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Wednesday, 15 March, 2006

Signs Of Bird Flu = H5N1..

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I guess everyone now knows something, if not all, about the Avian Influenza (bird flu), H5N1 virus..

The virus claimed lots of lives across the globe..How many of that.? I wouldn’t know..Didn’t read much news of that..

All that matters now is, the avian flu is now in Malaysia too..If I’m not mistaken..It was first detected in 1 of the northern states..

That doesn’t matter anyway..Bcoz it’s in the northern part of Malaysia..Let’s talk about KL..I guess most of my readers lived in KL area..

The affected area is in Setapak..My stupid college, TARC is just located in Setapak – Wangsa Maju border line, or so..

Even the TARC‘s near-by delicious chicken rice stall at Taman Bunga Raya (TBR) was not selling chicken rice when the avian flu was detected in Setapak..

It only sells char siew and siew yuk rice..Not quite sure about it now..

And I guess other food stalls that sell their food with chicken in it, have to change their ingredients to pork or fish..

Actually we can still eat poultry..As long as the dish is well-cooked, and not half-cooked, or 70% cooked or whatever..It must be WELL-COOKED.!!

So, in this entry here..I’ll talk about the signs you are on the verge of being infected with avian flu / bird flu / H5N1 virus..

Signs You Are On The Verge Of Being Infected With Avian Flu

Case #1

Tom : Hey..Let’s have chicken rice for lunch later..I’m damn hungry..

Henry : Are you crazy.?? Bird flu is f*cking spreading everywhere like nobody business..Especially in hell Setapak..

Dick : All the stupid chickens in Setapak area were being culled to stop the virus from spreading any further..

Henry : Yea Dick, you are using your brain and not your dick this time..

Tom : What are we going to eat later then.?? A bucket full of shits.??

Dick : I guess we just try out the lousy duck rice stall ahead..No news about ducks being culled or assasinated anyway..

Henry : Dick, for the first time in my life, I agreed with ur point of view for the second time..Let’s just have f*cking duck rice instead..

Dick & Tom : Ok..

Case #2

Henry : Hey..I’m damn hungry..What are we eating later.?? I’m not going to eat those stupid chickens in this area..

Dick : Yeah..Me too..Count me out..

Tom : Hey..Let’s drive out to Wangsa Maju..There are heaps of food stalls..The most important is, it’s WANGSA MAJU..Not Setapak..

Henry : You are so right Tom..You just make me want to bonk you here and now..

Tom : Leave that for tonight..I’m too hungry to do that now..

Dick : Ok..It has been decided..Let’s go to Wangsa Maju..It’s alredy 1pm..

Case #3

Dick : Aaa~Choo~!! Shit..I’m so sick today..

Henry : Are you soon to be dead.??

Dick : Not quite yet..Just normal fever, sore throat, and running nose..

Tom : Did you consumed poultry lately.??

Dick : Well..Not really..Just that I have been eating 3 half-boiled eggs for my breakfast since I was 8 year-old..

Henry : Whoa~!! You are 22 year-old this year..Your tank must be full everyday..

Tom : Yeah..It must be those overloaded proteins went up to your head instead of your dick down there..Try to pump it out at least once a week..You’ll feel much better after that..

Henry : Ooh..Ok..No wonder I’m having wet dreams fortnightly..I’ll try it out..Aaa~Chooo~!!

Case #4

Henry : Hey Tom..You looked awfully sick today..

Tom : Yea..A little bit of fever, sore throat, and flu..It is pretty bad to get sick in this way..

Dick : Have you eaten any poultry or something.??

Tom : Yeah..I visited the KFC yesterday, coz it was Tuesday..I can get 30% for the 3-piece chicken set..And also I travelled to KLCC from college here, yesterday..I passed-by some squatters route..And those chickens jumped onto my bike..

Henry : Shit man..You are infected with bird flu..Don’t you come near me..I don’t want to die so fast..

Dick : No worries Henry..I don’t want to die either..But he is not infected with bird flu..If he was, he is alredy dancing to the Noma Numa Yei song like stupid Chicken Little..He can’t even manoeuvre his dick now..

Tom : Really.?? Oh..I’m glad to hear that..Guess I’m just normal sick..

Yeah..I think that’s all for the signs if you are on the verge of being infected with bird flu..

The stories above are just fictioned and not related to anyone who is still alive, or dead..

So..If you are showing signs like the above, do make an appointment with a doctor at the near-by clinic..

Don’t cause any trouble to your family, frens, or any other people that you hardly know..It is fatal..

Good luck to those fall sick and don’t know what caused it..



  1. That was stupid, that doesn’t teach noone anything, your fucking retarded! Vote for me, Jamie for Jailor

    Comment by Jamie the Jailor — Thursday, 7 September, 2006 @ 10:08 am

  2. Jamie the Jailor : first of all, it’s my fucking blog, it’s my fucking freedom to write what i want..

    secondly, u don’t have any fucking sense of humour and i don’t think u would fucking ever watch David Letterman or such..

    last but not least, u can either fucking enjoy my writings or u can fucking get out of here..

    thanx for wasting your fucking time reading something u are not fucking searching..

    Comment by Yatz — Thursday, 7 September, 2006 @ 3:53 pm

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