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Tuesday, 28 March, 2006

Step In Thai-Land

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Ok now..Don’t be too fascinated with the title of this entry..It is not that I visited Thailand the past few days, hence no updates in my blog..

I just went to Thai Club to have some fun..It was really fun, looking at people doing their weird-stupidity moves..

Well, straight to the point..We (Me, Lum, Diane, and Ping) shared a small table with a group of mid-20s looking guys..

The table is just located in front of the pole-stage designated just for chicks..Where no guys are allowed to step on it..

A bunch of chicks (Err..I DON’T mean HOT-chicks) like about 4 or 5 of them dancing to the tune on the stage..

One of them took the centrestage with her bootylicious shaking tremedously wonderful (Well..Not really tremendously, but at least she oust the others on the stage)

Then, one of them, danced like she was doing light ear-squat movements..I mean her legs and body..Not that her hands on her ears..

Or I would say she did a jumping-lightly gesture without lifting your ankles off the floor..

That’s not all..A petite-chubby (Or should I say fat.??) girl who is not cute at all..

With her Mickey Mouse words baring shirt dancing on the stage..It just turned me off..

Last but not least..A girl danced so robotically that she resembles those plastic dolls you put on your car dashboard..

You know..Those dolls usually have some kinda spring stick to its neck and attached to the inner side of its head..

It’ll shakes its head when your car is moving, get what I mean.??

And her body was like cramped into one shit with her right hand crossed her chest to the left shoulder..

ARGH~~ It is just so unfascinating..It turned me off as well..

I’m not a good dancer myself..But, by looking at her movements..I don’t even want to move my body..

Then there was a girl, a lil’ bit of chubby I would say..

Suddenly appeared out of no where, and danced just in front of me..Luckily with her back facing me..

I guessed she’s just another ‘lonely’ girl waiting to be ‘hit’ by womanisers..

And as she wished..A guy from the next table took the first step to get to know her..

Hence, introduced her to his frens at the round table..How I wished she would be thinner and slightly taller..Hehehe..

Well..One of the guys sharing table with us was quite generous..He offered 2 glasses of Chivas-Coke mixture to us..

Perhaps he felt guilty for accidentally dropped 1 of our glasses of whisky..You know..The tables are small..Shit happens..

Did few toasts with them..Well, not bad to have them beside us, rather than irrationale people who looks for fights after getting drunk..

“Drunken master you are.?? Hmm..See it shall we..Shit you I’ll beat into..” *Say it out loud with Yoda’s grunt voice*

Well..As usual..Another stupid fight occurred..Some patrons like scared off their hell, leaving the place right after the fight was dismissed..

I guessed many of you, clubbers, have had seen people shook their head in clubs..Yea..I do mean after taking ecstacy pills or those ketamine, amphetamine things..

I’m sure you do..Have you guys seen anyone swallowed a vibrator before.?? Yea..And I do mean vibrator that stimulates your sexual activities..

There was a girl..I think she’s around 19 year old..Grabbing tightly to the pole with just one hand..

And she shaked her body ferociously from head to toe, as if she swallowed a vibrator and it’s still functioning in her stomache..

Fortunately she is a pretty girl..Her fren joined her on the pole-stage..Not bad too..So I got nothing to condemn about them..

Nice dance and moves..Just too bad that each 1 of them has a guy holding their hand..Sigh..

Well..I think that’s all about the mildly fun clubbing day, with amateur performances, it was quite turning off though..

Anyway..Everyday is a brand new day..Live life to the fullest..


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