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Sunday, 5 March, 2006

GAY-a, Mutu Futsal, Keunggulan..

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Nothing much about this post..Just a little bit of round-up..

Recently, Weng Soon had a little chat with a guy..Err..I mean GAY.!! YA.! You heard me..GAAAAYY~!! *Read in slow-mo, high-tune to low-tune*

That gay is SOOOO GAY to me bcoz I have not met or encountered with any gays before..So, for me, he’s absolutely the GAY-est of them all..

Fortunately the chat was on MSN Messenger..And not face to face..YUCK~!

Have a look at the conversation that Weng Soon had with that GAY/guy, if you have not read about it..”Yak With Gay” (click on link)

Actually GAYs are still ok..I can still accept them as GAYs..We still can be frens, as long as GAYs do not have any fatal attraction towards me..But not BAPOKs a.k.a PONDANs..

Do take note..BAPOKs or PONDANs are absolutely different from TRANSVESTITEs (read as tranz~ves~tait)..

BAPOKs or PONDANs are usually guys who take-up injections or pills that can help them grow their flat chest to small-looking boobs..Usually with their little-willy STILL hanging on their crotch..

While most of all the TRANSVESTITEs that we have heard of, are usually guys who went through sex-change surgery to become a 100% pure WOMAN..

KOREANs and THAIs are famous for their TRANSVESTITEs movie stars, or even models..

Now move-on to some other things involving me, myself and I..Heheheh..

My Futsal team (click on link), has registered for the upcoming MCA Challenge or something like that..Scheduled to be played on 19th March 2006, Sunday at Ampang‘s Sport’s City of something..

Organised by MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association)..The competition will be held in all 14 states..And ofcoz we are vying for the Top 3 for Wilayah Persekutuan..

The Top 3 will get to represent their respective states..Organised by MCA..Without a doubt, the competition is just for Chinese, no other races are allowed to join the competition..

32 teams will be grouped into 8 Groups, like the World Cup format..Each of the teams allowed to recruit 8 players..

Only the winners of each of the Groups will advance to the next round, which is the quarter-finals..

1st prize winner gets to win RM 1,000..2nd prize gets to win RM 500 and 3rd prize will get RM 300..

Each of the teams has to pay an entrance fee of RM 160, which is RM 20 per person..Each teams applicants will have to post each of its players’ photocopy of IC and a passport-sized photo..Together with a bank draft for the payment ofcoz..

For further details, you may contact Johnson Lee (click on link to email)..


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