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Sunday, 12 March, 2006

Kill, Kill, Q-Bar.!!

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Some clubbers have had some good rest from clubbing bcoz of raids here and there lately..

Same for us..So, trying to avoid of any sudden raids at Rush Club or any other hotspots..We tried out somehow a new place, at least for first-timer Diane, Lum, Lee Ping, and Justin..

I have been there twice before, and Roy has been there, too..And the place is none other than Q-Bar at Sunway Piramid..

Upon reaching the place before we enter..What else other than cam-whoring..

Then we checked out the prices of the liquors available..Certainly they are much more expensive than our frequent hang-outs, Rush Club and Thai Club..

Anyhow, we still gave it a shot since we travelled from afar just for that club..Handed over the money and got ourselves a bottle of Black Label scotch whisky..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Justin pointing at the stupid Mixer Card on the liquor bottle..We were only able to add up our soft drinks 3 times*

*Meaning we have 3 Mixer Cards..Each time we top-up our soft drink, a piece of the Mixer Card will be taken, a.k.a coupon*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The Johnnie Walker Black Label Old Scotch Whisky..I kept it in hand bcoz it just left a little..Let’s have game at Justin’s house again..Hahaha*

The ambience was quite ok..Then there is another door that we could get to the other side of the club..

So we have the place separated to R&B-Soul-Hiphop-remix-side, and a Trance-House-Techno-side..

The R&B-Soul-Hiphop-remix-side was quite dark..And the dance floor was a bit small compared to Rush or Thai..

However, on the Trance-House-Techno-side was quite spacious..And the place was dimly lit..

By the time we entered, around 11pm..I had no idea what was happening..

While we were walking around to find a seat or table or so, everyone was looking and staring at us from top to bottom..

Maybe we were weird-looking.?? Or maybe they felt awkward with our way of dressing.??

Where ever we walked, there sure few tens of pair of eyes staring at us like we are aliens or something..

Well, I guess we were the one who should feel awkward towards those suspicious eyes..

Anyway..We still managed to get a place and our neighbouring patrons staring at us suspiciously, too *WTF~*

So there I was seated and enjoyed my drink with Roy..The others went to the R&B side..

They claimed the remix of songs were damn suck..Don’t know what kinda remix were playing from the DJ..

However, I felt kinda refreshing in the Trance side..The numbers were something different from what we always heard from Rush and Thai, I mean they are playing other than Benny Benassi..

The price was a little hefty but the ambience and the tracks are quite good..So I guess it was still worth it..

Although I could have been to F1 Party featuring DJ Tiesto with the same amount of price..

Why do I still saying that it was worth it if I could have gone to the DJ Tiesto party.?? Hehehe..Guess what..

There was a time Roy ventured the place around, where all hungry-looking-Barbarians staring at us earlier on are everywhere in the room..

So just left me alone sitting there buat muka bodoh (with silly face) enjoying my drink..

2 lovely chicks from the next table walked over and chat with me ^^ Kekeke..

They said they were astonished with my hair when I was walking around the place to look for empty place earlier on..Geez..Malunya..Wahahaha..

Then we had a little hug-petting and took a pic, with their camera..So we exchanged emails and stuffs..

And they have alredy uploaded the pic and I was given permission to link it to my blog..Be careful when you try to view the pic..

Coz it was a “NAUGHTY” pic after all..Hehehe..So just click on Hot Chick (this), it will link you to the “NAUGHTY” pic..

No one was dancing in the Trance side..Everyone was rather stoned or glued to their seats or tables..Felt kinda weird if we dance there..

So we, too, stoned at our place..Just moving our bodies a little..And actually the room was not packed with people..It was rather empty for a spacious room..

Then there were 3 Indians dancing to the tune in their own weird-looking movements..You know, like those fist-punching moves..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*There are the 3 guys dancing to their own*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Shit..A dark pic*

Ooh..Before I move on..For those who didn’t have a peek on the pic that I took with the chicks..Congrats.!!

Coz I just fictioned the whole thing about the chicks having chat with me..Hahaha..But do check on the pic if you have not..

Anyway..At about sharp-midnight, the room was on its verge to be packed with lots of people..But most of them were there to drink rather than dance or shuffle..

Well..Didn’t fully-utilized my byakugan, coz not much chicks around..There were some..But just simply passed-by our table..

Then I guess at about 1am is the peak-time of every clubs..Full with chicks and hunks and you could hardly move around..

But at Q-Bar..The dimly lit spotlights were all brightly flashing on the dance floor..Some patrons rushing their way out of the club..

But most of them did nothing much albeit the lights were all brightly lighten up the place..

I thought to myself, “Don’t tell me it is another f*cking raid on our first clubbing night after resting for about 3 weeks.?!”

Actually…………….The club was closing, AT F*CKING PEAK-TIME 1am.!!! WTF~!!

Why is it so.?? Bcoz of recent raid at many places in Selangor area..So they are trying to abide by the City Council’s rules and regulations..WTF~!!

Although it has stopped playing musics, the staff was not chasing its customers out of the place..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here’s the stupid room where patrons left the room*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Some patrons still hanging around in the room*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here is me in sober state saying, POTONG STIM BETOL~!!*

So..We cam-whored again..And had a little chat with a kiddo, but quite a frequent clubber..Just exchanging views..

Then off we went to Steven’s Corner at Pandan Indah..What a stupid clubbing night after a long rest..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Took a few pics of the stupid Black Label in my room upon reaching home*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here is the closer view of the stupid Mixer Card*

No more stupid Q-Bar next time..ADIOS~~


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