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Thursday, 27 April, 2006

Rest In Peace, My Beloved Mom..

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To all my friends..

My mom was certified dead on 27th of April 2006, at 4.05pm, in PPUM..

We are having the funeral ceremony at my house, Taman Kobena, Cheras, from 28th – 29th of April 2006..

In case you want to come over to pay a visit..Come over starting from Friday afternoon or evening until Saturday midnight..

The coffin will be going out to the cemetary for cremation on Sunday morning..

Anything..Ask around and call me on my mobile phone..

Thanks for all the supports and concerns all these while..

And of course thanks for the condolences..

Everyone take good care of yourself..I’m fine, no worries..

Til then..See ya guys around..

If some other readers wondering..Refer to Have A Good Rest, Mom and The Reason Of It..


Sunday, 23 April, 2006

The Reason Of It..

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I’m some sort of carefree now..So I’m going to tell you guys the reasons, why I blogged about Have A Good Rest, Mom..

Before I start, my mom was admitted in PPUM again early this morning..It was my dad’s suggestion to get the professional’s care..

My mom too, agreed to go back to the hospital after back home for about 4 days..

My sis and I can’t sleep well these few nights because we were staying up at night to take care of her..

While in the day, my aunt helped us to take care of her..

Our finals are here, yet we haven’t got any chance to look at our notes..Anyhow, life is so fragile..We just hope to be by her side whatever happens..

So, the very first reason is, more than half of my friends that I mingle with now, knew my mom..

But, not more than a quarter of them knew about my mom’s condition, because I didn’t revealed anything of it, at all..

Most of my friends said, “I didn’t know you went through all these all these while”, “It must be tough for you”, “Why I didn’t heard anything of it after knowing you for so long”, etc etc..

Hence, it’s better for me to tell you guys before the sad day comes..Even when I told you guys about the condition now, all of you were shocked out of your ass..

What if what I’m telling you guys in the previous entry that my mom is no longer here.?? Sure you’ll be more shocked than what I’m supposed to tell you, am I right.?

So at least if anyone of you guys feels want to pay a vsit to my mom, you still can do that before whatever happens..

Secondly, because of the so-called pressures that tensed up in my family and myself, I need to blurt it all out and get some support from you guys..

It is not that I want to make a big fuss of it because my mom looked quite fine earlier on..It’s my family problem after all..Just recently, her health was in a downturn situation..

This is one of my major reasons when I first started this blog back then, blurt out anything to lighten the burden in myself..

I’m so glad and grateful that all of my relatives, friends and even outsiders, being so concerned and supportive..

Famous bloggers like Wingz from and Peter Tan, too showed their concerns towards my family and my mom’s condition..Thanks a lot..

Here’s a little update about my mom’s condition..

I really like to thank all the prayers, supports, and concerns that were being showered upon my mom..

My mom was under inspection of Professor Yip, a female doctor, being in the highest level in the department that took care of my mom in PPUM (onkologist or something)..She was also a lecturer/professor for trainee doctors..

She claimed that my mom has only about 1 month plus life, when she was admitted into the hospital last time..

Well, actually it does mean, my mom’s life is in jeorpady..It will go to the other world anytime..

But hope another miracle happens, just like the one happened before..Coz that time, my mom’s life was in jeorpady, too..

For more than 1 week, my mom can’t sleep at night..Trying to get to sleep, but still woke up in the middle of the night..

The way she sleeps.? She has to bend down to the front as if you are lying down on a table to sleep while you are studying..

She can’t lie down on her back to sleep on a good posture..She said it is not comfortable at all..

When she’s back home here, she talked lots of nonsense..I guessed she is facing mental disorder because of insomnia..

She kept waking up in the middle of the night and called out my name, talking nonsense to me..

Such as, “How much is the depreciation if we sell the car now.?”, “Where is your uncle.?” (Which my uncle wasn’t at at my place that time), “Why you are all here today.?? Don’t you all have to go to school.??” (Which that day was actually Saturday, yet she insisted it’s Monday or any other weekdays), etc etc etc..

Yesterday, she talked something serious..She said she can no longer hang on like this..She’s going to has the last breath..

She called us, my dad, both my sis, and me gathered around her so she could see us for the last time..

Telling her last will to my dad, saying my dad has to continue the journey on himself and sorry for leaving him and us so early..

All of us shed a river of tears, trying to give her confidence that it’s still early for her to leave us, etc..

After like about 45 minutes of the tragic drama, she suddenly blurted out, “Kam yat sei mm hui..Teng yat joi sei koh”, as in “I’m still alive today..Try to die again tomorrow”..

At that moment, we felt it was a joke of the century that a sick person would ever say..Still, we sighed in relief that she’s alright after the commotion..

It’s very heartaching to see her like that..

Anyway..Now she’s under care in the hospital..It’s bad to say but it is true that we can have some nice sleep and have a look on my notes for my finals..


By the way..My mom is just 51 year-old..Going to turn 52 on 11th of May..Hope she’ll be fine til then..

Wednesday, 19 April, 2006

Have A Good Rest, Mom~

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Hello everyone..How are you guys today.? Hope all of you are fine and healthy..

I do mean healthy as in your body health..Health is very important to us..No health, no life..

I have been constantly updating my blog entries and stuffs..I guessed most of you guys thought I’m free like there’s nothing to worry about..

Though I’m so free (that’s what you thought), I kept rejecting invitations from friends to join the Hennessy events, clubbings, futsals, and outings in the recent weeks..

Some of you guys already knew the reason why I can’t join and some didn’t..Perhaps you thought I’m just super busy..Brian and Fuzz, thanks for your concern..

You might thought I went clubbing instead of futsal when you guys called me for futsal, and I went to futsal instead of clubbing when you called me for clubbing..

Now, I’m going to reveal the truth and facts here coz the time has come..No more hiding after all these years..

Actually, my mom has been warded in Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM, beside Petaling Jaya’s Universiti Malaya) for a critical condition on her health..

So, I was there with my family to accompany her, and to give her support..

The health chrono-history might not be correct..At least, that’s what I remembered..

She was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, in the year 1998, when I’m still in Form 2..

It was the shock of the century when the whole family got to know about it..After some early stage surgery and radiotherapy, we thought all was over cause it was not quite serious at that time..

Few months passed and went for check up again..The evil was back for the 2nd time..

So she tried out some medication and also the chemotherapy (known as chemo), an advanced therapy of the radio-type or something like that..

It was hell when she went through the chemo, because chemo nauseates..And ofcoz, fallen hair..

So she had to buy a wig at that time..I guessed some of my ex-schoolmates did noticed something about the wig..

In the year of I around 1999, the cancer had gotten rid off..So the life had been enjoyable after all the hard times..

Happiness is not forever..The cancer struck again by the time I just finished my SPM, in the year 2001-2002..

Again, she went through chemo for the 2nd time..And becaused of that, I couldn’t work as I replaced my mom to send my sisters to school and back (yeah, I’m the 1st one who got a driving license among my friends, in April 2001, when I’m still in Form 5)..

So I slacked around at home, not even going out with friends, just stayed at home..There I was deserted from my friends like about 4-5 months..

Even the good friend of mine, Ivan (since Primary One), who lives about 6-minutes walk from my house, was in New Zealand to further his studies..

From that time onwards, my PC was my only friend..With the great 56k dial-up connection (at that time), I online chatting with new friends, surfed for porns, and downloaded heaps of MP3s..

After my mom recovered from her sickness after each round of the chemo, I started my Form 6 days in Cochrane..

When I’m in Cochrane, I got to know new friends and began some sort of new life after my secondary school in St Gabriel’s..

Despite of all the hard times that she had, she still drove me and both my sisters to school and picked us up after our schooling hour..

All these went on and on until I’m on the verge to Upper 6, in the late 2003..The condition had worsen when the cancer cells struck her bones..

Tried out another type of medication..A stronger medicine which caused her nauseated even more than the past 2 chemos..

Another cycle of medication gone..Living a normal life again..Fetch us back forth from school..

I finished my STPM..Found a job as sales assistant a.k.a promoter at KL Plaza’s Hytex Studio, Nike outlet in December 2003..

This time around, I began to mix with my ex-schoolmates from St Gabriel’s again..But of course still contacting those I knew from my Cochrane days..

When I was working in Nike, the cancer cells attacked for the 5th time, in around January 2004..

This time it had spread to her nerves or something called limp nods or whatever..Don’t know the spelling of it (what a shame)..

Meaning the previous medication was up to no good at all..We had to resort to a stronger effect of medicine..Stronger effect means higher charge we’ll have to pay for the medicine..

Another cycle gone again..Feeling nausea and all, back to somewhat a normal life, yet again..

In late May I entered TARC, 2nd year of Diploma in Electronic Engineering..

Everything looked normal, but deep in our heart, we knew that it’s hard to be 100% cure from the cancer..After all, she’s already in the late stage of the cancer..

All the medications that she took was just to suppress any future attacks, again..

In the early 2005, it struck again for the 6th time, this time on her shoulder..

Again, she had to get an alternative medication again..Higher charge again for the medication..

In early November 2005, it struck again for the 7th time..It went to the head/skull/brain area..

And that was the time when I almost had an argument with Ms Chia in IDC because I need to take a day leave to take my mom to PPUM for a check-up..

After that, around mid-December, I stopped working in IDC (not because I didn’t clique with Ms Chia) and that time was critical..

My mom suffered a lot back then, and she almost met Hades in the underworld..

She tried out some health product sold by some kinda direct-selling company..

Miracle appeared, and she managed to live on her life and celebrated the Chinese New Year as well, in early February..

Immediate right after the Chinese New Year about a week, she had a serious cough..She coughed non-stop, day and night, and having difficulty to breathe..

The cough has nothing to do with the cancer cells though..With the cough, she became weak, day after day..No appetite at all..

Hence, no nutrition at all to absorb into her body to fight the cancer cells..

After about 3 weeks, she had a check-up..Result showed that her one of her lungs was filled with water..That’s what made her difficult to breathe..

2 weeks ago, she was warded in PPUM to have the water in her lung to be sucked out..

Together with the aid of oxygen equipment (I don’t know what’s that called), she was quite ok for a while..

Now, her body was paralysed-like, unable to move freely, especially her legs..No strength at all..

Today, 19th of April 2006, she just came home after staying in hospital for 2 weeks..

We borrowed a hospital-like bed and also the oxygen thingy from Hospis Malaysia, a NGO health body that helps people like my mom..

All we can do now is to relief her pain and give her comfort before the end of her life..I do know, eventually, this day will come..

We could try Euthanasia so she’ll be freed from all the pain and sufferings, but, we couldn’t afford to lose her..

Furthermore, her birthday and the Mother’s Day is coming soon..Hope she can make it til both that days..

All I can do is just hope that she’ll suffer no more in the end of the day..


Tuesday, 18 April, 2006

Heavy Rain = Flash Flood

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Recently, the weather is unpredictable..
You can say mostly heavy rains in the evening, everyday..It has been like this since a week ago..
With all the heavy rains in KL, flash floods everywhere..
Though we still have few rivers in this KL city, the floods seemed to be unavoidable..
Plus a bad sewage system could also lead to the happening of the flash floods..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*From Taman Megah to Shamelin, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur*

Flood along the road from the Pandan Perdana traffic light til the Menara PGRM junction..
The lorry ofcoz it can ‘main redah’ like that..My Proton Wira.?? Sorry-lah..Not a chance..
Before the river or sewage could clear up the water the flows to where ever it is, another heavy rain strikes again..
I was stucked in the traffic jam, this afternoon, from MRR2 to the Lingkaran Tengah for about an hour just now, bcoz of flash flood near the Flamingo Institute..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*MRR2 – from Setapak to Pandan Indah*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The flash flood*

All the cars were jammed bcoz of this flash flood..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The traffic has cleared up*

When I passed the flooded area, the clogged traffic has cleared up..Nice drive back home..Safe and sound..

Monday, 17 April, 2006

KL PIKOM PC Fair 06..

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Well..I was kinda silly enough to drive in the rain, alone, headed to KLCC for the KL PIKOM PC Fair 06 on Sunday afternoon (The last day of the PC Fair)..

Thought of parking my car at Menara HLA, coz based on my experience, the parking is free on Sundays..

But to no avail, I think they changed the parking system and I need to pay for the entrance..

Since it was raining SO heavily, I just parked my car in KLCC‘s carpark..What to do..The PC Fair fever is here..A must go event to search for chicks..

That’s what I called the “Pretty Chicks Fair”, instead of “Personal Computer Fair”..Doesn’t it sounds more like it.??

Had a long queue to enter the carpark..Heaps or parking lots though..So no worries..Hehe..

There was a Nokia event at Suria KLCC centre court, promoting Nokia N-Series mobile phones, such as the savvy N70 and the newly N91..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*A stage being set-up with DJ turntable equipment in the middle*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The new kid on the block, Nokia N91*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The Nokia N70 testing booth*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*I have no intention to snap her pic*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Well, I thought I want to snap a pic of the disco spotlight, and she happened to stare at me*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The main character here is the disco spotlight again*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*DJ turntable equipment but playing Linkin Park’s songs in da house.?? He must be dumb*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Overall, a nice stage set-up*

The crowd in KLCC and the tunnel connecting the other KLCC (KL Convention Centre) is just highly-overwhelming..

Well, as expected KLCC would be crowded bcoz of the PC Fair, but not that much..I guessed the visitors are getting more and more compared to the previous ones..

You know..Kids grow older and the population of the kids are getting higher than the aged people..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The march to the Convention Centre through the carpark*

I’m on the way to the KL Convention Centre where the PC Fair was held..And I’m like a dumb holding my cam-phone snapping pics alone..

Can you see the crowd.?? There’s no turning back..As I entered the KLCC side door, only I realized that I forgotten to rob some cash from the Suria KLCC’s ATM..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The Hall 1*

Something new this year..Another hall was opened up for the PC Fair..Looks like there are more and more companies trying to get some attention..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The DELL in Hall 1*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Hall 2*

This guy here was promoting his products and putting price and specifications of his goods on the LCD screen..

I guessed it was some kinda bidding thingy he was doing there..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Woofers from PHILIPS*

Now, one of these PHILIPS woofers chicks a.k.a showgirls is SO cute and pretty..The very first of my regret for not taking her pic *Lots more regrets to come*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*CREATIVE booth in 2nd phase of Hall 2*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The plasmas chicks are damn gorgeous..SLUUUURP~!!*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Phase 2 of Hall 2, still*

This Hall was where the venture began..This Hall, was my main purpose to pay a visit to this PC Fair, all alone~!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Toshiba chicks a.k.a showgirls*

You get what I mean.?? It’s worth all the hassles – heavy rain, traffic jams, noisy crowd, ALL ALONE – just to get a view of these goodies..

I’m blinded with all the hotties working here..They were all sexy, hot, spicy, yummy, and oh pretty..

But my favourite.?? It has to be the SONY VAIO booth chicks..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The SONY VAIO booth*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Trying to snap a pic of the girls in the crowd..And this is what I got =( *

Ok..Not really..I have had been to the PC Fair twice before this one, both held at KL Convention Centre..So I have experince of snapping pics and stuffs..

Instead of snapping pics around with my slow-load Nokia 7610, I video recorded everywhere I went and every chicks I saw..

Wouldn’t it be easier in this way.?? Though the quality might not up to your expectation..Hey come on, what do you expect from a 1-megapixel cam-phone.?!

And actually I did ask around to borrow a digicam..But to no avail, I still have to use my own not-so-hi-tech gadget..

Anyway..Talk no more..Check out this SONY VAIO showgirl..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*SONY VAIO Showgirl..Looks cool.??*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*How bout this.?? Sweet eh..Hehehe*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Oh, this is even sweeter*

Yeah..She’s the SONY girl that I couldn’t get her out of my mind *with Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head in the background*

She’s so cute, pretty, adorable, and super sweet..Frankly, I think I saw her somewhere..She’s quite familiar to me *as my brain sap scanned through my memory thoroughly*

Yeah..She smiled to me..She’s so sweet~~!! Ok..The video is my own original copyrighted property..Not taken from anywhere else in the Net..

And this is my 2nd regret of the day..I should have got to know her..I’m so shy..Geeeez~~~

Any of my readers here..If you are reading this thing here and happened to know her..Please do me a small favour..

Just asked her to view my blog/this entry..That’s all..No big deal right.?

Ok..I just said she’s my favourite, didn’t mean the other girls are not pretty..

On my 2nd round for the SONY girl, her friend whispered to her ear, “Wah..Tak tang ying lei wo” as in “Wow..Purposely take your pic*..

I still can hear it, albeit the noisy crowds standing in between our distance..

Ok..It’s not that I purposedly snap pics of her..Actually I’m trying to get a picture of both of you..But I like her more..Hahahaha~~

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The BenQ – Don’t bend, it kills*

This video has random girls in it, e.g Toshiba, BenQ, Samsung, Haier, and Canon..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*TWINHEAD in Hall 3*

This is the entrance of the Hall 3-4-5, where vendors from Low Yat Plaza, Imbi Plaza, The Mines, Sunway Piramid, etc sell their stocks here..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The Canon girls, I supposed*

I can’t really remember which vendors these girls were representing..I’m drown in my own fantasy after see-ing the SONY sweet girl *Sigh of relief*

Image hosting by Photobucket

*The PENDRIVE booth selling pendrives*

I’m so dumb that I didn’t rob the ATM for some cash..

Kingston 1GB storage pendrive was sold for RM 99 only..I didn’t had enough money to buy it..Sob sob..

I’m double-dumb that I didn’t buy a AAA / AA battery charger together with 4 rechargable batteries for just RM 39.!! I’M SO DUUUUUUMB~!!!

That’s my 3rd regret of the day..

And I thought want to help some friends to buy something they need..

Did Yew Ming a favour, asked the price for Aztech 4-Port Router Modem, sold for just RM 136, at one of the many many booths there..

Others were selling at RM 140 above..Too bad I didn’t had enough money to buy it..My good deed was flushed down the toilet..

At least, helped Weng Soon bought a drive cleaner for RM 9..Only 1 booth has this drive cleaner thingy..Lucky you..I can still pay for the RM 9..

The vouyeurism continues..

Ok..I think that’s all for my regretful PC Fair visit..Met some old friends there..And also I purposedly try to find Jen whom was selling AMD notebook..

She posted an entry about the PC Fair too, and that’s how I know where to find her (In the PPS Blog Pingers)

And oh..Before I sign-out..All surf wear lovers pay attention here..

I guess you guys know MAMBO, right.? Mambo is in the surf wear line together with Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong, Ripcurl, etc..

The one and only MAMBO in KLCC is closing down due to don’t know what reason..

It is now having a Closing Down Sale, until the 25th of April 2006..After that, it will be officially closed..

It’s a super-mega-shop-wide-sale..Discounts from 50% – 80%..I would say it’s damn worth it to grab a few pieces there..After all, it is MAMBO..

Ok..I think there’ll be no major blog updates as my Finals is just around the corner, starts next Monday..

So..Hope to bring up new topics to you guys again after my Finals, like around 1 week I guess..

Do wish me lucks..Cheers~!!

Oh..And also all the best and good luck to my friends who are having their Finals in Advanced Diploma, UTAR and probably some in local uni..

KL PIKOM PC Fair 06..


Friday, 14 April, 2006

Social Illness – Part 2

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Let’s start off from where we left in Part 1..We’ll talk about the girl’s part..

Before I start with my discussion..I, 200% fully-agree with Weng Soon‘s argument about Temperament..

Without temperament, oneself wouldn’t be a La-La or anything else..e.g terrorist, prostitute, or the king of the world..

Honestly, I myself, used to dress ala La-La style, too..But frankly, I didn’t know anything about La-La at that time being..So, sorry for being so infashionable..

I do mean I have the certain criterias that I mentioned in Part 1, and I didn’t realized it until I read about temperament..

Although I dressed ala La-La style (small-sized shirts, damn spiky hair-do, shiny bell-bottom pants) at THAT time (like 4 years ago), I guessed my friends didn’t treat me as a La-La..

Or maybe they did, just that I didn’t noticed it..Whatever, then WAS then, now IS now..I’m brand new now, still sticking with little bit of old school though..

When I recall how I looked like during those days, I feel disgusted now..YUCKS~!! What in the world happened to me back then.??

So, that’s what temperament all about..I guess I don’t owned a La-La personality..That’s a good thing =P

Ok, let’s discuss about Ah Lians..Not much difference from the guys’ though..Now we’ll start it from head to toe..

The GENERAL Requirements To Be A La-La – The Girls (Ah Lian)

  1. The hair-do – Dyed or highlighted with metallic gold or rainbow colors, almost the same as the guys..But ofcoz, they don’t do the spiky stuff.. Most of their hair are long and straight, or curly..Just imagine you have long hair, about the length til your chest, the whole thing of it was dyed into metallic gold or any other colors..EEWWW~!!
  2. The shirts – You can try out spagethi straps for a start..Possibly a low-cut ones, with a push-up bra.. Ok..You are not that OPEN yet in fashion..Forget about the low-cuts and push-ups, wear a tube inside your spagethi..It has to be of different colors for both in and out..

    After about few weeks and you are confirmed about your La-Laness, just go on with tube instead, it’s easy to wear on and to take off as well..No more hassle with double layer clothing..

    Tubes or spagethis are preferably blacks, on the outside..But also bear in your mind, if you are wearing white on the outside..Your BRA has to be black or red, or any bright colors that you can think of..

  3. The pants – Bell-bottoms, usually blue jeans, with shiny beads all over the legs with patterns of butterflies, flowers, words, etc.. Low-waist cut jeans, and make sure to wear your red lace thong or super-low-waist-cut-undies, to show-off how disgusting your butt crack is..
  4. The skirts – Other than pants, the girls have another choice for the lower body, skirts..The nice apparel for voyeurism..Muahahaha.. As a La-La, buy a super-micro-mini-tight-jeans skirt..Yeah..As tight as you need to pull your skirt for every 10 steps of walking..

    If you think you can’t breathe with a super tight mini-skirt, just put on a ruffled skirt and ofcoz, as short as can be..Preferably just slightly cover up any sights of your panties..

    I have to say they are very professional in wearing these super-short-skirts..You can’t peep on anything down below, when they are on the escalators, stairs, or on higher ground..

  5. You walk the walk – Walk as rude as a female can be, I mean, not too rude alright.? Try to walk with spreading your upper thighs slightly apart.. In Cantonese we called it Mahk Giok (Spread Legs), that usually signifies the female-being alredy lost her virginity, and she’s been doing it quite regurlarly that she couldn’t close her upper thighs and walk femininely..Yeah, you got that right, that’s what you thinking..Haha..

    Oh oh..Not to forget these figure..The ‘S’ figure..You know, push out your boobs, high-up your ass, and squeeze-in your abdomen..

  6. The shoes – Either sandals/shoes with a sponge-like bottom sole, or super high heels, that you could feel their tiredness to balance their walks.. Why you have to choose these kind of shoes.? To make you look taller and higher ofcoz..You know, Asians are short compared to the Caucasians..

    They are so Western and Japs wannabe..But the fact is, most of them are English illiterate..All they could speak is just Mandarin, or a little bit sense of higher level, Cantonese, or maybe Malay, or little bit of ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Ok’, and ‘Fuck’..

  7. Accessories – Big or complex earrings..Some were trying out non-powered-color contact lenses, to make them look even more like a Caucasian.. Lots of metal bracelets, colourful rings and dull color of fingernails (black, dark purple, dark green, dark blue, etc)..The same goes to the toenails..
  8. Smokers – Most of them are smokers, I do mean the genuine Ah Lians..Put Ah Lian-wannabes aside, they don’t smoke..
  9. Attitudes (When you talk the talk) – Trying to be OPEN-MINDED and mixed with lots of La-La guys (Ah Bengs) is actually not a bad thing, you are socially active.. But how about talk out loud as if the Ah Bengs in the opposite building can’t hear your voice..Not to mention vulgar words being thrown out from their mouth like nobody’s business..

    The famous quote, “Ko lei diu ngo lah.!!” as in “Come and fuck me-lah” in Cantonese..These quote is not easily thrown out to any person, only if they are in a acting-heated-up-argument with the La-La guys..

  10. Hobbies.?? Wandering around arcade centres and spying on guy La-Las playing their favourite games..
  11. Background – same as the guys, mostly school drop-outs..So if you want to be a La-La, make sure you quit schooling at the age of between 13-16 year-old..
  12. Jobs – Sidekick of the Pirated CD/VCD/DVD guy La-La vendors a.k.a girlfriend, caretaker of accessories booth (vastly found in Sungei Wang), prostitute, cheap-boutique sales assistant, lousy hair salon hairstylist..

Those mentioned above are just GENERAL requirements of the girl La-Las, the most easy-to-identify features of an Ah Lian..

There are heaps of Ah Lians with some fashion sense, too..They try out Gothic Lolita, which makes them looked prettier and cuter at the same time (at least that’s what they thought)..

Some of these Gothic Lolita fashion-followers are just having fun with their style and not La-La at all..It’s hard to differentiate at times..

Like Weng Soon said, the keyword is temperament..You’ll know when you see one with whatever outfit it is..

When he/she walks the walk and talks the talk, you’ll know that he/she is the one that you are NOT looking for..

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