Officials, participants, and nosy people*

It was some kinda nice experience to enter a tournament..Got to know other great teams and lousy teams as well..

The tournament follows the World Cup format..8 groups, each group 1st and 2nd-placed team will advance to next phase, the last 16..

Unfortunately, only a total of 24 teams registered for the tournament on that day..So we were equally divided into 8 gorups of 3..

This has given us an easier chance to qualify for the next stage..

The opening ceremony was a huge one..It was over exaggerated with lion dances, and did a ‘stepover’ pose on the soccer ball..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Lions rehearsing their moves*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Officials look-on the dumb lions*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Call PERHILITAN..The lion is dead bcoz of these hunters*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The crowd watching the lions bcoz they are dumb..Not bcoz they are nice*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*I guess lions also know how to shuffle*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Can you see Datuk Seri Dr Chan Kong Choy.? 2nd from left among the white shirts*

Download videos of those stupid lions

Gabrianz with the Lions (480 KB, 56 sec)

Datuk Seri Dr Chan Kong Choy Kicking The Ball (409 KB, 47 sec)

Datuk Seri Dr Chan Kong Choy (correct me if he is not a Dr) attended to launch the opening ceremony..Giving short speech in Mandarin, which I don’t understand..

No one was paying attention to the lousy loudspeaker..Everyone had their own topics to chat, taking pics with their cams, and stuffs..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Officials just acting carefree*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*This team (in blue jersey) looked dejected even before the tournament started*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*They do looked carefree..Nightmares ahead*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*One of MCA’s representative team (yellow jersey)*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Look at this team here (dark blue/black jersey)..They are just primary school kids*

After the ceremony, we started off the first match against a lousy team, Sungei Way FC or something..The team members are about in the early-30’s..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*This team (red jersey) really cocky..Wished them die in the group stage*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Referee inspecting the goal post*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The 2nd official in our match court*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Warming up for the 1st match*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Referee telling the rules*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Let’s play ball~~*

Not much problem for the first match..We trashed them 6-0..A nice start indeed..

Then we played against another team in our Group A, Sentosa FC..They were quite ok..Nothing special about that match..Ended with 1-1..

Then Sentosa FC crashed Sungei Way FC 7-0..Argh~~ More than us 1 goal..Hence we were on 2nd place..

One of Sungei Way FC player clowned himself, just like a joker..Hahaha..We had some good laughs there..

That’s when our nightmare begun..We went on to the last 16 and played against 7-11 FC (What a stupid name if they are not representing 7-11)

We threw away our lead twice where the opponent equalised to make it 2-2 and forced the game to a penalty shoot-out decider..

Opponent took the first kick and it proved fatal to them..They missed the first kick out of 3 kicks..

And we managed to score all 3 balls..So we advanced to the quarter-finals..

Our opponent, Elitz, is a very well-organised team..I think they played on the field as well..The nightmare came true..

We were humiliated by 3-0 in the first-half, then went on to 5-0 in the 2nd-half..Few minutes from time, Petrol managed to score 2 consolation goals to..We bowed out with 5-2..

Well..Frankly, we were not up to the standard to play against them..If we were managed to beat them up..The semi-finals was not an easy task as well..

Elitz cruised on and won the tournament..At least we have lousy reason why we bowed out in the quarter-finals..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The 3rd-4th play-off*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Nothing much about the game*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The Final getting on concurrently with the 3rd-4th play-off*

The 2nd-half of the Final match..Download it – Final Match – Elitz VS Corona FC (2.88 MB, 5 min 42 sec)

Although we lose..It could have been a nice experience..Joining tournament and stuffs..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Good-bye Sports Planet*

Wednesday, 22 March, 2006

Redzone F1 Rave Party..

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Shit..This is a super-delayed entry from me..Never really had a chance to blog these few days..

Been slightly busy and tired..Hence slept quite early for the past few nights..Now I’m back with this entry about a nice event..

It is the Redzone F1 Rave Party at Sepang F1 Circuit, on 17th-19th of March 2006, in conjunction with the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix (It’s pronounced as Gron-Prii, not Gren-Priks, you dumb)

A small DJ Rave on Friday night, DJ Tiesto performing with other DJs on Saturday, and I’m not sure what kinda event was held on Sunday right after the F1 race..

I joined former IDC members for the free event on last Friday..Ok..I know it was rather small compared to DJ Tiesto on Saturday night..

But heck..No money to go for DJ Tiesto..And I had a futsal tournament on Sunday morning..No way I’m going to the rave..

Brian and Fuzz did the driving, as I’m dumb with routes and highways to KLIA a.k.a Sepang..

To tell you the truth Brian..Both of us were quite scared at the back seat bcoz of your car-tailing driving style (in the rain)..Hahaha..No offence..Just telling..

Anyway..We reached the place at about 8.30pm..30 minutes before the end of the time to redeem our free entrance ticket, thanks to online registration..Hahaha..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here’s a little view of the place*

Well..Not much people when we arrived, with our empty stomach..Lots of show girls I would say..Marlboro show girls..Hehehe..There, we met Linus, also a former IDC-ian..

Then we went out and got our dinner, McDonald’s at KLIA..There, I met Budiman..It’s a small world after all..

Had our dinner and few shots of Absolut Vanilla flavor..Off we went into the dance floor again..

This time packed with people..Full with all kind of people..You can see whites, blacks, Malays, Indians, Chinese, chicks, shufflers, whatever..You name it..

1 thing I wanted to say..Salute to those shufflers *Bow bow bow* They managed to shuffle on the tar ground..

I bet they either changed their shoes every 2 weeks, or they have heaps of shoes to shuffle around..

Well..Live DJ was absolutely awesome..You can see them on stage doing their turntable works..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Can you see the DJ there.?? I have no idea what is his name*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The Ferrari F1 car was put on display on stage, next to the DJ turntable*

Again..Videos available to download for a better view of the event..

Focusing On Ferrari F1 Car Rather Than The DJ (397 kb, 46 sec)

Fireworks With DJ Montana (543 kb, 1 min 3 sec)

My Fave Vid Of The Night (592 kb, 1 min 9 sec)

Continuation Of My Fave Vid (351 kb, 41 sec)

Some Kinda Balloon Being Thrown In The Air (306 kb, 35 sec)

Brian Trying To Appear In My Vid (408 kb, 47 sec)

My 2nd Fave Vid (783 kb, 1 min 31 sec)

I did really enjoyed that night..Not sure bout the others..Heheh..

And before we left..Took few pics to show you guys..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*LCD monitors everywhere..Not sure what it is for*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Yeah..Bootylicious Marlboro show girls..There are heaps more scattered everywhere*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here Brian, with 1 of the show girls ^^ *

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The stage hit by alien’s spacecraft solaer beam.?? NO~~*

Wednesday, 15 March, 2006

Signs Of Bird Flu = H5N1..

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I guess everyone now knows something, if not all, about the Avian Influenza (bird flu), H5N1 virus..

The virus claimed lots of lives across the globe..How many of that.? I wouldn’t know..Didn’t read much news of that..

All that matters now is, the avian flu is now in Malaysia too..If I’m not mistaken..It was first detected in 1 of the northern states..

That doesn’t matter anyway..Bcoz it’s in the northern part of Malaysia..Let’s talk about KL..I guess most of my readers lived in KL area..

The affected area is in Setapak..My stupid college, TARC is just located in Setapak – Wangsa Maju border line, or so..

Even the TARC‘s near-by delicious chicken rice stall at Taman Bunga Raya (TBR) was not selling chicken rice when the avian flu was detected in Setapak..

It only sells char siew and siew yuk rice..Not quite sure about it now..

And I guess other food stalls that sell their food with chicken in it, have to change their ingredients to pork or fish..

Actually we can still eat poultry..As long as the dish is well-cooked, and not half-cooked, or 70% cooked or whatever..It must be WELL-COOKED.!!

So, in this entry here..I’ll talk about the signs you are on the verge of being infected with avian flu / bird flu / H5N1 virus..

Signs You Are On The Verge Of Being Infected With Avian Flu

Case #1

Tom : Hey..Let’s have chicken rice for lunch later..I’m damn hungry..

Henry : Are you crazy.?? Bird flu is f*cking spreading everywhere like nobody business..Especially in hell Setapak..

Dick : All the stupid chickens in Setapak area were being culled to stop the virus from spreading any further..

Henry : Yea Dick, you are using your brain and not your dick this time..

Tom : What are we going to eat later then.?? A bucket full of shits.??

Dick : I guess we just try out the lousy duck rice stall ahead..No news about ducks being culled or assasinated anyway..

Henry : Dick, for the first time in my life, I agreed with ur point of view for the second time..Let’s just have f*cking duck rice instead..

Dick & Tom : Ok..

Case #2

Henry : Hey..I’m damn hungry..What are we eating later.?? I’m not going to eat those stupid chickens in this area..

Dick : Yeah..Me too..Count me out..

Tom : Hey..Let’s drive out to Wangsa Maju..There are heaps of food stalls..The most important is, it’s WANGSA MAJU..Not Setapak..

Henry : You are so right Tom..You just make me want to bonk you here and now..

Tom : Leave that for tonight..I’m too hungry to do that now..

Dick : Ok..It has been decided..Let’s go to Wangsa Maju..It’s alredy 1pm..

Case #3

Dick : Aaa~Choo~!! Shit..I’m so sick today..

Henry : Are you soon to be dead.??

Dick : Not quite yet..Just normal fever, sore throat, and running nose..

Tom : Did you consumed poultry lately.??

Dick : Well..Not really..Just that I have been eating 3 half-boiled eggs for my breakfast since I was 8 year-old..

Henry : Whoa~!! You are 22 year-old this year..Your tank must be full everyday..

Tom : Yeah..It must be those overloaded proteins went up to your head instead of your dick down there..Try to pump it out at least once a week..You’ll feel much better after that..

Henry : Ooh..Ok..No wonder I’m having wet dreams fortnightly..I’ll try it out..Aaa~Chooo~!!

Case #4

Henry : Hey Tom..You looked awfully sick today..

Tom : Yea..A little bit of fever, sore throat, and flu..It is pretty bad to get sick in this way..

Dick : Have you eaten any poultry or something.??

Tom : Yeah..I visited the KFC yesterday, coz it was Tuesday..I can get 30% for the 3-piece chicken set..And also I travelled to KLCC from college here, yesterday..I passed-by some squatters route..And those chickens jumped onto my bike..

Henry : Shit man..You are infected with bird flu..Don’t you come near me..I don’t want to die so fast..

Dick : No worries Henry..I don’t want to die either..But he is not infected with bird flu..If he was, he is alredy dancing to the Noma Numa Yei song like stupid Chicken Little..He can’t even manoeuvre his dick now..

Tom : Really.?? Oh..I’m glad to hear that..Guess I’m just normal sick..

Yeah..I think that’s all for the signs if you are on the verge of being infected with bird flu..

The stories above are just fictioned and not related to anyone who is still alive, or dead..

So..If you are showing signs like the above, do make an appointment with a doctor at the near-by clinic..

Don’t cause any trouble to your family, frens, or any other people that you hardly know..It is fatal..

Good luck to those fall sick and don’t know what caused it..

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