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Thursday, 9 March, 2006

You And I Are The Same..

Filed under: Parody & Funny — Yatz @ 2:05 am

For those who read sure did come across a post about Andy Lau‘s poster resembles Chicken Little‘s movie poster..
After that..He did a resemblance of himself with the Monsters, Inc 1 eyed green monster (No idea what is it called..Didn’t watch Monsters, Inc)..
Check out his “Like Mike” (click on link) post, where he resembles the Monsters, Inc creature..
And for those who frequently visited my blog since mid-2005..I do believe that you still remember I did a post about Chew Shu resembles Jolin Tsai..
It is entitled “Free As A Bird (click on link)..And actually I did the resemblance-pic post way before Kenny Sia did his Andy Lau/Chicken Little resemblance post..
So, don’t you ever think that I’m manipulating his job here..Perhaps he is the one manipulated mine =P
Now..This post here, entitled “You And I Are The Same”..Something just caught my eyes when I online today..
2 of my frens..Put up their pics on the avatar of the MSN Messenger..I was like “WTF.?! Same pic from 2 of my frens that hardly know each other.??”
So..What should a free person like me going to do.? I opened both of the MSN message box..Placed them side by side..
And then, I pressed on the ‘Print Screen’ button on the keyboard..A little bit of cutting and editing..Vholla~!
Here’s the art masterpiece from me..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Nice one eh..Rock-a-bye baby..Ehehehe*

I don’t want to say out their names..Hope you guys know who they are and who you are..Hahaha..
The difference here is, the quality of the pic, ofcoz..Both of them are using Sony Ericsson product..Or even maybe their sleeping pose are not the same =P (Heck..Even the bedsheets are almost the same color =P )
Just that the left 1 uses SE K700, with only VGA quality for the camera..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*SE K700i..With 40MB built-in memory..Just too bad it doesn’t has any memory-card slot*

For further details about the phone’s spcifications, check out GSM Arena : SE K700 (click on link)
While the right 1 uses SE W800, with 2.0 mega-pixel for the camera..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*SE W800i, carries the name of the Sony Walkman capability, which has a great audio performance*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Nice audio for a mobile phone, no Push-To-Talk and 3G technology though, for a new model like this one*

For full phone specifications review, check out GSM Arena : SE W800 (click on link)
Now how’s that for a comparison..Avatar resemblance and also mobile phones comparison..Not bad eh..
Now I think that’s all for this post..Be proud and happy that I promote you guys here..Hahaha =P
By the way, congrats to Kenny Sia for finishing the 42km Ambank KL International Marathon 2006 race..Check out his blog about the 42km KL Marathon 2006 (click on link)
I didn’t expect him to finish the race..Maybe he could, but he’ll take some time to finish it..Anyway, you have done it *Double thumbs UP*



  1. My nephew is Cuckoo for Chicken Little. That kid has seen that movie 100 times now.

    Comment by mr skin — Saturday, 2 December, 2006 @ 3:19 am

  2. mr skin >> haha..sad to say i haven’t watched any of those animations..

    Comment by Yatz — Monday, 4 December, 2006 @ 5:11 am

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