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Friday, 31 March, 2006

Blood Donation At TARC..

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Ok..Let’s talk about the topic I left out last night at the end of my entry..Blood donation at TAR College..

This morning (I mean Thursday morning) I went for a blood donation, which I didn’t had one for 1 and a half year alredy..

Since my first blood donation during my Lower 6 time in 2002, I’ve been doing it every year ever since..

But too bad I couldn’t join the blood donation in the year 2005 bcoz I’m not feeling well or something..

In TARC..They organise a blood donation campaign every semester..Because one can donate every 3 months..

Meaning, after your 1st donation, your 2nd donation must be at least 3 months from your 1st donation..

Ok..I’m kinda lazy to describe the place and stuffs..This is when my cam-phone comes in handy..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*This is my 4th donation*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Yea..I’m type A*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*These are the tools used to test what type of blood are you*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The electronic needle to poke your finger to get your blood sample*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Those 2 small dots are mine..On the verge of being tested as type A*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Now all going tech-savvy..Computerized blood pressure device*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*She’s signing to give authorization that I’m clear to do the blood donation*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The packets to fill-in your blood*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Bar-code reader to identify my identity as a regular donor*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The packet that you need to hand over to the nurse*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Can you see the girl behind me.? She’s kinda cutie ^^ *

I was hoping she would be by my side to cheer me up during the process of my blood loss..But I got 1 nosy kid instead of her..Sad =(

Stories about the nosy kid ahead..Keep on reading and looking on the pics..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Fair skin of mine..No veins can be seen*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Now you can see that green veins appear underneath my skin*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*She’s injecting some kinda tranquilizer to make my arm numb..OUCH~!*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Now she’s poking the large needle to connect my vein to the packet, so that blood can flow into the packet*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hanging still*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Nurses joking around, yet with full concentration towards their duty here*

I missed the old days during my Form 6 times, when students are allowed to enter the hall, be it donor or not..

Having company from friends is the best thing..Friends crowding your place and cheer you up instead of stupid committee members..

Well, I’m the committee member of course..But the school is not SOOO big, thus I almost knew all of the donors..

Because you must be above 18 year old to be a donor..So most of the donors were Form 6 students..

Everyone was chatting around, be a companion to their friends..Even the disqualified ones was able to feel the good deed their are trying to do, just too bad disqualified for certain reasons..

It also encouraged those cowards who don’t dare to do donation at first, but by looking at the happy-merry scene, it’ll move their heart to join-in..

But in here, only donors are allowed to enter the hall..And unfortunately for those who do not qualify for the donation, have to leave the hall at once, instead of permitted to accompany their friends who qualify..

No fun at all..Well..I’m the one who in-charged of the campaign those days..Ofcoz anything could happen..Hahaha..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here’s my 70% filled packet of my type A blood*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Still doing fine*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Here’s the full packed of my blood, 450 ml (That’s the amount for guys..For girls, just around 300 ml)*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Oo oh..Feeling a little dizzy here..Same shit happened during my 1st donation..I see stars*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*That’s the needle-mark on my left arm*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Getting a nice rest (Not quite nice though, being disturbed by a nosy First Aid Unit -FAU- committee member)*

This nosy FAU girl here was so annoying..If she’s pretty then I’m fine with all her rants and ramblings..Don’t you agree.?? Unfortunately, she’s not pretty..

First..She came forth and said, “Hi, type-A..I’m also type A.” Then I just looked at her in confusion and replied, “Oh, ok.”

She crapped heaps of lame jokes which I don’t find it funny anyway..And she kept asking, “Don’t you think it is very, very funny.??”

Don’t you think it’ll be very very funny if I show you my long middle finga.?? Hell with it..

And she’s just in 1st year of Diploma..Which is errr, 3 years my junior..Telling me DOs and DON’Ts during blood donation..

When I tried to cross my legs..She went, “Oh no you don’t..You can’t cross your legs in this period of time.!! You must relax~~”

WTF~!!! Where the hell were you when I’m the ONE who organised the blood donation campaign for 2 consecutive years during my ruling of the Form 6, YOU BOZZO~~!!!

Who are you trying to advise me about blood donation thingy..I’m just fed up with her that I shut my eyes and have a good rest without looking at her..

Well, apparently I was trying to be nice with her, tried my best not to say hurtful words to her..But she’s just so annoying..

I almost asked her to let me snap a pic of her and post-up in here..Then tell her my blog address and have her read my dissatisfaction..

I know you are trying to be Ms-Nice-FAU-Committee-Member and so-called Ms Jack Of All Trades..But you failed..Instead of cheering up the donors, you actually bored them by talking nonsense..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hampers up for grabs..The hampers are for selected donors, such as the 500th donor, the 1000th donor, the 1500th donor, and so on*

There’s also a lame lucky draw, where I got a tie clip..And also a goodie bag when u exit the hall to rest outside..

In TARC here, they’ll have your name printed on a certificate to show their appreciation towards your good deed..Together with your name is the amount of your current total donations..

So..After the blood donation, had a good meal of chicken rice for my lunch before the lecture starts at 12 noon..

Anyway..After some good rest I’ll be charging up with blood flowing in my body again..

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara..Dermalah Darah Untuk Negara..



  1. not bad!!! i was from tarc too. donated few times before. hehe 🙂 kudos for u!!

    Comment by angie — Thursday, 20 September, 2007 @ 1:28 am

  2. angie >> hahaha..that’s like 1 and a half year ago..will do it again with kelvin next time.. 😀

    Comment by Yatz — Thursday, 20 September, 2007 @ 1:41 am

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