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Wednesday, 8 March, 2006

My Precious Legs..

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I hurt both of my legs when I was playing futsal last Saturday..

I got kicked by opponent on my bone at the hamstring part..Hit by the ball numerous times, bcoz I’m a defender..

Then I have bruises everywhere on my left thigh, 5 marks of bruises..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*There are the 5 bruise-marks on my left thigh..Nice leg eh..Huhuhuh*

I also have my bone on the hamstring swelled..No pic of it coz it is just a small swell after all..No significant mark on it..

I sprained my right ankle once..That was about 5 months ago..

It got swollen and I couldn’t play futsal or clubbing for the next 1 month or so..

Then I was back to action before my ankle was fully-fit..Fortunately nothing happened..

In mid-December I stopped playing futsal bcoz my exam was around the corner..So I was barred to go out =P

As soon as I finished my exam in the early February, I had a 2 hour game with my teammates..

I was injured again..Bcoz I was not active for about 2 months..So bruises everywhere again..

And my bone on the hamstring got swollen (YEAH.!! The damn bone part again.!!), just a small swell on both legs..

That’s for sure bcoz I’m not used to aggressive activities during my 2 months long rest from futsal..

Now my legs are in good condition, despite of the bruises everywhere..

So, the futsal competition is just around the corner..19th of March 2006, next Sunday..

Guess I will be fully-fit by then..Ooo..I’m so fragile..I will have my fingers sprained if I’m the goalkeeper..

Ooh..And I will missed the Redzone Rave Party at Sepang, on 18th of March 2006..Featuring DJ Tiesto and many other DJs from abroad..

For further info about the event, visit (click on link)..

Anyway..Wish me luck for everything ahead..


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  1. Hello,
    I am from the training unit for the Queensland Government Department of Communities in Australia. I am seeking permission to duplicate one of the images from your website to use in a powerpoint presentation as part of training child protection workers in their role of assessing abuse and working with paediatricians when investigating allegations of abuse. The image I refer to shows several bruises on the inside of your leg.

    The image used from this web page would not be used for any form of diagnostic purposes or for public display. Their intended use is for Child Safety Officer Training only. The image will not be modified in any way. If you have any further questions regarding our intention please contact me


    Ashlum Tan

    Comment by Ashlum Tan — Tuesday, 12 January, 2010 @ 10:52 am

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